(Closed) Has anyone painted the interior of their own home?

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I think Lowe’s and Home Depot have weekend workshops… I’d check that out first to see if they have anything on painting.  I know it can be done with very little equipment, but if it isn’t done well then what’s the point, ya know?  You could also check into renting equipment from the hardware store- like a paint sprayer-thingy-ma-bob instead of a plain roller or something.  I’m obviously a professional painter 😛

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Splurge on the good painters tape! It’s worth it, buy NICE angled brushes, as they are also worth it and don’t have falling bristles or bad angles.

My husband painted our whole bedroom in 3 days, this includes the 5 closet doors and the 2 french bedroom doors!


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@Jewelieee:  You know what… in my opinion painting SUCKS! but… paying for professional services sucks even more lol. You can get it done in a weekend or so and it isnt worth the money.

We went with the Behr ultra premium paint from Home Depot and I found that it worked really well. It was about $33 per gallon. I got different paint colors from various places and just has Home Depot match the colors that they didn’t have on file.

All of the stores will have small samples of the colors you pick out so you can try a “swatch” on your wall before choosing a color.

We used the hand rollers and got the extentions for painting the higher places. I also LOVED the edging and corner painting tools.

Good luck with all of your painting!

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@Jewelieee:  My Fiance and I painted our condo (just over 600 sq ft) and it was a hellish ordeal. I would never, ever in my entire life paint again. It’s worth paying someone, no matter what it costs. It’s time consuming, difficult, and boring. We’ll need to bring someone in to fix our job, it just doesn’t look professional/ nice enough so on top of all the time and energy it took, it needs to be redone.

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I would never pay that much for painting! It’s so easy! It is time consuming, though. All the prep work is the worst – moving everything, taking molding and coverplates off, washing the walls, etc. 

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We’ve only painted our rooms by ourselves. We’ve never hired anyone to do it. Most of the time, I can get my room done in a day by myself. It’s only taken more than one day twice. Once because I had friends helping me and we ended up goofing off a lot. The second time I was painting a tesselation onto one of the walls. That took a day and a half on its own. Other than that, the rest went really fast. I do second PPs comment about painting tape. It’s a lifesaver.

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@Jewelieee:  i cannot even tell you how many rooms i have painted in my life.  the best advise i can give you as a diyer is to prep properly. 

buy good painters tape and take the time to tape around doors and windows.  if you have never painted before, tape the ceiling too.  buy a good angled brush for the corners and when you are painting around trim and ceiling.  buy decent rollers too.  ones that do not shed.

i usually buy mid price ranged paint.  i like behr from home depot.  good product, reasonably priced.  i typically do 2 coats.

i can usually do a 12×18 bedroom in a day (depending on the dry time between coats).

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Painting is easy!  Talk to the people who work in the paint department, watch some videos on You- tube or Lowe’s website.

As a pp said , the prep is the most time consuming. Remove all switch and plug plate covers (keep all the screws in a little container), picture hooks etc. Take down window coverings. If you are putting back the same window coverings, just paint carefully around the brackets, you needn’t take them down.Move everything out of the room, or move the heavy things ot the center of the room and cover them well with tarps.

Fill all holes with premixed spackle. Unless you have major holes it takes very little product. Sand it flat after it is dry. You can use the little foam sanding blocks for ordinary homes and holes.

Start with the ceiling. Use an extension pole to make painting easier. If your ceiling is white, buy ceiling paint that is tinted. It dries white but the tint makes it easier to see where you have painted.

If your ceiling is popcorn finish, it will really suck up the paint if it has never been painted.

If you do have popcorn ceiling, use the ceiling paint to edge around the top of the walls. When you roller on the wall paint, you will have a straight line between the ceiling and walls.

Use an angled brush to edge the walls. It is easier to get a straight line. Buy a decent quality brush so you aren’t leaving hairs all over the walls, and smearing your paint job when you try to remove them. If you are not going to paint the wood trim around windows, doors etc, use a good quality frog tape to protect the trim. If you are going to paint the trim,do it before you paint the walls, then edge around the trim with the wall paint. It is a lot easier to paint a staight line on the wall than to limit the paint to a narrow edge of the trim.

Make sure you protect your flooring by covering it with painters canvas or heavy duty plastic. When we painted our last two rooms we were replacing the carpet with hardwood and it was so much easier not having to worry about getting paint on the carpet, because it was going in the dumpster!

Buy one heavy plastic paint tray and several lightwight paint tray liners. You change liners when you change paint colors-sooo much easier. You can do two coats in one day, just wrap the brush in saran wrap to keep it from drying out between coats.

When you open the paint can, use a hammer and a nail to punch a couple of holes around the rim so the paint drips back into the can instead of collecting in the rim. When you are finished, hammer the lid back on tightly and store the paint upside down. It stops air from making a skin on the top of the paint.

Never dip the brush into the paint more than 1/2 the length of the bristles. You don’t want paint collecting under the metal part of the brush.

It is totally do-able to paint your place by yourselves.

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we paint walls all the time. my bedroom growing up got painted every couple years. i get bored easily. paint is somewhat cheap. i prefer valspar ultra, it’s got a primer built in. valspar is sold at lowes. i just painted a room in our basement, i’m super happy with the outcome.

it’s not hard. @julies1949  has good tips (:

also, one tip from me- if you can at ALL avoid it, don’t paint in the summer, or when it’s humid or raining. heat+energy exerted= sweat. humidity= longer dry times.

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I painted our 1600 sq ft 3 story townhouse with 10 ft walls – including ceilings – all myself.

Totally doable. It’ll take a while longer, but it’s doable. Just don’t buy crappy home Depot/Lowe’s paint. Get Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams (or another good brand – the box stores don’t carry them). I did Bridesmaid or Best Man for all the colored walls and I swear to god – black paint over white took one coat with Ben Moore Natura paint. White over beige in Home Depot’s Behr Premium Plus took THREE COATS plus touchups. What a nightmare. Never again. It took so much more paint that I only saved like 10% over the Bridesmaid or Best Man paint, and it took 4x as long to do!

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It’s not hard to paint, I wouldn’t pay anyone to do that.  It is time consuming though and it can be difficult if you have any areas that are really high.  But doing things like a typical bedroom isn’t hard at all.  I’d probably tackle one room at a time and do it over the course of a few months if I was doing an entire place.

When I was in college we painted the entire interior of a 3 story house (7 bedroom) that we moved into.  It took us about a week or two!  She gave us a nice discount on rent, I didn’t pay any for a month and a half.

Everyone else gave pretty good advice! 

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I can’t believe that people pay to have their walls painted. It’s really not that hard. ETA: I didn’t mean that to be snarky–I’ve never heard of a normal homeowner paying someone to paint their house. That’s typically something that rental properties do.

Get some good tape. Frog Tape is best. Foam rollers are your friend. I don’t know where you’re going to get your paint from, so I can’t give you advice on brands (though if you live in NY, my personal favorite isn’t sold there). Roll your rollers in V patterns (so not straight up and down, but at an angle). Don’t get too much paint on your roller, otherwise you’ll end up with drips and bubbles. Paint all of your corners/edges first and then paint the rest of the wall over it to blend the marks.

I’m not a huge fan of the paint pads–I find foam rollers to be easier to work with and leave a better coat.

Satin/eggshell is good for bedrooms. Semi-gloss for kitchen/bath. If you plan on painting the ceiling, get a good, flat, ceiling-specific paint. 


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@Jewelieee:  It is so easy, I promise. Buy paint that has paint and primer in one and invest in good painting tape (don’t use the crappy discount stuff that will just fall down and annoy you). It is actually pretty impossible to mess up if you use painters’ tape. Edging is the trickest part but even that is a breeze with tape! Then get a roller and slather it on. I have painted every single one of my properties. If I can do it, you can.

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You betcha I have! Make sure you tape everything, but only like the day before – not too far in advance. Even tape the ceiling. When you do the first coat along all the trim with a paint rush, do it lightly and don’t use too much paint or else it can seep under the tape and smudge. And definitely get a roller with a long handle so you’re not going up and down and up and down all day. You’ll do a better job that way too. In between coats, let it dry and if you see any areas that need sanding (paint drops, etc) do that before the second coat. I always remove the tape an hour or so after my final coat and it leaves such clean lines. 

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