(Closed) Has anyone planned a wedding and bought a house at the same time?

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  • Wedding: December 2010

We did. The house buying process was scary at first because it was such a big purchase. I had to move over 8 hours away from home. I think it was harder for me to move than it was to house hunt and buy the house. I came in town to visit FH for about a week. Within that time, I had to pick the house and we had to agree. I went back home and we discussed it for a few more weeks. We brought it about two weeks later.

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We are doing it all at once, and we’re long distance to! We went out house shopping a couple of weeks ago and found a house that we absolutely love, and actually right now my Fiance is in our realtor’s office negotiating our way through an offer and counteroffer and by the end of the evening we might have our dream house!  This weekend I am visiting reception venues, and so hopefully in short order we will have a wedding date (probably in April or May) and a house. We’ve accepted that this is going to be a big year for us, and lots of changes, but that we will take things one step at a time and keep calm.

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I am in the same boat.  We started the house hunt back in March, got engaged in May, and the wedding is next September. We are in the process of countering with the sellers.  I do understand that it is stressful planning and searching for a home.  I think it depends on the couple.  If you and your Fiance have a lot of energy, I say go for it. 
I’ve had to make a lot of sacrafices, we cut down our social life tremendously and start to really save our money.  Sometimes I feel like I am missing out on things with friends but I realize that none of them are in the same boat as me.  I know what I want and I’ll do what I have to do to get it done. 
So happy wedding planning and good luck with the house search!

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We are doing it, it has been pretty smooth sailing. The only hard thing to swallow is it feels like we are bleeding money, but it so worth it in the end. Just be organized. I have so many lists and notebooks, but it has kept me on top of every detail. Also if the house needs work, really find people you trust, even if they are not the cheapest. That pieces of mind is priceless so ask your friends and family if they have people they have worked with. 

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My husband and I did that.  We got engaged in August and got married in March, and in the meantime we went under contract on a house in January and closed in May.

It can definitely be done.

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  • Wedding: May 2011

My sis and her husband did it. They closed on Sept 1st of this year and were married on September 18th. It was stressful but they are now married and settled with the wedding and everything behind them. You have to plan and budget to the nth degree but it can be done.

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We did it. We had a long engagement and we rented the house out for 1 year to a nice couple. Helped us pay for the mortgage and the wedding. The downpayment is a killer though. Make sure you do a budget for both home costs and wedding costs and see what numbers you come up with. If you’re feeling comfy with those numbers, go for it. Getting those house keys is the best feeling!

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Last year, we got engaged in Feb. then started looking for a home, and we closed in May.

Got married in pretty big wedding in October.

It worked out well with a good plan for the move (packing for a week and moving quickly with a bunch of help on one day). I moved in first (I had most of the furniture etc) and Fiance (now DH) moved his stuff slowly and didn’t actually live there til the wedding, which was a nice transition time.

So…Month 1- 2  was pre-planning for the wedding (To-do lists, timelines, getting a process/team in place to help, venue reservations, invite design, website, gown)

Month 3- 4 was loan and house stuff (I was kinda burned out from wedding stuff already). 

Month 5-8  I worked on the wedding stuff in a very systematic way using all the prep work from earlier on.  You can do this!

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I say go for it..in the end, you’ll have a house and a husband 🙂 For us, we got engaged November 2009, bought a house, and will be married July 30, 2011 (the same day as you!!) It is a long engagement and that helps, but being a homeowner is stressful (to say the least). Money becomes an even bigger issue than ever before and it can take a toll on the relationship at times. But, you get over it and keep the focus on wedding planning 🙂 Our home still doesn’t have much furniture in the rooms or decorations since we’re waiting for the gifts from the wedding!! I’d even think you guys are in a better position, having most of the planning done, you can furnish your new home quickly once you start getting your gifts! You wont have to be like me and use hand me downs for a year and a half in an empty house!! Good Luck! 

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I’m RIGHT in the middle of doing this right now.  Its stressful, but I Think it will work out.  We’re getting married in May, and we were hoping to time our house-buying to right before the wedding (since I graduate from school in April and will be switching from part time to full time right after the honeymoon).  But we found a place we like, and are trying to find away to make it all work now!  The last week has been SO crazy with house stuff – so i’m glad we’re not doing it a month before the wedding!

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  • Wedding: November 2010

We planned a wedding, lived with my parents while waiting for our house to be built and I started my first year of teaching. We also lost my nana 5 weeks before the wedding, so we pretty much had the top most stressful things happen ALL in one year.

All you can do is think about how great its all going to be in the long run. And delegate as much as you can to other people. I handed EVERYTHING to do with the house over to the fella, so he handled all the phone calls to the site manager, emails from the building company, bank etc. I also tried to get as much done for the wedding in advance, and for me, doing wedding stuff was kinda my hobby – a way of destressing after work!

Also, try and split things up into small achieveable tasks, so it’s not so overwhelming. I decided to sort out our favours one weekend, put them all together and popped them in a box where they sat for a good 5 months just waiting to go!

We’ve had a lot on our plates this year, and it was funny cos my mum actually mentioned it in her speech at our wedding, about how we’ve tackled more things in a year than most people do in 5 and that we’ve got through it together with a smile on our faces – it was nice!

Our wedding was 2 weeks ago, we’re looking like moving into our house in two weeks and it’s only another 3 weeks til the end of my first school year! Next year’s going to be a breeze! LOL

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  • Wedding: October 2010

Yes- start the process now.  Our wedding was October 2, we decided to move back home from AZ to MI in August about 6 weeks before the big day.  We waited until after the honeymoon (mid-October) to start looking for a house and I wish we had started earlier in August or September. 

Our offer was accepted on November 9 so we are under contract right now and will probably close before Christmas. I am going crazy living with my parents because we have been here since August.  There is a lot of downtime during escrow, so had we started earlier we could’ve been in our place months ago mowithout causing too much additional stress.

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@afuturemrsl: We originally were going to wait until after the wedding, but interest rates and home prices were perfect. We were also living with my mom at the time, and we also had to move out and either rent or buy. We purchased our house about 6 months before our wedding. Sure things were hectic at times, but it wasn’t as much as I expected.

I ended up being really happy we did it this way. It was nice to have our presents sent to our new home instead of having to pack and store them. It was also great coming home from the honeymoon to our own place. The best thing was nto dealing with an aaprtment while we bought- coordianting move ou dates, packing etc. Because we were living with my mom, we didn’t have to worry as much about timelines with leases.

The only downsides I felt, were we did have to sacrifice our weekends for a bit, between vendor appointments and open houses. But, it was completely worth it. The other downside is being excited about the new home and not having time to work on projects. It’s been 8 months and there are still rooms we need to paint and a bathroom to remodel, but I’d rather hold off on those than hold off on the purchase of the house.

Good luck with te realtor! 🙂

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We got married on 8/8/08,, started house hunting in april of that year bought the house a week before the wedding!!! talk about stress. Anyway, once we bought the house I was more into renovating/painting etc, than the wedding! It can be done and the best part is having a house after getting married.

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We did it. We moved about 15 days before our wedding and there was one time I said to my husband, “we shouldn’t have done both!” but it was in the heat of the moment. You just….get things done. That’s all.

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