(Closed) Has anyone stepped down from a job for a less stressful position?

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There’s a good chance that they might not let you step down – especially if you are an asset to the company.  You might want to talk to your Manager about how you’re feeling and make a determination as to what the source of the stress is.  Is your workload unmanageble, or are you disorganized?  Are deadlines too tight, or are you just a more laid back person who likes to work at their own pace?

You’ve identified that the position doesn’t seem suitable for you, so you need to figure out WHY you felt it wasn’t suitable before you will be able to move on!

No amount of money is worth being stressed out all of the time.  But, it depends on your priorities.  My sister has made it clear that her number 1 priority in life is money and so she works 80 hours a week and hates herself.  It’s really up to you.

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@Amy43026: i would tread lightly. your boss could take it the wrong way and instead of wanting you to stay, they could just give you the boot right then and there if you’re not willing to give it all 110% in their eyes. my SO’s cousin recently put in his 2 weeks because he found a better paying job, and instead of his boss – who is also his friend- being happy for him, he told him he wasn’t needed and to not worry about the 2 weeks, he was done.

i think it might be wise to consider the possibility of having to leave the company entirely, and not just the position. 

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I don’t know first hand but my boss did this. I work as a nanny. The mom of the family I work for used to work 60+ hours per week in an executive level position. After having her baby she decided she wanted to take a step back. She is now working 3 days a week at a lower level. It was a significant decrease in pay but worth it so that she can spend more time with her baby. When talking to her bosses about it she came at it in a way that would benefit the company. As others have said, be careful in how you bring it up. Still, it seems to be possible without a negative outcome.

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This is a little different, but I left a high-paying corporate retail gig at one of our fine city’s fashion brands to open my own business.  At 29 years old I was on medication for my outrageous blood pressure, I was working 14 hour days and getting wild migranes, doing the job of 2 or 3 people, wasn’t sure exactly who my boss was, and absolutely dreaded going into work more often than not.  I simply couldn’t take it anymore and realized that the money absolutely wasn’t worth it.

I did a lot of soul searching and had more than a few conversations with those close to me (parents, my now-fiance) about opening my own business.  And then I made it happen.  The day I left my stressful job was one of the happiest and most terrifying days of my life, and I absolutely love what I do now.  My quality of life has changed dramatically for the better even with my salary cut in half (or more), and I’m pleased to say that no matter how much salt I consume, I no longer need my blood pressure meds 🙂

Now.  Be careful what you wish for.  I’m still working a ton of weird hours and there’s definitely stress – it’s a different kind, but it’s still there.  But if this is something you want to do (either taking a step down, leaving, or starting your own), weigh out the pros and cons, and just give it a shot.  I realize jobs don’t grow on trees, but you’ll land on your feet no matter what.  Life’s too short to be miserable for the majority of your days.




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I stepped down right at a year ago to a job that paid HALF as much! It was a huge decision. I made up some of the monetary difference in gas (was driving 120 miles per day), time (drive time was a minimum of three hours a day), cheaper daycare, home to cook dinner, etc. I regretted it some (I was a retail manager of a “high profile visit store”) especially when it came to certain projects, as I had always been a manager, it was hard to be the assistant manager and take orders when I felt like my way was better. But all in all, having my sanity at the end of the day was worth it.

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I can totally understand your situation. I have gone through something similar and can agree that no amount of money is worth your sanity and quality of life. I manage one of the departments at my firm, where I was getting to the point of burning out because I was going crazy with the hours and “managing” folks. Maybe my situation is different then yours, but I was also doing the work of 3 people at some point. Stepping back, in my situation I realized that there was an infrastructure issue that had to change to allow me to delegate more work to my two senior staff which would take more work off of my plate, and give them opportunities to grow in a manager role. I am always big at delegating, but the current dynamic didn’t allow me that amount of flexibility, so I spoke and explained to my boss (the CFO) and he immediately realized the situation and has let me change the team structure and elevate my two senior staff to full fledged managers, giving them more responsibilities (and pay of course), so that they are empowered to control and handle more, which then leaves me the time and energy to focus on high level issues and departmental concerns and only having to deal with two direct reports (aka my managers) while the rest of my staff report into them. 

I know you mentioned you work at a small family business, but having 9 managers seems excessive for anyone to manage. Not saying this is the problem, my point is that maybe stepping back to see what isn’t working in your current situation and then coming up with an alternative to propose to your superiors, could be an eye opener and work out better for everyone in the end. Its something to think about before throwing in the towel and taking a lower pay job for the sake of not being stressed, every job has its issues right? Maybe your situation is fixable.


Good luck!!!!


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