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My mom tried it. I don’t want to discourage you, because it may work for you….but she ended up gaining weight on it.

Her nutritionist was soooooo mad at her. My mom ended up throwing away a bunch of it and just went back to eating clean and healthy to lose the weight.

I’m currently trying/not trying to lose weight too so I feel you OP. It’s hard to get back in the groove of things after being off the wagon for so long. : (


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I tried it years ago & the food was awful.  Hopefully, they’ve improved it.

I like Jenny Craig much better, but it’s very expensive.

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I think my mom was on it for a time… She’d get mad at me when I would open packets of her food, lol.

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My parents and brother both did it. If you don’t care about food at all, it might work for a while. But the food itself is NASTY, in my humble opinion. When my folks went off of it, they sent me home with grocery bags full of their excess meals and I literally couldn’t even eat them. Even my bottomless pit of a husband tried a frozen burger and was like, nope, not worth it. 

My brother did lose a significant amount of weight, but as soon as he stopped, it all came right back. 

The only diet program that I’ve ever seen folks lose weight on for good is Weight Watchers. It worked for me til I quit using the program, then obviously no longer worked. 😉 But if you manage to keep yourself motivated and on-program, it can really teach you to make healthier choices for life. 

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DH and I both were on it last year, and we each lost more than 30 pounds.  The FROZEN food is fantastic.  The vacuum-packed food is, honestly, not very good.

I should note that I chose to do the men’s program (more calories, but that ended up only involving extra “snacks” NOT larger portions, so I would not choose to spend the extra money to do this again, if I ever choose to use the program again), and I also chose to ADD my own calories to it so that I would be eating as many calories as possible while still losing weight. (When you see some of the portion sizes, you literally may laugh.)

Unfortunately, I had to stop following the program after having major surgery last year and during my six-to-eight week recuperation period. After about six months, I started to regain my weight when I stopped keeping track of my calories. (Not very smart, I know.)

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It doesn’t teach you how too cook or to live a healthy life! Once you go off of it, if you don’t try to replicate the portions and the calories, you’ll gain back everything. I guess it’s too late if you already ordered it, but losing weight is about changing every aspect of the way you make, see, eat, and think about food. It’s not about microwave meals. I had a friend who tried it. Of course she lost weight, but then gained it back and then some. I would consider talking to a nutritionist and really rebuilding how you eat from the ground up. Best of luck!


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@mandanjoe:  I did it for two months.  And that is pretty much all I recommend.  I dropped soda from my diet and exercised quite a bit.  I lost 17lbs the first two months.  I was happy with it but I wanted to eat what DH was eating so I stopped the auto ship.  At that point I knew portion sizes and what I shoud be eating.  I still continued to lose weight because of the habits it taught me.  Mostly, LOTS OF VEGGIES.  It doent tell you on the site that it recommends 1-4 cups of veggies with meals. 

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My friend tried it, and never had (TMI) worse bathroom issues in her life.  She said it was horrible.  By the time she called to return it, it was just outside the return window, and she opted to just lose the money rather than eat any more of it.

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@mandanjoe:  I did, for similar reasons- I was just a really lazy cook by myself; I NEVER cooked, and I ate a lot of convenience foods.

Thing is, I wasn’t truly overweight- over my ideal/past weight, but not overweight… I wanted to lose about 15 LBs at the time, but I was still within the upper but still normal range for my height. And I really hadn’t been overeating before I started, just eating crap.

So… long story short, I followed it closely, but I just didn’t lose weight. I think it’s very effective if you A. are quite overweight and B. tend to overeat by a lot and C. really need help learning what proper portions are and eating regular meals. It basically IS a lot of heavily preserved convenience food, so it’s not going to do much for you if you already know what you should be eating but just aren’t doing that. and it isn’t very easy to create the large calorie deficit needed to budge someone who has plateaued near their ideal weight.

I didn’t mind the taste of the food, but it is really similar to the kind of prepackaged food you would get at the grocery store. My roommate at the time tried some and assured me that to her foodie tongue, it was vile.

Sorry, not trying to get you down. I hope it works out for you! I know it can for some people. I just wasn’t one of them.

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@mandanjoe:  I did it before my wedding. I started in November 2011, I believe it was, and ended sometime in spring 2012.

When I went on NS, it did work for me. I lost 17 pounds. The food was awful, I will say that, BUT I was very proactive in the NS community, finding recipes where I could use real food. For instance, I made my version of a taco using their chili because, when I was on it, you were alloted so much in fats, veggies, and fruits.

Bowel movements were few and far between on NS because of the packaged food as well so just make sure you drink a lot of water and add in fruits full of fiber like apples.

It was a tough diet to stick to (and that’s exactly what it is–a diet) because when you do splurge and go out to eat, you have no idea what to eat. It sucks. At least with calorie counting and exercise you can account for everything way easier and it’s easier to get back on track.

I ended up gaining back all 17 pounds and then some, which sucked because it didn’t teach me about managing my food properly. And the food was too expensive to gain all that back.

Sorry I don’t have anything better for you. I just learned a better way to lose weight and keep it off rather than using a dieting system like WW, NS, or Atkins. I wish you good luck on the program. I have absolute faith you will lose weight, but I hope you find a great way to keep it off for life. Many people on the forums had done it, so it’s possible 🙂

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I never tried it, but my mom did years and years ago.  I tasted the food and it was pretty bad, but I was a picky eater back in those days.  She couldn’t handle the food either and ended up giving it to someone else who wanted to try it.  I have done Jenny Craig, while also expensive, the food was much better tasting and I had great success with it.  

I think anything can work for anyone if they put their mind to it!  Hopefully the food has gotten better since I last tasted it! Good luck!

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@mandanjoe:  I did it and lost almost 70 lbs in a year. I kept it off for two years, but then put on some love chub (and then some) when I met Fiance. I tried doing it again to get rid of said love chub and realized I couldn’t do it this time around because it was nearly impossible for me to stay on plan and go out with friends.

Like all diets and lifestyle changes, it absolutely works if you work the plan.

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I just started Jenny Craig a few weeks ago. I considered Nutrisystem but I’ve heard so many awful things about the food that I prefered to “splurge” instead & try Jenny. Most of the food is actually pretty good. If you can afford it, I say try Jenny instead. Plus if you live near a center, you can meet with a counselor weekly to discuss your goals/problems/etc. So far I’ve lost 6.6 pounds in just over 3 weeks

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