(Closed) Has anyone tried the Acne.org skin line?

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I have.  I found the products a couple years ago but have only tried the 2.5% benzoyl peroxide cream.  It works wonders at drying up current acne.  You’re supposed to use A LOT of it though and every night to prevent future breakouts.  I didn’t mind using so much because it comes in a HUGE container, but I found using it every night dried out my skin way too much!  I didn’t really need it for every night use either.  But like I said, it worked great for me at zapping away the already formed zits and I’m sure if I used it every night, it would have helped prevent them too.

I have light to moderate acne.  I got really tired of it because I want that flawless skin for the wedding, so I recently finally changed up my nightly routine.  Before I changed, I had been using Neutrogena’s Deep Clean Cleanser and their moisterizer every night.  I thought it worked great at removing all of my make up but I still was getting breakouts.  A month ago I bought the Clinique Acne Solutions system and my face is completely clear.  It works amazing for me and althought it can dry my skin, I just use it every other night instead and my skin is great.  I highly recommend if you haven’t tried it.  It did take me about 2 weeks to see the results though.

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I developed cystic acne in my 30’s…trust me none of this will work if your hormones are changing….if you are already on the pill, may I ask which one? I was about ready to go on accutane too, but hte derm said you have to be on birth control first by LAW becasue accutane is so harsh so I went on the Yasmine birth control pill and my CYSTIC ACNE was gone in two weeks.  So I suggest changing the pill, not sure if Yasmine is still on the market, but I think Yaz is almost the exact same pill.  Change pills before doing accutane.  It has an ingredient called Spirolonactonone which I currently take now prescribed by a doctor for acne, instead of staying on the pill.  Trust me, look it up on the internet, you will find raving results for acne which has not been helped by antibiotics, topical meds and accutane…look up Spiro for short! I did get a few pimples at the wedding…due to stress, but look at my skin! YOu will be able to find out info about the generic drug (pills) on acne.org as well.

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I’m on Marvelon too for my skin, but it has only helped a bit. I have also looked into the acne.org system. I used the Clinique system as mentioned by a poster above, but I found it to be extremely drying, so I only use it every other day (However, I have fair skin, and my doctor told me I am more susceptible to dry skin though acne treatment for this reason). I have scars on my face, which look like tiny pock marks – but if I wear Bare Minerals makeup they go away.

My Fiance has acne too – he uses a super strength benzoyl peroxide formula (prescription –  8%) and it completely cleaned up his face.

My doctor recommended trying retinoic acid – although he said it would be very drying. I am avoiding Accutane at all costs for the time being.

I think the reason the acne.org system works so well is becuase it is SO consistent. You have to follow it exactly, each and every day. I believe that is what gives the results, not necessarily the products, as the website even acknowledges you can use drugstore brand products and get the same results.

Good luck! I know firsthand how frustrating acne can be.

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Ive been on accutane twice. I think the reason they market it as being so “scary” is to protect themselves. I participated in some sort of study the first time (I was 13 and this was before you had to take bc with it). The only negative for me was drying of my lips and eyes. When I was 17 I took it again, still didnt have to take bc with it, but same issue with lips and eyes. Im 28 now, and still cant live without chapstick and its difficult for me to wear contacts for more than 4 hours.

I still get occassional breakouts, but its mostly hormonal. However, it has been soooo much better since I took accutane- before it covered my face, neck, chest, back, and upper arms- I was mortified as a teen. Now I use neutrogena for spot treating. Proactiv doesnt work for me, I hate clinique products, and a lot of other store bought products dont work. I also tried Yaz and Yasmin- but the side effects were too much for me to handle- even though my skin was amazing. Im going to look into the Spirolonactonone that Ladyjenn suggested- that may have been the agent in yasmin/yaz that worked so well.

Since Ive had so many skin issues I always recommend going to a dermatologist- and dont discount any products just because of what others have said- somethings that give other people negative effects might work wonders for you. Check with your doc!

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So sorry to hear your pain! I tried Proactiv and it worked very well for the first 6 MONTHS! Then it stopped working. I’ve heard that happens. Ive tried glycolic peels- made it worse. I’m on BC- no difference. What I am doing now is laser treatment; it’s my last option and so far I have seen a positive reaction. It’s very expensive but I figure over the years I spent more on products. Have you gone to your dermotologist? I was prescribed Retinol A and some pills before I jumped to laser and it was working, but you have to go through the period where it gets worde before it gets better.

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I had issues with acne as a teenager, and then it came back with a raging vengeance about two years ago. I tried everything and finally went back on the pill (Yasmin). That, in combination with a slightly modified version of the acne.org regime (I don’t use their prodcut line, but I use a 2.5% SA cream, but only about 3x a week, as opposed to the 2x  a day they recommend…my skin is quite dry to begin with and that totally ravaged it, so I found 3x a week was a good amount for me)have left me with beautiful skin.

When I first started with the acne.org regime I had about two weeks of really deep pimples coming to the surface, but since then (that was Dec. of ’08) I can count the number of blemishes I’ve had on one hand.

Best of luck to you. I know how demoralizing it can be to have these issues arise when you feel you should be past them…there were days when I didn’t want to leave the house. I hope you find a routine that works for you and your needs

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Hi! I can totally relate…I’m 26 and I have been dealing w/ acne since I was a teenager…the best thing I have found is Yaz birth control..I have been on nearly every bc pill and the yaz definitely works the best…I also started Cliniques skincare line a few weeks ago and I LOVE it..my skin looks better than it ever has…Its not their acne line, but regular skincare for oily/combination skin line..for $39 you get a stong facial soap, astringent like cleanser, and a gel like moisturizer that does not make your skin feel greasy at all..that would be my advice..GOOD LUCK!

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I have used the acne.org benzoyl peroxide and moisturizers. The products are a good price, especially for the amount you get, and they are fragrance free. I did see some improvement with the benzoyl peroxide but ultimately I discontinued use because I wasn’t seeing total clearing and I got lazy and didn’t reorder the products. It was also aggravating to use benzoyl peroxide because it bleaches fabric, and I felt like I was bleaching every shirt I owned.

That said, I just receied (literally, yesterday) another product from the acne.org line, their AHA+ (Alpha Hydroxy Acid). It has also gotten hundreds rave reviews on the site, used alone or in conjunction with the benzoyl peroxide. It is highly moisturizing, so people have found it combats the dryness that comes from the benzoyl peroxide. I have only used it for two days now but I am crossing my fingers that it works for my hormonal acne. Birth control never did anything for my acne and I tried Yaz and it made me CRAZY. Yaz has a progesterone called drosperinone in it that is anti-androgenic. Androgens are a primary cause of acne, so affecting them can improve your skin. Good luck.

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Oh and the Spiro pill, can be prescribed by a primary doctor or a gynecologist as well as a dermatologist. I started getting it from my gyno and now my primary just refills my prescriptions, though I use WAY less than they prescribed it for me.  It will make you pee, it’s considered a water pill!  I tried seeing how often I did have to take it or NOT have to take it to see if I would get a pimple and it’s around once a week….a week goes by and my skin starts getting oilier!  So instead of every day I take it once a week, and keeps my pimples at bay.  I absolutely HATE acne… I was mortified to even leave the house to go to work when it got bad, (got really bad after the death of my father, my face went insane).  I would help anyone I can and spread the word about what helped me!

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