(Closed) Has anyone used American Floral Distributors?

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try Freshroses.com. A friend of mine used them and her flowers were BEAUTIFUL.

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Hey everyone!  I just had my wedding this past weekend and wanted to send out a warning to anyone looking to DIY their wedding flowers.  

I bought 1/2 of my flowers from Costco.com and 1/2 from AFD/WeddingFlowersofAmerica.com.
The AFD ones were a disaster and I ended up paying for flowers that weren’t shipped to me and some that were destroyed by the shipper.  
I processed the flowers according to the instructions on the AFD site, but about 1/3 of them weren’t usable. Between that and the ones that I wasn’t shipped I’m out $130. The problem was in the packing.  The flowers on the bottom were crushed, especially the stems, which is why they never perked up.  They were unusable, and the flower heads were broken or severed and smashed flat.  Let’s be clear.  The rest of the flowers (including the roses) were gorgeous, and were fine.  I think it’s important to note this, as is how Richard from AFD’s legal department noted that they have THOUSANDS of satisfied brides, BUT bad reviews are grounds for legal action. If something happens, you ARE OUT OF LUCK and forced to pay for unusable flowers.  My advise is to purchase ONLY hardy fillers (my seeded eucalyptus was awesome, so was my ruscus…they really made great foundations for the flowers that I purchased from my Kroger to replace the destroyed colored flowers I received from AFD.  
I filed a claim immediately with AFD, but they said that my photos showed “normal” flowers, eventhough I updated them with addtional photos from a day later and 2 days after the wedding showing the still wilted flowers.  They are no longer replying to my emails and when I called I was put on eternal hold.  I have filed a claim with my credit card company.
Here’s the copy of the emails from them as with any email trail…the BOTTOM is where it starts.   – I’ve deleted my email address, but nothing else:
Ms. xxxx
     Your pictures are proof enough that the flowers look normal and just need processing to look their best. The berries are shipped as-is the foliage needs to be removed and some berries will fall off during travel which again is normal your pictures show many berries on them, they are not branches as you claim.
      You are buying direct from the grower flowers need to be processed to look their best. This is normal from any on-line site unless you buy form a florist that had done all this work for you.
      Threats of posting bad reviews will be handled as needed not excluding legal action.  If you care to resolve this issue on a professional manner then I will listen.  I can only go by what I clearly see in your pictures.
      This is all covered on our terms and conditions clearly posted which you agreed to when placing an on-line order with us.  We have thousands of satisfied customers nationwide for a reason!
Thank you 
cc:// cc dispute /  legal dept   

Original Message

Subject: Re: Claim for order 
Please tell me you are kidding…here they are NOW after 4 hours in water…. 
See attached photos they have NOT been outside the entire time, just for better lit for the photos The yarrow and matsumotos are unusable, except for the 4 or so matsumotos.  the bittersweet are branches.
The photos of the flowers that you claim are normal are crushed. So if you are saying that is normal, then you should put that on your site.  The anemones were $26 I don’t see anything on your site that could have been subbed at that price point anyway.
Your opinion is fine.
I, too am entitled to an opinion, and oddly enough it MATCHES the opinion of the family members present LOOKING AT THE FLOWERS. So my opinion will be posted on TheKnot.com, Weddingwire.com, Offbeatbride.com, Weddingbee.com, weddingchannel.com,& mywedding.com – with my photos and the amount $130 that i was shorted.    I will send you a copy of the submission when I have time after my wedding. 
Thank you for making my pre-wedding prep even more stressful.  OH, and ripping me off.
Have a nice day.
From: AFD <[email protected]>
Subject: RE: Claim for order 
        We do apologize we are looking into the missing bunches grower is saying they did sub those two flowers since they where not available.
        I do apologize but I see no damage to the flowers you are claiming they look completely normal since you just received and they need to be processed for (all) flowers to perk up and look their best.
        Once I review what was sent on your order I will reply about the two bunches.  No claim will be given on other flowers since no damage can be seen on any of your pictures.
Thank you

Original Message

Subject: Claim for order 
Good afternoon.
I received my flowers this morning on time, but unfortunately there are issues with the shipment.
I ordered a total of 17 bunches of flowers, but received 15, with no substitutions:
Missing was
1 Bunch of Anemones ($26)
1 Bunch of Candytuft ($16)
There were 3 layers of flowers in the box, and the BOTTOM had the most delicate flowers, the Matsumotos(1 bunch), Yarrow (2 Bunches), and the Bittersweet (3 Bunches).
There are all crushed and are unusable…the heads of the Matsumotos are crushed and many were severed.  The yarrow is also completely crushed down to about a 2″ x 5″ bunch.
I processed them and put them in water…they were the first ones I did and the are not improved with time.
The bittersweet is crushed as well and there are more berries in the box and on the table than there are on the stems…most of the berries are also crushed and discolored and when they moved in the slightest they fall off.  I am aware that they are a delicate item, but their abuse during shipping accelerated the damage process.
In the center of the order was also a freezer bag that was punctured and the gel was on the wrapping for the bottom layer.  
The other flowers are fine and are perking up considerably, BUT I have to note the overall poor packaging of the the shipment.  The top flowers just crushed the lower ones, they didn’t have a chance.
I would like a refund for following:
1 Matsumoto $18
2 Yarrow         $28
3 Bittersweet  $42
and the missing flowers:
1 Anemone  $26 
1 Candytuft $16
For a total of $130.00
Please reply that you have received this.


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