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That was the first birth control I tried and I mostly had no issues with it. My skin was AWESOME while I was on it, and never had spotting (even if I skipped), just had a light period and light cramps. It did cause me to get headaches though (some people report migraines, but mine was never that awful, mostly just annoying), and it lowered my libido though again, it wasn’t awful. Yaz KILLED the libido actually. It didn’t cause me to gain any weight (to my knowledge) no sore boobies, etc. I think most people who write reviews do so because they weren’t happy. Most happy people don’t think to write reviews unless it REALLY changed their lives

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I was on Loestrin for two packets- it didn’t end out working for me- if I hadn’t eaten that much during the day, I would get a horrible temper. It also killed my libido. The good thing was that my periods were super light, which I loved. Then I tried Yaz, which was okay, but again, killed the libido. Now I’m on ocella (the generic yazmin) and I’m doing fine (however, I had a friend who HATED ocella because it made her psycho). It really depends on how your body reacts. Good luck to you!

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You need to realize that most people who have positive experiences are not the ones who post on those message boards.  You will see a lot more negative comments about medications because people who are unhappy are more likely to go online and tell everyone about their bad experience.  I have come across the same thing in my research into an IUD (which I want to get).  Most websites are so negative about it because those are the more vocal users.

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I took ortho, too, and it definitely did not work well for me! it made me really moody and the fact that the hormones changed made me feel like a lunatic. I’ve been on Loestrin24 for the past six months and honestly really like it. Face has cleared up a lot, boobs even got a little bigger (not going to complain) and my mood is completely normal. I don’t feel that up and down thing, since the hormone dosage is flat the whole time and you’re only off for four days. I have had a problem breaking out on the four days that I’m off, but that’s because I have problem skin to begin with… My best friend just called today and said she’s starting it, too… So hopefully, she’ll have a good experience, as well.

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I used it for years and never had any problems.  I have been on a number of different birth controls and I really think they work differently for everyone.  I have been on the nuvaring for 2 years now and love it.  I always forgot to take my pills and now I don’t have to remember anymore!  Good luck!

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I have been on it since Christmas and my ob/gyn (whom I’m not all that fond of) is on it as well. My mother had me all worried that I would hate it as she didn’t like birth control in the 70s and 80s but instead I was pleasently suprised.

My acne levels went down a little but my biggest changes were in amount and length if my period (used to be very heavy for ~10 days, now it’s very light for 3-5 days.) Like the above posters said, the breasts did get a bit bigger- but for me (32F) that wasn’t so much of a positive. My biggest problem was increased sensetivity for the first month. I couldn’t lay on my stomach for a while but that’s resolved after the first month. The first month I spotted a great deal (I had never been on bc before) however it my period last for 3 days and then I haven’t spotted yet.

I can’t compare to any other birth control but compared to previous I love it.

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I can’t use BC because of the trouble it gives me BUT the Loestrin FE was one of the ones with the least side effects. It made me very weepy but again I have a lot of trouble with BC. One of my best friends uses it with no trouble at all. The best part about the Loestrin was it totally made me stop getting my period, I know some women don’t like that but I love it! Ditto on the skin thing it was great for my skin as well. Make sure to really try and stick it out for the first 3-4 months to get your body fully adjusted before making any decisions but of course if you’re having major major mood swings or other side effects talk to your doctor. Oh and my doc told me with the loestrin watch the first month because a lot of women gain weight, she suggested I try to limit my carbs for the first month only and I didn’t gain anything at all.

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I was on that for about 1 year and it worked really well. i am someone who has had mostly awful experiences with bc. I was skinny, happy, acne free, and healthy. I only switched because I hate having to take a pill each day and started using the nuva ring instead. 

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I am on it now…almost into my 3rd month. It’s working well for me. BC usually makes me nauseous, but this isn’t. I had very sore boobs at the beginning, which I posted about…now they’re fine. They have gotten bigger too, which I wanted for the wedding 🙂

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I love it I’ve been on it for a while and the only side efeect is super lite periods!

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I’ve been on Loestrin for a couple of years, and I basically love it.  It hasn’t really helped my skin at all, but neither has any other pill I’ve tried…don’t know why.  I don’t really notice any mood problems.  I have horrible migraines, but I’ve had them all my life, so I don’t think Loestrin has anything to do with it.  Loestrin gives me super light (almost nonexistent) periods, and really eases up my cramps.  It’s also a great pill to be on if ever you need to skip a period…you just skip the placebo pills and go straight to a new pack.  Works like a dream.  My doctor tells me not to do it all the time, but when a period is inconvenient, it’s totally fine.  The reviews you read on websites are pretty much all going to be from people that had a bad experience.  I’ve had a great experience, and it’s never occurred to me to write a review.

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I love it! Light period every month, awful cramps gone, no weight gain, PMS nearly gone. I’m on the generic now, it’s not quite as great (less active pills) but it’s only $10/month vs. $50/month. Seriously, though, LoEstrin 24 is my favorite pill ever. 

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I’m on it, and I think as BC goes this is about as good as it gets. I specifically asked for the lowest dose pill possible to reduce any side effects because I have always had clear skin and didn’t wanna suddenly get acne at 30 lol. I took Yaz for 6 months but didn’t like it. It made me moody and I gained a ton of weight. Swiched to Loestrin and I haven’t looked back. My period has been a tad erratic due to the switch, sometimes it comes and sometimes it doesn’t but when it does it is very light. Overall, a very positive experience.

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