(Closed) Has anything ever been stolen from you?

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    @MrsPanda99:  When I was a teenager I waited tables after school. I got a speeding ticket and had to work 2 whole weeks to get enough money to pay it. Someone stole it out of my backpack at school. I think I cried for 2 days straight lol


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    @MrsPanda99:  Ugh getting something stolen from you is the worst – especially something as valuable as a phone.  My watvh was stolen from me at the gym.  Shame on me for putting inside of a locker with no lock.

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    Years ago I had a watch I bought in Switzerland stolen right off my bathroom counter. I have an idea who did it and it still pisses me off to this day.

    My boyfriend in high school had a crack head sister (literally) who would steal ANYTHING. You had to take your purse with you to the bathroom, he had to lock his door while he showered etc. It was ridiculous.

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    I had my purse stolen in 7th grade…. but nothing since then. Guess I’ve been lucky!

    The b*tch also walked around with it all day after finding it and taking it (I left it in the bathroom for like 10 minutes before I realized). Even in 7th grade I was amazed at the audacity since it still had all my stuff in it like the oh so expensive graphing calculator.

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    I can’t believe people’s cats were stolen, I’d be SO upset!!

    I had a few things stolen from me.

    My ex-BIL stole a CD player and ALL my CD’s and exchanged them for drugs…my sister knew about it at the time. I found out years later. She told me it was stolen out of my Brother-In-Law car. HUH.

    I then had my house broken into and all they stole was my laptop. My roommates had desktops that were too big to carry. I was heartbroken as I couldn’t afford to replace it for awhile. 🙁

    Major sucks about the pics you lost!!

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    My good stethoscope has been missing for several months and I’m pretty sure it was stolen by a co-worker. I couldn’t have just lost it because I didn’t use it anywhere besides work. If it was a cheap one I wouldn’t care so much but it cost $300. 

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    I’ve had a necklace my great grandmother gave me stolen – I took it off for gym class and placed it on a desk right in front of the teacher.  She had everyone take off their jewellery that day and place it in front of her.  When I walked up to the desk to get my necklace back, it was gone.  No one would fess up to it, of course, and no searches were conducted. 🙁

    I’ve also had my purse and everything in it – phone, ID, credit cards, etc. – stolen by a taxi driver.  It was awful!

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    My house was broken into on Christmas Eve a few years ago. They stole literally everything, even the toaster. I had bought a bunch of Christmas gifts online and they dumped out the shipping boxes to load up all the stuff they stole. I was just really lucky that I had taken all the gifts for my family to my parents’ house a few days earlier or those would have been gone too. The kicker was, they had kicked down the door so the cat ran out the open door too and we never saw her again.

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    Our house was broken into when I was 8 and they stole (amongst a lot of other stuff) my pet budgie, cage and all!  I never understood why they would take him.

    My university houes also was broken into while we were home sleeping, but they just took the cash from my wallet before my roommate woke up and they must have got scared and left.  I was so glad they didn’t just take my whole purse with my cards and ID.  


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    In HS my little sister’s friends stole a pair of pants from my bedroom while I was gone. They were my new and also favorite pair and I couldn’t prove it cause my sister denied it, etc. I wasn’t able to replace them, either ($$). They were expensive and I didn’t have the $$ to buy another pair. This was my 1st pair of pants that were actually long enough to fit me – I am tall with a 34” inseam and was like a size 0 – they just didn’t make jeans like that back then! Then, same year, I had a pair of jeans stolen from my locker during gym class! I was an underclassmen and I made a scene of it, but when they confronted me (THEY, as in PLURAL) and asked what I was going to do of it, well, there was nothing I could do.. So trashy!! I only spent one year at that HS before my mom thankfully moved us out of that city into a better district.

    Last year one of DH’s employees, who also happened to be our property manager and DH’s lifelong friend stole an entire bottle of vicodin from me. We were on vacation so the employee was supposed to be coming to our house 3 x’s a day to take care of our pup. I had previously suspected him of having a relapse, but DH denied it, even after the bottle was stolen. It took until the middle of last summer when the guy had a complete breakdown before DH pulled his head  out of the sand. Yeah, the guy no longer works for our company and is also banned from any of our properties.

    I’ve had other various clothing items disappear, a pair of shorts, a bikini from the gym (it was wet and used when it was snatched!), a zip up hoodie, and a dress at a boat party. All these things were, unfortunatly, unique and hard to find replacements for, plus I was younger and couldn’t really afford to, either. I had to basically tell myself that whoever was so desperate enough to steal these items from me obviously needed them more that I did. 


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    In college someone threw a rock through my car window and took my purse out of it.  It was December and I froze my ass off with that broken window.  There was nothing in the purse but change.

    Somone stole my purse from a party and 6mos later I got a phone call that someone had found my purse (license, and cash) in their parkinglot on the other side of town. Crazy.

    The last thing was my lab out of my yard.  I ran in to get grab fruit for my nieces to eat, I was gone from our gated in yard for 10-15min.  This was when I lived in Baltimore City and dogs get stolen all the time there so the dog fighting rings have “bait” dogs.  Anyway my 70year old neighbor chased the kid screaming at him to give the dog back, that wasn’t his dog, if he didn’t leave the dog he (my nieghbor) was going to give him the beating of his life.  So I got my dog back. (seriously my nieghbor had worked in a steel mill he would have kicked that kids arse).

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    Luckily no, but my car was broken into once. There was nothing to steal inside though. Which actually made me madder because they busted my door handle for nothing!! I would have killed the jackass if I’d caught him in the act. 

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    YES. My phone was stolen in a Drs office once (wtf) and also a hotel maid stole my Kate Spade sunglasses. This was years ago like… 2004 and I am still indignant. 

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    I had a few things stolen from me by a girl in my mom’s daycare when I was younger.  Toys, that kind of thing.  I think she stole smokes and money from my mom, too.

    I suspect I had some money stolen from me in a hotel room years ago.  Partially my fault, I kind of left it out in the open.

    I accidentally left a pair of jeans and a t-shirt at a friend’s house and never got them back.  

    We also had a cat get catnapped.  She was the friendliest thing, would come up to anyone and let them pet her.  I think I saw her wandering around a yard a couple of blocks away, but I can’t prove it.


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    omg so sory to PPs who had their cats stolen! I can’t even imagine! That happened to my aunt & cousin…they lived near a college area and one time during end of the year move out, their cat went missing. They think someone just took their cat with them 🙁

    I had my wallet stolen from my purse when I was at a restaurant. My credit & debit card were used before I even noticed it was missing. Three other people had their wallets stolen that same night, so clearly the restaurant was hit. My bank & CC were great and I got my money back, but I had to close my account since my checkbook was in my wallet. Then the person who stole my wallet forged my signature on someone else’s check (that they had also stolen) and deposited it in my account–so it turned into check fraud and then the police cared about it. A few months later I got a call from police in a neighboring city to let me know that they caught the theif.

    I didn’t have any cash in my wallet, but I did lose some gift cards and had some personal items that I’ll never get back. It was also such a personal violation. Knowing that there was actually justice for my wallet being stolen is amazing and gave me a lot of closure.

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