(Closed) Has anything unusual, miraculous or supernatural ever happened to you?

posted 6 years ago in The Lounge
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    I was reading in my car with the engine off, turned on the car and said to myself, “I think it’s 4:20.”  And it WAS.  On the DOT.


    So basically I’m psychic.

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    @bunnyharriet: I wish I had some to share! Hoping you get some nice replies!!

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    @peachacid:  LOL.

    I don’t know if it’s “supernatural” but when I was about 15, we were taking my puppy rot to be put down.  As we were walking outside, my neighbors sister and her girlfriend were walking out of the house.  They lived far from us in Ohio.  They happened to be visiting.  Anyways, the sister was a vet.  She came and looked at our dog AS we were getting in the car.  (My dog had parvo.)  She suggested another treatment that was much less instead of putting him down.

    We did that and our dog lived to be almost 14 years old.  Pretty miraculous.

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    In High School I worked at an old saw mill. I cleaned up everything after everybody was off. The shop was huge and creepy lol. I always had the radio on when I was working, when it was time to go my dad came to pick me up. I turned off the radio and walked to the opposite side of the shop and turned off the breaker box (what we always did). Then the radio came back on… With the breaker off, I immediately looked over at my dad who was the opposite side of both me and the radio- again it was a huge shop. We were both freaked out, he unplugged it from the wall. My dad works there as well so the next day he mentioned it to everybody and the nonchalantly said “Oh that’s just Louie” Apparently some guy named Louie used to work there and committed suicide and the radio was in his work area.

    From then on I hated being alone working lol so I always brought my dog.

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    My best friend and her sister were camping in the Mountains with my nephew was 2 and a half at the time. The drove down the road to a certain spot to get cell service and my nephew started pointing and saying “Ghost, Ghost, shhhh” but it sounded more like “Goat” they kept brushing it off cause how can a 2 and a half year old know about ghosts. He kept jabbering along and when his mom asked him what he was saying he would tell her to “Shhh” and giggle. My friend and her sister started freeking out. When they were leaving he started waving and saying “Bye Bye”

    When my brother was a toddler he would stand in his crib and start randomly talking and laughing. My mom asked him who he was talking to and he pointed and said “Them Mom” and there was nothing.

    In both cases I think they were good spirits because they were not scared at all. I do believe that children are more sensitive to spirits and can see things we cannot.

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    When I was about 6 I was in the house with just my parents (my sisters were both at a sleepover) and in the middle of the night my mother found me at the top of the stairs and asked me what I was doing and I said I was watching a girl in pink pajama’s walking in and out of the doorway from the hall to the kitchen.

    I still remember it now and I’ve never been able to explain it.

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    I have the best/worst supernatural story EVER.

    So my ex and I were staying in Deerfield, MA one night before I went back to college. We checked into the hotel, and were talking to the front desk ladies. One was from another branch, and and the other was working her second day at the hotel.

    So we got into our room, and almost immediately started fighting (which was weird for us, back then). So we’re looking around the room, and EVERYTHING is bolted down. Including the TV! So we’re like “weird”, but go on with our day.

    So that night, we’re brushing our teeth in the bathroom. I look over to my left, and the toilet seat is floating six inches up. The second that registers in my mind, it SLAMS shut and the lights turn off. I screamed, my ex was freaking, and then the light turned back on.

    I got into bed, and as I did, I looked over– there was a HUGE stain in the carpet. A dark red/brown stain. But we laid down, and tried to go to sleep. But the toilet seat kept slamming up and down by itself in the bathroom.

    Then I started to hear breathing. This horrible, loud heavy man’s breathing in my ear. My ex couldn’t her it, but I was like “That’s it. I’m done!”

    So I called the front desk. I literally said “Hi, I’m in room 83” and she IMMEDIATELY went “Let’s get you a new room. Just come down and get the key”

    As we’re packing our stuff, less than five minutes goes by and we get a knock on the door. It’s the front deak lady, hustling us to the next room! She moved us directly across the hall. Ten minutes later, my ex is standing by our door… And we hear this horrible noise from across the hall! Like furniture crashing.

    So we look around that we’re in… and NOTHING is bolted down.

    We stayed in a SUPER haunted hotel room!

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    I see things when I wake up in the middle of the night. I always see a man in the room across from ours. He will smile at me then vanish. Other times I see huge spiders crawling on the walls. Sometimes a voice will wake me up. I have chalked it up to sleep paralysis. I told my ex-boss about it and she got excited and said I am one of those “special” people that can see into another universe and I am being called. She thinks we are all aliens…yeah I know….she is nuts.

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    @BrandNewBride:  Yikes! That is the creepiest story I’ve ever heard!!! Made my skin crawl. 


    Unfortunately (or fortunately…) I don’t have any supernatural stories.  But I like reading them from other posters.  Is that weird? Haha

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    When I was about 6 we lived a secluded, heavily wooded, 7 house suburb. My brother and I used to hang out with the woman in her late 20s who lived at the the top of the hill by herself, Tara. From what I can remember we just watched movies and ate snacks with her after school. She payed a lot of attention to me but nothing to be alarmed over, almost sister-like. Playing with my hair, stuff like that.

    One evening we got a knock on the door and when my dad answered there was a young woman. She insisted my brother and I not be allowed to visit Tara anymore and left. She wouldn’t give specifics. Without any reason to mistrust Tara, my parents still allowed us to see her. After a few weeks that same woman paid us another visit. This time, she implored my parents to stop letting us see Tara. When asked why, she told them that Tara was deep into witchcraft and held seances and was trying to use us specifically for ‘spells’ and other things. She said Tara was trying new things and said we were in danger. My parents being devout Catholics stopped us from seeing Tara from then on.

    Then I started to sleepwalk. I never had before. One night specifically, as my dad tells it, he and my mom woke up because they heard someone at the front door. When he checked it out he found me in my nightgown at the bottom of the steps outside just standing there looking up at the moon with a blank stare. He says the scene gave him chills. He got me back into bed and slept in the living room to make sure I didn’t do it again. I started sleepwalking a lot. I still do but not as often, (I can always tell when I do because my glasses will be missing and I will find them in odd places around the house).

    I’m not saying this woman cast a sleepwalking spell on me, but I’m open to the possibility that she dabbled with things concerning me and things I wouldn’t like as a Christian. So I’ll classify this one in the “unusual” occurrences.


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    My house I just moved out of 3 months ago had what I named the Sneezing Ghost…

    This house was about 60 years old, it had been moved from somewhere to the lot it was on but no one seemed to know where it came from. It was off the ground and old so it was noisy as is. This was also my first time living alone so naturally I was a little nervous at first. First thing I noticed was that my kitchen door would randomly open on its own. Then I was in the living room and heard very clearly what sounded like someone sneezing loudly in my kitchen, after that all weird things were blamed on the “Sneezing Ghost”. I had a piano that had some sheet music and books on top of it in the dining room, one night they all flew off the piano… like there was a big bang and I went in there and they were scattered all over the floor. I had a little crystal angel figurine in my bathroom window, there were several times where I’d find it turned to where it was looking out the window instead of facing in like I kept it. I’d go to reach for the door knob on the kitchen door and right before I’d grab it, the door would open. Eventually I got a roommate and she swore that sometimes at night she heard people talking in her closet. My ex boyfriend stayed one night and we both heard what sounded like a little girl screaming outside my bedroom window and nothing was there when we looked. After I got my kitties they would both stop and stare in the same spot often, but of course I couldn’t see anything. Needless to say, after two years there  I’ve enjoyed my move into a 4 year old house with no noises or things moving on their own! haha

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    I’m not saying I am psychic, in the least, but Darling Husband has noticed in the course of our relationship (and I have noticed myself in the previous years) that I will talk about something and it will happen in the next day or two. I will ‘sense’ something, and find out later about certain things that happened there, or something will happen there after I’ve sensed it.

    One time, I was talking about how it’d been a while since I’d seen a funeral procession, and the next day, in the same spot I had been talking about it a day earlier, I passed a funeral procession. That is just one example and it’s the only thing I can remember right now, but this happens on a weekly basis. Darling Husband often asks why I don’t predict a ton of money coming into our lives, LOL.


    When I was little, 3 or 4, my family and I were staying at a hotel on the way to Tennessee for vacation. I kept screaming/crying and refused to go into the room, or down the hallway. I kept saying, “No, no, bad, no” and finally my parents gave up and we left. Dad snapped a picture of the balcony/area we were going to be staying (don’t know what led him to do this) and when they got the picture developed, there is a very prominate face/thing on the balcony that was not there when the pic was taken. It had very unmistakeable physical features on its face, and a body, but it was almost transparent in a sense. We still have that picture, and it freaks me out every time I look at it.

    I feel as if I’m sensitive/more alert to supernatural things, because I have always felt this way, even as an infant. My mother is the same way. She has also been able to ‘feel’ things, or ‘see’ things that aren’t always there…so I think it may run in our family.


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