(Closed) Has something ever been stolen from you? Did you get it back?

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  • poll: Have you ever been robbed? Pick "yes" or "no", then choose whether you recovered it or not.
    Yes, something has been stolen from me. : (53 votes)
    36 %
    No, nothing has ever been stolen from me. : (11 votes)
    7 %
    Yes, I got the property back on my own. : (8 votes)
    5 %
    Yes, the police recovered the property for me. : (8 votes)
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    Yes, someone other than the police got it back for me. : (7 votes)
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    No, I never got my property back. : (62 votes)
    42 %
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    I’ve had two wallets stolen from my car while parked (two separate occasions), a gps, and like two weeks ago my mail was stolen! The only reason I knew was because I was expecting a package from USPS and tracking said it was here but it wasn’t so someone else ended up with two 38Dear Daughter nursing bras. I’ve never gotten anything back that’s been stolen but I wouldn’t expect to either…it’s a big city and people are assholes.

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    I was only robbed once, and it’s quite funny actually.

    Several cars at my apartment had been broken into around school holidays (we live right by the university) and things were swiped. Right around Christmas mine was apparently the target.

    I woke up to see my passenger side window smashed in. I couldn’t figure out what they stole. My stereo was still there. I hadn’t left anything valuable in my car. Then I realized what happened – I had left a big fun bag of mixed chips on my front passenger seat. I tutored kids after school at the time, and the chips were their snacks. I decided to leave it in the  car. This was essentially what was stolen, but instead of the box, it was a big bag:Anyway, it was so ridiculous. The bag was bright purple and pictures of chip brands all over it. It was obvious what it was. I figure whoever broke in didn’t even look. They just saw a bag, smashed in the window, and grabbed whatever they could in one swipe. And in the end I had to pay $150 to replace my window. Great.

    I do laugh at it because it was a bag of chips for crying out loud!

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    My christmas gift from my grandparents was stolen from my mom’s front porch step. We honestly have no idea what happened, it could’ve been neighbors, or it could’ve been the post man but it said “delivered” at 9 something in the morning on a wednesday & my mom got home from work around 1 that day & it wasn’t there. Both my christmas gift, and my mom’s were in the box. I’m still angry thinking about it & I hope karma kicks the person who did it HARD

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    @bunnyharriet:  wow! i’m so glad they found it! those things are expensive. 

    ages ago (over a decade), my school bag and my mum’s bag were stolen from our backroom during the night (through back garden doors). later that day both bags turned up at a nearby bus stop, and when we checked inside, all they had taken was my wallet (with about 5 pounds/8 dollars), my mobile phone, a bit of cash from my mum’s wallet, and my sweets and mints! they had left my mum’s designer bag, wallet, credit cards and mobile phone alone. completely bizarre, it was probably someone young.

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    When I lived with my ex and his parents a few years ago, my “room” was a camper trailer in the back yard. When we all moved to a different home, his idiotic parents took advantage of their previous landlord and left half of their stuff there for months, (including my trailer, filled with my stuff, that I couldn’t haul myself) saying they’d “get it next week” and so on.


    After a huge fight where I was kicked out, I went to the old house to get my stuff.. except half of it was gone. In all, I lost a space heater, my Maid/Matron of Honor dress from my best friend’s wedding, my gorgeous prom dress, my silk wrap dress, 3 Louis Vuitton purses, an Ed Hardy purse, a Coach purse, a Dooney & Bourke purse, all of my shoes, a Pittsburgh Post Gazette from the day after Nixon resigned, and get this.. about 15 half-burnt Yankee Candles, 20 Yankee Car air fresheners, and 2 cases of CDs that were all either scratched to hell or a mix CD made by my older sister in the early 2000s.


    I called the police and they filed the report, but they had nothing to go on and the loss just wasn’t worth their time. They told me it was probably either a druggie or someone starving or desperate, who took anything that looked like it could sell for a few bucks.

    That doesn’t get me my Maid/Matron of Honor dress back. Memories, you know? ):

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    I had my purse stolen from the gym locker room (in High school, where I lived in GA). It had house keys, ID, etc in there. Found my ID chucked in the corner of one of the school’s halls (weird), but that was it. It was one of those cute backpack purses that were popular in the mid/late 90s.

    I’ve had things stolen, and never returned. Always hated it. Once, we had moved into a new neighborhood, and a girl around my age came over to introduce herself. She came into my room, spotted my Seventeen magazine, and commented on it. The magazine was gone after she went home. I went to her house and confronted her, asking for it back. She played dumb til I walked into her room and saw MY magazine on her bed. Needless to say she hated me from that day on, and made it her mission to try to ‘steal’ every friend I ever made in that neighborhood. LOL

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    This is my family’s curse. Everyone in my immediate family, including me, has had their social security number stolen, wallets, briefcases, card numbers, cash…you name it. The only thing that hasn’t happened yet is my car getting broken in, thankfully. It’s a horrible feeling and it sucks when it’s something difficult to retrieve, like cash, and even worse when it’s your identity. These things happen and the only thing you can do is deal with it.

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    Someone smashed in my windshield with a baseball bat and stole my ipod out of my car. I called the cops and they came out and took fingerprintes and everything. Never got it back.

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    Just this past Thursday I walked out to my car to go to work, both my hubby’s and my car were broken into. They smashed a window on each car. They took the garage door remote out of my car-I don’t keep anything of value in my car. My hubby’s car they took the radio faceplate and remote (but not the actual radio) and a code reader that he had on the front seat. Cost us $400 to replace both windows. 

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    ~$20K of jewelry stolen from my apartment by my ex who, unbeknownst to me, had a coke habit. He pawned it for pennies on the dollar, and I never got it back, but he was arrested and is still on probation.

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    We had stuff stolen twice from our house in college (different houses).  Both times the doors had been left unlocked and we were at home.

    The first time they took a bunch of movies, a hoodie, a backpack.  The police came and got fingerprints.  Then we took lists of the movies to CD tradeposts in town because one of the movies wasn’t sold in the USA (came from another country).  Since those stores take your ID, they called us and the police when someone brought it in to trade.  So we got most of our stuff back that time and they prosecuted the guy.

    The second time they took my roommates boxed set of DVDs and a camera.  No idea on that one…I’m sure it happened in under 1 minute.

    It was in a college town so I feel sometimes things like that happen more often there in certain areas.  That and people were too drunk and/or high to remember to lock the door Undecided

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    Yes I have, my purse and it was years ago at my fastfood job. It was kind of my fault though. I don’t know where my head was, highschool drama most likely. I set my purse on top of my car and forgot about it. I drove off. Realized I did not have my purse and drove back.

    A couple was walking and the girl had my purse. When I got out of the car, the girl held it behind her back and I casually asked them if they saw a black purse anywhere. They didn’t say anything and the girl looked at her boyfriend. He took the purse from her and gave it to me saying that they were going to call the police when they had the chance to. I got catty then and said, “Sure you were”. Got back in my car and drove off.  It was probably stupid of me to confront them but I saw red….

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