(Closed) Has you pet ever scared the hell out of you?

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Sugar bee
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chica95110:  That’s so crazy!!! I would be so scared!

My furbaby has never done anything like that, but she has a bad habit of randomly jumping up and growling at the window… especially at night… when my Fiance is gone.

It scares the crap out of me EVERYTIME even though I’m 99% sure it’s nothing.

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Sugar bee
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Oh no! That would scare me for sure. Is there any chance she could have been having a nightmare?

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Buzzing bee
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Yes. My cat is always always sitting in the weirdest place staring at me. It’s like she vanishes from behind me and will reappear in front of me somehow. She creeps around the house and is forever sitting there staring around every corner or in every dark cranny. Its creepy. She’s jet black, no less, so it’s kinda extra creepy.

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Bumble bee
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chica95110:  Yes, but for a different reason. I don’t like to be home alone at night (one of the reasons I have a dog). Well, one particularly creepy night (creepy because it was windy and I just finished watching a mini True Blood marathon), when I was getting into bed, he started growling. He normally sleeps with me, but this time he refused to come. Instead, he paced from window to window, growling and barking. He is normally so passive and a sweetie, but my 65 pound coonhound had his hackles up and was baring his teeth at the front door. I was FREAKED OUT!! 

Fiance came home soon after that, but I was terrified. I still don’t know what set him off so suddenly and so fiercely. Fiance thinks it was critters in the yard. I’m just glad to know that my sweet, cuddly coonie can also be protective and furocious if needed!

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Bumble bee
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Maybe she got stuck somewhere and got scared until she realized she could get herself unstuck. Our pup used to do that, “Oh nooooo come rescue me ahhhhhh…oh… nah, I’m good!”

One of our cats has to check in too, when he’s wandering the house he will occasionally wonder where we are (in the room we’ve been in the entire time lol) and he’ll let start calling out “Meow? Rrrrrrrrooow? MeeeeoOOOwww?” until we call out back to him. It’s the funniest thing.

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Buzzing bee
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A few months ago my cat was sleeping next to me on the couch when suddenly his breathing started to sound almost gurgly and then got really quiet. I looked down at him and he was laying on his back with his mouth AND eyes both slightly open.

I said, “Kitty?” (normally he wags his tail or meows when I say his name, even when he’s sleeping) but nothing happened. I kind of nudged the cushion he was on to see if it would wake him. Nothing. I panicked and jumped up to stomp on the floor by the couch (when you jump or stomp on the floor at our townhouse it is really loud and shakes the unit a little. Kitty HATES it.) and he flipped up really quickly and glared at me like I was the biggest bitch in the world. 

Obviously he was in a really deep sleep, but in the 9 years I have had him he’s never slept THAT hard or creepily. I honestly thought he died.

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Honey bee
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My dog has randomly screamed in his sleep. It’s so loud and so shrill I had no idea where it was coming from the first few times. It doesnt sound like him at all. 

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Helper bee
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chica95110:  my furbaby has epilepsy so I’m constantly terrified! Everytime I hear him make a weird noise on the floor or make a strange noise I rush to him! 

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Sugar bee

chica95110:  maybe saw a ghost?!

i believe pets can see stuff. Whenever my dog barks/growls at nothing or refuses to walk somewhere i always kind of joke and say it was a ghostie. To which SO rolls his eyes lol. 


my dog use to have nightmares though, we were actually just talking about it over the weekend. We noticed she hasn’t had them in a long time (or that we have noticed, anyway)

at first, you couldnt tell if she was running and playing in her dream or if she was scared. But then she would start crying or yelp so loud it would wake her up. A few times she was shaking after. She suffered trauma to her eye before we found her that eventually caused it to be removed, so we always figured it was something to do with that. 

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Helper bee
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About once a year, just often enough to always freak the shit out of you, in the middle of the night my yellow lab would emit the lowest, gut churning howl in his sleep. The sound would eminate all over the house, and every time it woke me up thinking that some ghost?wild animal/monster was in my house and about to kill me.

He would always do it in his sleep, and when I walked up to him he’d open his eyes, have a big stretch and gave me the “oh hey, is it breakfast time yet?” look.

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Busy bee

Ah. Scary. When my dog was a puppy I couldn’t find him and i left my room ( had roommates at the time) and the front door was open. So I panic and get it my car screaming for the dog around and around. I go back home to gather myself after I had looked in the whole house before I left. My dog is under the bed behind a box eating something. I swear I looked there but he was so hidden and didn’t come out to his name. I was so freaking scared I will never forget thAt. 

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Buzzing bee

My small dog came in once from the backyard bleeding from his foot. He didn’t seem distressed but there was blood EVERYWHERE. 

There was also once both my dogs were standing by the sliding glass door growling and barking just staring out. It was dark and I was home alone so it really freaked me out…I couldn’t see anything but I couldn’t get them to leave the door either. Whatever was out there got them really upset/territorial.

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Bumble bee
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After a severe thunderstorm I went to visit the farm where at the time my horse was boarded to help with the cleanup. When I arrived and started helping bring some of the horses in so we could use trucks to get the big branches out, my mostly white horse had a bright red leg – he was dripping blood. I freaked the heck out! After hosing it off, turns out it was really a superficial scratch that just bled a ton. He wasn’t even limping. Regardless, he was bandaged up and stalled for a couple days, but that was something that looked horrible but wasn’t. 


My childhood dog, a Labbe, would occasionally growl at the patio doors. We never could quite figure out what she was growling at, especially for a dog that rarely made noise (EXCEPT when I, and only I, was in percieved danger or trouble). We assumed rabbits, but it was very creepy when it was just me home alone. 

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Busy bee
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Sometimes our pup barks down the stairs at night. There’s nothing there, it’s dark, and he’ll just bark and growl. My Mother-In-Law has also said that she’ll be watching TV alone in the lounge and he’ll start barking up the corner of the room for no apparent reason. It freaks the sh*t out of both me and Mother-In-Law, haha. I’m just superstitious and scared of everything.

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