Has you pet ever scared the hell out of you?

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Honey bee
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I’m pretty sure there is a cat-Narnia.  And I’m pretty sure there is a door to it in my house.  Usually my cat comes out of his hidding spots when I call for him, or I can at least find him.  Lately he has been pretty sneaky though.  I’ve looked in all of his spots, check the windows to make sure there was no way he could have gotten out, then try to calm myself down.  And like an hour later he’ll turn up.  

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Blushing bee

I have a ferret (who acts like a dog so I don’t keep her caged like most people would). One day I was sitting on my bed and felt her rub up against my leg while simultaneously seeing her laying on the floor in the hallway by the door.

I have no idea what actually rubbed up against my leg.

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Helper bee
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My cat on 2 occasions has gone completely exocist on me. The first time I actually shed a few tears because I was so shocked! We were lying in bed last summer (FI hadn’t come to bed yet, was gaming in the other room) and the window was open – important to note we live in a half-underground basement level, so the window is near the ground under the back patio. FI’s dad (we live in his parents basement) keeps all his empty bottles under the patio until he takes them in for the deposit. This attracted a racoon that night, who was making creepy noises rummaging through everything RIGHT outside the open window. My cat didn’t seem that bothered until I got out of bed to tell Fiance cuz I was scared, and when I reached the door she was staring right into my eyes and let out the most ear piercing cat screech for a solid 10 seconds. I honestly thought she was going to jump and attack my face. 


The only other time she did something like that was when we brought in a 2L of pop from outside that I presume some kind of creature had been trying to get into, cuz she sniffed it and did the same thing, but not quite as bad.


Other than that, she’s extremely docile and quiet!

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nestle:  Something kinda similar happened to me once! We used to have a shelf in the hallway right under the lightswitch. My cat would jump up on top of the shelf and mess with the light switches and turn them on/off. One night, my then Fiance was asleep and I rolled over to also go asleep (with my back to the hallway) when the hallway light switched on. My first thought was, “Ugh…again, Gizmo?!” but when I rolled over she was asleep at the foot of our bed. IT WAS SO CREEPY! No idea why or  how the light switch turned on!


She also will open the bathroom door if it isn’t latched or shut all the way. If I am home alone and getting out of the shower, or even just to use the bathroom, she will press up against the door and walk in. It scares the crap out of me because I think some stranger is coming into the bathroom!


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Bumble bee
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When I had my cat growing up, he loved to scare us and guests coming out of the washroom. The downstairs powder room was at the end of the hall and a lazy-boy chair had its back to the open concept hallway. When someone went in, he would wait at the foot of the chair, and as they were walking by (on their way out), he would jump up to the back of the chair and swat them on the arm. We got used to it, but he would make our guests jump!  

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It can be a nightmare. My parents dog screams and yelps in his sleep and its horrible!!! Its the scariest thing but he will sleep through it until someone shakes him to make him wake up. Its so unsettling because he has to be extremely frightened during his nightmare!!! He hardly ever barks, but when this happens he yelps and screeches sounds I have never heard a dog make and it can be heard from across the house and wake you from your sleep 🙁  

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Worker bee

It wasn’t my dog but a friends.

I was visiting and got up to go to the kitchen to get some more water. The little pup pitbull  followed and made this really deep growl…. Thought she was going to attack me and that I did something wrong!

Turns out it’s her happy growl- she does it all the time when you rub her belly or play fetch… Sure scared the crap out of me! Was ready to hop up on the counter!

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Buzzing bee
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One time, our older cat (bless her heart) was madly sprinting around our apartment for no good reason, as cats tend to do, when she misjudged a corner and smacked right into the wall. Hard. I started laughing, but then the most eerie thing happend. She froze, with her neck stuck out and her mouth open, tongue hanging out, the most bizarre sound coming out of her, and she just quivered. Almost like she was having a seizure. I had no idea what to do. After about 15 second, she “came to,” shook it off, and went on like nothing had happened. I picked her up and burst into tears and snuggled the shit out of her. I texted my Fiance and he said he’d seen her do it once before. She has a habit of following him around a little too closely, and one time his heel caught her in the jaw (he is a large man with size 14 feet). Same reaction. So weird. It’s been about 3 years since it happened and she doesn’t seem to have any lingering effects, but man was that terrifying.

ETA: I just remembered this. This was before Fiance & I met. He used to live on the 2nd story of an apartment building, and one day, this same lovely cat decided she wanted to push the screen out of the guest bedroom window and jump out. Luckily, Fiance happened to hear the commotion and when he got into the room, he found Emma hanging on to the window frame for dear life, dangling 2 stories in the air. He said the look on her face was sheer terror. This is one of the many, many reasons I am firmly against declawing cats! Lol

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first time i heard our beagle do a reverse sneeze.  none of my dogs growing up did that so i wasn’t used to it.  Darling Husband said it is normal, he had the dog a year before he met me.


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chica95110:  awww poor baby!  i hope she is okay

My dog Daisy scares me sometimes- she is older- she will be 12 in October and sometimes she is so still when sleeping that I get scared she’s dead! ANd she will sleep in these really weird positions and so I will wake her up to make sure she is still alive lol – she kinda looks at me like I am crazy but I can’t help it!

She used to freak me out when I lived with my mom and she would just stare into an empty room or growl at my bedroom door in the middle of the night – but they say animals can see things we can’t

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Busy bee
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chica95110:  When I had only had my pitbull for a couple weeks he went missing. I have to say that I became attached to this dog IMMEDIATELY so I frantically searched the house, called his name, searched our yard, nothing. Walked around the neighborhood for hours, nothing. Drove around even further, nothing. I was in tears and heartbroken. It got dark and I went home and I went to get something out of my closet and there he is, just chillin! I was like “why didn’t you bark!?!?!” but I was so happy to see him!!!!

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Bumble bee
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chica95110:  This exact think happened to me! except when I ran into the bathroom my poor little babies foot was stuck in our shower door. we have a large glass enclosed walk in shoer. ANyways he had been trying to free himself after he got stuck and he had a huge scratch down his leg. One of the worst noises I’ve ever heard.

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Busy bee
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This is a little different, but it definitely scared me! When I visit my parents, one of their pups sleeps with me. She’s an 8-pound morkie. I woke up in the middle of the night (why does everything seem like a bigger deal at night?) and reached over to pet her as I was rolling over. She felt colder than normal. She was laying on her back comletely sprawled out. I started petting her, saying her name, tried to feel for a heartbeat, nothing. By this point I’m freaking out. I turned the light on and was rubbing her face saying her name, convinced she was dead. Finally, she groggily opened her eyes and stared at me with this “why the heck did you wake me up” face. Oops.

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