(Closed) Has you pet ever scared the hell out of you?

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ANGELaaimt:  My cat did something similar.  We have French doors that lead to our bathroom in our bedroom. The cat tree is right inside the doors. One night I saw one of the doors swinging out of the corner of my eye. I look up and sure enough one of my cats had jumped up there on top of the door. He was freaking out and clinging to the door for dear life. Ha. 


When we first adopted our dogs from the shelter 6 years ago we kept them in crates at night to sleep. One of my dogs got her crate open and very quietly walked in the room and sat on the floor right in front of my face. i had no idea she was in there so when I opened my eyes it caught me off guard and I screamed incredibly loud. It scared the shit out of the dog and my husband (bf at the time). 

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bbbria:  Unfortunately he had to be put to sleep because of bone cancer. The seizures had caused him to go blind and the cancer was making his bones brittle (which is why his back was broken from seemingly normal things)

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My dog had an attack when he was just a puppy. 

I was at the hospital with my grandfather who  was very ill and had been there for about 9 hours when my Fiance sends me a pic of dog puke (sorry gross i know) and the text said has Bowser ever done this before? I was exhausted emotionally and physically as I had rushed to the hospital after working 9 hours,  and not in the best of moods due to the stress of the day. So i replied of course he has (he used to eat soo fast he would puke) please just clean it up im really busy ( the doctor had just walked into the room). So 4 more hours pass and its now 3AM and I can finally go home because my grandpa is doing much, much  better.

I get home and all I want to do is cuddle my puppy ( Bowser was 6 months old at the time) and go to bed. I look in his crate and hes not there, scour the whole house, look outside even and I cant find him. So I wake up my Fiance and ask him where the dog is and my Fiance in a half asleep state says “baby I have to tell you something” I totally broke down I thought the worst and after the stress of the day already this was the last thing I wanted to hear. Apparently Bowser had thrown up 6x all over the yard. He would lay down and cry then get up and run around like a crazy dog then lay down. Eventually he just wouldnt walk anymore and couldnt stand so my Fiance rushed him to the emergency vet where they immediatley ran tests and had him on iv’s etc… My Fiance didn’t tell me this cause he knew I was already a ball of nerves and didnt want me to worry more (god i love that man).

The next morning ( I didnt sleep a wink) the vet called and Bowser was totally fine !!!!! The vet said he must have eaten something he shouldn’t have that made him sick but all his tests were normal. We had taken him on a hike earlier the day he got sick and he must have eaten something that we didnt notice. I am happy I didnt see my poor little puppy in that state and soo grateful to my Fiance for taking care of him!


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a_day_at_the_fair:  I am so sorry, I can’t imagine how hard that must have been. 🙁

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It could have been a nightmare. Our dog has them sometimes.

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Our newest/youngest kitten we found in our backyard a little over a month ago in pretty bad shape.  I took him to the vet the day we found him to make sure he didn’t have anything contagious and could get antibiotics in him (he had a bad eye infection).  The vet said he was old enough to eat solid foods even though the kitten looked tiny to me.  He wouldn’t eat solid or soft food so we ended up bottle feeding him for a couple weeks.  Then we tried to transition him to soft foods.

We had some soft canned food with some chunks of meat from the month prior when we brought home our black kitten and decided to feed our new orange kitten the rest of that.  The first time he ate it with no issues.  The 2nd feeding of the soft food the chunks must have been too big for him because he started choking.  I had to give our poor 8 oz kitten the heimlich!  I was so scared that he was going to die from choking or that I would break his ribs.  I tried to be forceful enough to get the food out but gentle enough not to hurt him or kill him.  I’ve only given the heimlich on people before, never a tiny animal about the size of my palm.

After that scare I went to Target immediately and bought the Pate soft canned food.  He ate that much better and then slowly we went to the chunky soft foods and now he’s eating solid kitten food.  Poor Leo has been through so much in his 7 weeks of life, someone shaved him, he had a horrible eye infection that has left his eye permanently cloudy (just a small part of his eye is cloudy but vet said he can still see, its probably just blurry), someone stepped on his tail and broke the end of it (all this happened before we found him).  Then after we saved him I almost kill him with chunky food!

Luckily after all this he is the sweetest, loviest kitten in the world.  He loves to cuddle and give kisses.

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My Fiance was showering & half way through he heard the cabinet under the sink open. He said he freaked out and jumped out naked ready to hit someone. (i wasnt home so he knew it wasn’t me)

It was the cat. He pawed it open & decided to take a little nap. Not sure why he closed the cabinet door too.. or how he even did. 

He naps in there a lot now. We’ll be like “where’s the cat??? Oh wait, he’s napping in the cabinet” 

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