(Closed) Has your job ever made you cry?

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I’m so sorry for everything you are going through. ~hug~ It’s hard to put on a nice and happy face when your own life is throwing you curve balls, but it sounds like you are really good at what you do.  And, it’s okay to cry and vent!  Let it out!

I do understand, to an extent, what you are talking about.  I teach at the local community college and I get the nastiest comments from students sometimes (the ones much older than me and the ones younger than me).  I come home crying a lot, so I do understand.

Just keep on trucking through it until you can leave and find somewhere better.

And, take care of yourself! 

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Almost every job I’ve had =P 

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I had a customer make me cry when I was a waitress. She belittled me because I was a server for a living… I could have spit in her food and she would have never known (I NEVER would do that. I’m just saying, you don’t need to be mean to waitresses!). My Fiance and I were in a LDR at the time and I was about to start my period. It just wasn’t a good time. haha.

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I’m so sorry you’ve had a bad day! I’m sure there are good days that fill your work with meaning 🙂 You have to hang on to those days at times like this!

I can’t say my “job” has made me cry, because at this point it is my job-in-training; I am presently a student teacher. My students’ heartbreaking life situations have made me cry, the overwhelming stress has made me cry, and the aggression and ignorance of my students’ parents has made me cry. Oh, and I’ve cried because I’m paying thousands of dollars to work full-time.. without pay. 

I think you can see you’re not alone. -lol We’ll survive!

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OMG I’ve cried about my job more times than I can count!! It’s normal!

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I have cried at every job I’ve ever worked. 

In retail, customers called me stupid at least once a week. When I was a sales assistant, I had one salesman find a way to blame me every time he lost a bid. In the tax business, the one office manager told me I could have a weekend off, then reneged on it when he realized it was a busy weekend and someone was already off. He tried to blame that on me. I worked at a dr’s office once and that office manager yelled at me for asking a question on my 2nd day. At my dispatcher job for a plumbing and heating company, we got so busy that I literally did not eat or pee for nearly 10 hours and nobody could understand why I was miserable. And don’t even get me started on my last job — we’d be here for hours.

If you went to school for a job you have no and you hate it that much, I’m really sorry. It doesn’t sound like this was just a bad day, it sounds like you genuinely regret your career choice and that sucks. Can you maybe try working at a different hospital or doctor’s office and see if that atmosphere is any better?

If not, you may have to go back to the drawing board. That sucks, but a it’s happening to a lot of people, so you are not alone.

Good luck!









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In my first year of teaching, I was driven to tears on a regular basis. I was a bad fit for the school, and a restructuring of senior management mid year turned it into a negative for me. I was literally working about 14 hours a day, the other 2 were for driving and picking up takeout meals (cooking would have taken time away from work).

When I was a student I worked with severly disabled children. A lot of them were dying. A few died when I was working there, and a few more since then (it’s been seven years).


It sounds like people are treating you horribly, and you are attending to your responsibilities. That sucks. I can’t give advice, but hope things pick up.

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Yes. I was working at a small company in GA that completely lied to me about the job. This was after I left my fashion apparel job in LA because I had to move, which was heartbreaking. It was an extremely hectic, fast-paced position and there was no support from the owners of the company. They had “inherited” the business (which was uniform apparel) and had absolutely zero clue how to run it. They brought me in because of my apparel background and one of the owners was particularly nasty. He would come up grandiose schemes and we (my boss and I) would tell him not to go through with it. He had some complex with women so he would never listen to us and he was just rude and nasty. We were sitting in a meeting with all the managers one afternoon and he comes up with another grand plan. I turn to my coworker and we exchange knowing glances and I give a little chuckle. The owner guy goes nuts and basically calls me out and says I have a shitty attitude and dont work hard (I was working 14 hour days at that point and had a 2 hour commute) and basically kicks me out of the meeting. In front of everyone. I get back to my desk and there are 400 emails in my inbox. After I was gone for 1.5 hours. I just lost it.

It took me another 7 months and then I quit. Best decision I ever made. You should never cry at work.

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I’ve worked in oncology, and totally feel your pain!

However, things only got better for me when I started voicing my concerns to my HR and supervisor. I realized that patient care was too much for me, and I was doing more harm than good to both myself and the patients. I eventually got transferred out to a more stable enviornment. I’m happy as ever, but whenever I look back, I realize that never myself in my previous position…always driving home in tears after my shift, completely frustrated and defeated. I was emotionally drained, physically tired, and mentally checked out.

In short – Don’t let your work-life affect your whole-life, especially in this season of your life! This is easier to say than to do, but I will encourage you to take baby steps to improve your situation. If you aren’t able to confide with your superiors, try venturing out for new options. Who knows what you’ll find! 

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That totally sucks!! 🙁  People should not be mean to others helping them!

I have cried at my job, yes.  Once because one of the carpenters said something really sexist and rude and mean.  Once because I asked a supervisor a question via email, and they emailed back that I was unprofessional and rude…CC’ing my supervisor, my supervisor’s supervisor, and a bunch of people.  Nothing ever came of it. 

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Working with animals, sick animals, you cry…a lot sometimes. 🙁

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Ugh yes I have cried at my job a few times. I can’t help it, I’m highly emotional and when I get angry, upset or stressed my face goes red hot and the tears just well up. I think ‘oh shit, here they come’ 

Luckily it hasn’t been in a meeting or infront of people. 

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@AcheneMalefic:  It’s fascinating to me how rude patients are to everyone but the doctor. I go into the visit with the doctor, so I see them before, during and after their visits. They are so snippy with the processor, they are so rude to people if they need to ask questions, and then they are a peach to the doctor. Then they come out and bitch to whoever about how long their wait was. As if that person had something to do with it. UGH. I feel your pain. And I’m so sorry.

To answer your question, no, my job has never made me cry. My last one did though!

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I have cried at my job several times. Sadness over stuff the kids I work with have gone through, sadness when a kid is discharged and I’m fearful it won’t be a successful discharge (I work in residential care), and days when I just have too much falling on my shoulders and am fearful of getting into trouble or looking bad for something that wasn’t my fault. (A stack of my paperwork went missing and my coworker responsible for filing told my supervisor I never gave it to her. It looked like I was months behind, and two weeks later it turned up in another office as someone had mistakenly taken it with them when they picked up other stuff.

I think a big part is that most people can’t see outside their own perspective to look at the situation clearly and validate where the other person is coming from. It is a two way street though. I think back to my ultrasound when I was pregnant with DS. I was so upset because the tech was rude and rushed. I wish that I had said “I understand that you are busy and do this all the time, but this is my first time seeing my baby and it is a huge deal to me. Can you please explain x and y to me.” I think it could have reminded her that just because she does ultrasounds all day, every day, for first time moms, this is a HUGE deal and she could stand to be a bit softer.

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