(Closed) Has your luggage ever been lost by an airline?

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    Sugar bee
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    First of all, getting yoru luggage lost really doesn’t happen that much, so try not to worry!

    I’ve never had my luggage lost, and I’ve traveled extensively, but my Fiance has had his luggage temporarily lost TWICE! Both with United.

    If they do misplace your luggage, they will search for it and most likely find it within a day or two. Since you’ll be on a cruise, as you say, there’s no way they can deliver it to you. You would likely be able to pick it up from the airport after you come back from your cruise.

    I would recommend packing some of each person’s stuff in each suitcase, that way if one suitcase were to get lost, you would at least each have a couple of outfits.

    Also, you aren’t entitled to any money, unfortunately, unless they actually permanently lose your bag (which is VERY rare). But if you bother them enough about it, they will give you a flight voucher, usualy for $100-200, depending on how inconvenienced you were.

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    They lost my bags once.  I changed flights and my luggage went on a cross country trip.  But I changed flights. I’ve flown a ton, used to fly multiple times a week and that’s the only time my luggage has been lost. The airline delivered it to me the next morning at my hotel. I always put several days of essentials into my carryon (you can each have two: a personal (like your purse or computer  bag) and an overlead). Not to worry,  only one percent of luggage gets lost. 

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    To play it safe, pack a carry on with the neccesities.  As a rule of thumb, any medicines or things you HAVE to have should not be packed in a checked bag.


    I’ve never had a bag lost, but I’m a frequent traveler and I pack light (9 times out of 10 I don’t ever check a bag). I realize not checking a bag is probably impossible on your homeymoon, so think rationally- You’re going on a tropical vacation- I’d make sure I threw at least a swim suit (for each of you) and 1 change of clothes in a carry on approved rollerboard.


    Your chances of having luggage ‘lost’ signifigantly increase if you miss a connection, or if your flight is delayed coming in (they don’t have time to get the luggage off one plane onto the other before taking off)  How tight are your connections? 


    I wouldn’t stress over this, if you’re checking a bag it’s 100% out of your control.  Check that bag, grab yourself a drink and enjoy the start of your honeymoon.


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    I travel a lot (often internationally) and the only time my luggage was ever temporarily lost was when I had to be rerouted due to a winter snow storm. My flights were cancelled and changed so many times during a 24 hour period, that I actually ended up expecting there to be a problem. I really wouldn’t worry about it though if I were you! Out of my hundreds of flights, I only had a problem that one time. (knock on wood)

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    Honey bee
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    Fiance and I never have, and we have flown a lot (mostly internationally) with many layovers. I wouldn’t stress about it because it is so unlikely.

    The worst though was when I I flew from Phoenix to Washington Dulles, then to Senegal and on to Johannesburg, then to East London (South Africa). I was told my bag would go all the way to East London, but that was not the case. When in Johannesburg, we were told to get our bag and re-check it. Well, we had already gone through customs. We wondered around for ages, asking anyone who worked at the airport how we could get our bags. Eventuall we found them outside the customs gate just sitting in a pile on the floor in the middle of a walkway. Anyone could have grabbed the bag or sifted through it just lying there! This was a pretty unusual case though. No American airline would do this, hopefully.

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    @Stace126:  I travel ton and my luggage has only been “lost” once. I don’t remember exactly what happened but I think our flight was delayed or cancelled so we got on a different airline. Obviously when we got back there was no luggage which we knew would happen. They delivered it to our house at like 4 am when it finally arrived at the airport. 

    I have missed connecting flights plenty of times and never had an issue with lost luggage. They’re all tagged to go to a specific airport so eventually they will get there!  I never pack ckothes Ina carry on just in case but go for it if it makes you feel better!

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    Mine wasn’t “lost” but it definitely didn’t get onto the same plane I did. I was coming back from Romania, and I had to run through the airport (after landing late and waiting in customs forever) to make it on my next flight. I pretty much knew immediately that there was no way my luggage was making it on the flight.

    But it was delivered to my house the next day, safe and sound. I don’t think you’ll have a problem, tbh. My dad flies internationally frequently, and I think he may have had lost luggage once or twice. Just try to bring as many essentials as you can in your carry on. 


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    I’ve never really lost a bag, but a few times my luggage wasn’t there when I arrived at my destination.  Each time, the airline delivered it to my location within 24 hours.  

    Pack a change of clothes in your carry on, and you’ll be fine. 

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    Our luggage was “lost” as we were going on a cruise. They actually found and delivered our luggage at the next port so we got it a day later 🙂 and we lucked out, because they weren’t sure if they would find our luggage, they were willing to allow us to spend up to $500 each to replace our items and they would reimburse us for it. 

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    It’s worth flying the day before your cruise. You get a day for any lost luggage to turn up. Most lost bags are found within 24 hours. More importantly it gives you a day extra to get there. I’d be way more worried about weather or a maintenance problem making my flight land late!

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    I had my luggage “lost” when we were in the Florida Keys. They had it delivered the next day. 

    My friend recently had her luggage lost when she travelled to Europe for a cries. The airline actually delivered it to the ship at one of the ports. She was only without her luggage for 2-3 days. 

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    Once, coming home from my honeymoon. It was delivered to me the next day, so not too bad. 

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    I’ve never had my bags lost indefinitely, never to show up be returned again

    But I have travelled and had them go AWOL (as in to some other place than the city I am in)

    And I’ve had them not make a flight I’m on (or be delayed in my transfer city)

    So I’ve gone on more than one occasion a day or two without my baggage.  And it sucks (and it causes me unneeded stress / worry)

    And ya, that is why I never pack anything valuable in my suitcase… and have some necessities to get by for a day or two in my carry on… especially so if I am doing a flight with connections (an extra set of clothes, undies or two, pjs etc)

    On the bright side the Airlines will usually bring the bags to you… than you having to go back to airport to pick them up

    When it comes to Cruises, whether they forward the bags onto you (and your next port of call) depends a lot on a few elements:

    1- Which airline and if they fly to the next port of call (some airlines don’t give a damn, some are better than others in this regard)

    2- If you bought your airfare thru the Cruise Company (ie Royal Caribbean uses Choice Air Group)

    3- And if you bought Travel Insurance that included Luggage Protection (read your policy)

    Agree with @howsweetitis: this is precisely when we cruise we pack our stuff intermingled… his & mine between two suitcases, and not just one each designated as HIS & MINE

    As well, to be perfectly honest, as an experienced cruiser, just like Horseradish  I prefer to not fly on the same day I depart… I like to fly / get in a day ahead of time.  For so many reasons… and this is one of them.  If something goes amiss, I have 24 hours aprox to get things back on track

    As for what will happen if your luggage and you don’t catch up until the end of the cruise …

    Well as stated, the airlines normally won’t do much for you.

    You have things a bit better if you have Travel Insurance and are able to at least be covered for some expenses.

    There are stories on Cruise Critic about Cruisers this whole scenario has happened to… attitude is EVERYTHING in each case.

    You have to be able to laugh it off to a great extent !!

    Ships have very little aboard to choose from if you need to rebuild your wardrobe… and what they do have is expensive (captive tourist audience).  Ashore in port you’ll end up focussed on this… versus out having a good time… and that sucks too.  And again, anything bought on a small Caribbean Island for example is going to be expensive, and relatively little choice.

    Hope this helps,


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    Sugar bee
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    Yes, I have had my luggage lost more than once.  But I have also flown MANY MANY times, typically with layovers, often internationally. That being said, the bags have always shown up in the next day or so (but that doesn’t help if you’re on a cruise). Having a layover, particularly a tight one, increases your chances of having your bags lost.  However, the vast majority of the time, you will be just fine.  It’s recommended that you each take a bag and pack half your stuff in each, so that way if one bag gets lost you both still have half your stuff.  And make sure any vital things (passports, medications, one set of clothes, etc) are in your carry-on.

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