(Closed) Has your SO ever had surgery/been hospitalized?

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My Fiance has sleep apnea. He uses a CPAP machine at night while sleeping, but even before he started using that (about 3 years ago), he had (what I like to call) a nose-job. Basically he had a deviated septum, and they repaired it..
On top of that, he had a hernia a few years back that had to be repaired..

The only thing I could do for him is make sure he was comfortable. He had to refrain from lifting anything larger/heavier than a bag of sugar, so I took on all the houeshold chores for a week-and-a-bit.. I did all the cooking.. I did all the parental stuff, etc.

He now has another hernia (this one in a different area, and more severe), and will be getting that repaired in the future.. but, I’m sure I can handle it, lol.

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So far in the time we’ve been together he hasn’t had surgery or been hospitalized. However he is getting wisdom teeth surgery this summer and it’ll be his first time under anesthesia. I’m a little worried about that even though it is routine. 

When he was in college however he contracted shingles and was in the hospital for a day or two. He says he was in so much pain that he wouldn’t wish that on anybody. He has a chance of getting it again when he’s older and I’m not looking forward to that if it happens. 

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my Fiance had cancer last year. he had to have emergency surgery, removing his one of his testes and the whole tract. He was out of work for 4 weeks, and I took 1 week off to care for him, then went back to work and worked over time nad brought work home with me and used a lap desk to be next to him. I am greatful that my mother came and helped for about 2 days during this time. I did however during this time take a small shopping trip..( he needed new loose fitting clothes)shopping ALWAYS helps!!!! 

 I got thru it by having everything organized and neat. I had a dry erase board with his medication schedule on it, so we can track when he last took meds an when he can take again ( those take for pain if needed meds). We had made up several ice packs and rotated them when needed and  I had set up a tray in the bedroom next to his side of the bed with all things he would need in arms reach as well as books and magazines.

I will tell you B12 is a good natural way for energy.

The main thing that got us thru was laugther, i dressed stuffed animals as nurses and he called me his cheerleader… even tho we were both terrified of the outcome, we kept jokes and laughter! When several weeks after we got that he was finally all clear of cancer.. i got him a tee that said ” I kicked testicular cancer in its ball!”He loved it.

Good luck, you are already thru the worst and you have each other…. just breathe and when you wake each day you will see that you are getting thru it without you even knowing it!

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My SO broke his hand over the summer, he didn’t think it was broke and waited 2 weeks to go to the doctor. Because he waited so long he had to have surgery. I’m in nursing school/have worked in a hospital, but its different seeing someone you care about in that position. My macho man had suddenly become dependent on others…I stayed strong for him, but got a little teary eyed when I called my mom to give her updates. I took a couple days off work and just did everything I could to make him comfortable!

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My Fiance had thyroid cancer and he had to have two surgeries. First one was to get his thyroid removed and 2nd one was to get the remaining cancerous lymph nodes removed. I accompanied him everyday to his external radiation appts for 5 wks after the surgeries were done.

This was years ago and he’s been ok so far. I’m hoping he’s in the clear.

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Fiance was in the hospital this past summer with an extreme version of the flu. It was hard and scary taking care of him when he came home! He is getting his wisdom teeth out Friday, so I’ll be home with him then, too. I know these arent as big as a major surgery but it can be stressful taking care of someone else, especially when they are in pain and you can’t always do a whole lot for them!

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Only when he put his car in the ditch, he was only in the hospital for a day as he didn’t break anything. But he was unable to work for almost a year due to damage it caused his back and neck, he got extreme migranes. He is still suffering from it 6 years later, though it is much better. It was a tough year, especailly since it was the first year of our relationshop, it was three months after his accident that he finially quit working by doctors orders, he would go into work end up throwing up or passing out and would spend the rest of the day laying in the dark.

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My husband has never had any kind of major surgery like that while we’ve been together, but I can only imagine how scary it is. I had one…my D&C when I had my missed miscarriage, and he said it was the scariest hour of his life. Just knowing that there’s nothing you can do but wait, and trust the surgeon to take care of the one person you love more than anything. I’m not looking forward to the day where I have to wait for my Darling Husband to come out of surgery. 

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My SO broke his hand in college (stupid competitive boys with too much beer)…and the way it broke, he had to have surgery to have rods and pins put in. Since we were away from all his family, I was the one to take care of him- even had to talk to the doctor after the surgery for them to tell me everything. He get’s crabby when he is sick or whatever….so this wasn’t super enjoyable. And he hated doing his physical therapy so I had to make him do that too!

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SO’s been in the hospital three times since we started dating.

1-Had a seizure over our first Christmas as a couple (spent it seperately) and dislocated his shoulder. It hasn’t been his only seizure (epileptic) but the others haven’t had near as bad side affects.

2-Last winter, we had to go to the ER for abdominal pains. Turned out to be kidney stones.

3-Six months later (same weekend his mom passed) we go back to the ER for different abdominal pains that were also due to kidney stones. This time he had to stay overnight so they could surgically remove the stones. I broke down when they said ‘overnight.’ It had been a LONG weekend!

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