Has your taste in jewelry changed over the years?

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Helper bee
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For me, I think my taste in jewelry has changed from wearing bolder pieces to wearing simpler pieces of jewelry.  I do think my taste has evolved over the years.  Although I cherish all my jewelry that I’ve collected over the years, I find that now, I’m gravitating towards wearing simpler and fewer pieces.   I did just recently got a padparadscha for my 20th anniversary and have been so excited to post pics of it here, but there are times where I actually prefer to wear no other rings except  my simple rosegold wedding band, and that’s quite a difference for me from even just 5 years ago.  I also used to love all different styles and varieties of earrings – big hoops,small hoops, dangles, etc I wore all kinds, but now, I’m just fine with only wearing my diamond or pearl studs, (but mostly my diamond studs).   l do still love to dress it up with the jewelry for fancier occasions, but on the whole, I feel that I’ve gravitated to simpler pieces.

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Buzzing Beekeeper

My taste hasn’t changed, I still love dainty/classic pieces. But what has changed is that I don’t wear as much on a day to day basis. I only wear my engagement ring and small diamond studs these days.

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Busy bee
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I get engaged with 3 stones ring cause I hate solitaire so muchh!

Now I’m longing for one lol..

Still didn’t like yellow gold though.

As for brand, loving the tiffany knife edge. Have look to some other brand but it’s not the same. The tiffany one is so sleek and elegant!! But still cannot justify the price, sooo….

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Busy bee

Kind of but not really. I used to wear some white gold but now I almost never wear it because yellow gold suits my skin tone better (rose gold is ok as well). I still like marquise stones but I also discovered antique cuts (OMC, OEC, transitional) that I now prefer over round brilliants. Still dislike pave and most halos. I prefer simple over flashy.

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I wore yellow gold in middle school (just earrings and a little birthstone ring my mom gave me). By the time high school rolled around, white gold was IN, yellow was OUT.  My mom bought me a white gold ring for my 16th birthday.  I stopped wearing yellow gold and started seeing it as outdated, 80s, old lady, etc.  I swore up and down I would never find yellow gold appealing ever again.

Just recently purchased a thick yellow gold RHR and I’m totally in love with it.

Ah, to be young again and so sure of oneself. ๐Ÿ˜‚

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Bee Keeper
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I’ve always liked solitaires the best, no matter the size or stone type. But once I discovered chunky antique cushions and OMCs, it was over!!! ๐Ÿ˜ 

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bezelbee :  

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Worker bee
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bezelbee :  Love this post! I’ve been kind of wanting to vent about my perspective change. This is marriage #2 for me…the first time I wanted diamonds, big wedding, blah blah…and while the ring was beautiful and the wedding was grand and everyone was super impressed…on the inside the marriage sucked, was emotionally abusive and ended after 6.5 short years. 

This time? I dropped hint after hint to my FH that I wanted a non-diamond e-ring. In the end, he proposed with a beautiful diamond..and, after crying like a baby – he’s so sweet – I very sweetly and sheepishly asked him if we could exchange the stone. At first, he didn’t understand. Why wouldn’t I want a diamond? A big pretty one? I told him it was because I just wanted something more ethically sourced, but honestly…it’s because most of the time (in my previous marriage), my exH never wore his rings – he could have cared less and would use them as a weapon to hurt my feelings (i.e. not wearing them when he went out with his “co-workers” or “friends”), I barely wanted to wear mine because they just didn’t respresent anything – our vows weren’t being respected – I think I even threw them once in a defeated and disappointed rage. The “natural” and “genuine” origins and “clarity” of the stones really and truly just didn’t matter to me as the marriage began to run dry. I just wasn’t happy.

I am now a happy owner of a .80ct moissy solitaire set in white gold, the classic original one.

BUT! I do get really excited for the excitement of others.  I don’t think anyone’s marriage is doomed if you do spend thousands and your ring is worthy of an award! That certainly isn’t the case. I just mean that, for me, I was focused on the wrong things the first time, swayed by wanting to impress others and having a big bad pretty ring that nobody can deny lol! and now, 10 years and a much better guy later…just happy to be with my best friend ๐Ÿ™‚

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Sugar bee
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I’m really sorry you fell prey to the nonsense when you first started looking. I’d hate the idea of that. For me it was sort of the opposite. I had never owned a piece of jewellery with any value before and never a ring. Jewellery just wasn’t an interest. I wanted an ethical stone upon engagement and DH and I searched for months trying to find a ring that was fair trade. We didn’t trust the Kimberley Process and other sites that looked better were around $15k for a very boring (to me) solitaire ring. I was willing to forgo the e ring and just get a simple wedding band. But then we found a high quality vintage/antique jeweller. The rings were so interesting and I loved the detail of the bands so we decided to buy from there.

I wanted a small stone. I knew nothing about what my national average was, I was just going by sight. I was determined to get one with an interesting mount or nothing at all. I pushed past the bigger stones searching for character until I found the perfect art deco filigree ring. I was so thrilled, as was DH (even though he regrets saying in the shop that he thought it looked like a TV – OEC round stone in a squarish setting. He’s so embarrassed because he loves it now!).

I wore it with pride only for people to keep commenting about the diamond. It’s around a carat. I was asked if it was real – I didn’t understand the question (not knowing jack about synthetic stones). The comments kept coming and I kept trying to get people to look at the gorgeous engravings but no – diamond = wow! I didn’t get it so I looked up my national average which is .3. Bugger. I didn’t get a ‘small’ stone after all. I hadn’t even LOOKED at the stone through the loupe. I didn’t think of it as my ring, just the mount was. I was disinterested but at least I understood. But it’s antique so I couldn’t change the size of the stone even if I’d wanted to – it’s a one of a kind deal. I pushed past the catty remarks and learnt to love my diamond too, which was a plus!

Now, six years and several antique rings later my tastes are the same but I’m getting more adventurous as I don’t have to think about a ring I’ll wear daily. I have some with gold because sometimes that suits my clothing and other jewellery better. I just bought a 9 carat zircon which rubies and diamonds on the mount for my forthcoming 5th anniversary. This ring is big and it’s high set and one cannot miss it! So I too have learnt to give less of a f**k about what other people may think and I just choose what I love. I used to be effected by judgement even though I’d still do what I wanted. I spent all my f**ks upon engagement so now I am free and happier.

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Bumble bee

I have grown bored with my solitaires and will just save those to give to my kids for engagement rings or to redesign as I don’t wear them much at all anymore. I am far more into gemstones and vintage navettes and unique clusters. I love art nouveau and deco pieces and always liked jewellery that is unusual, whether it be modern and sculptural or antique.

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Helper bee
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My taste has definitely changed. I used to be all about the homemade hemp and puka shells ๐Ÿ˜‚

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