Hated my hair and makeup trial (pics)

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Busy bee

Im not an expert on these things but I’ll share my experience. 

I did NOT like my hair/makeup trial. I would have been VERY unhappy if thats how I looked on my wedding day. 

For my actual wedding day I was very specific about what I liked and what I didnt like and my stylist was wonderful. She listened carefully and did exactly what I asked and I ended up very happy with the look on my wedding day. 

So I would say… did you tell her what you liked and didnt like, very specifically? Did she seem willing/able to make the changes? This might be salvagable. Maybe request a 2nd trial, no cost, since you are unsure.

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Helper bee
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Did you say anything is question 1? Because I was very vocal – I just treated it like a discussion – lots of – I like it but that needs to be thinner – ummmm no I don’t like that colour – and so on and so forth. None of it was rude – we all have different tastes and this was about them finding out what mine were! We wiped about 7 lipsticks off before I said – I’m just going to wear my normal lippy if you can add some shimmer to it – she completely agreed. It was a lovely day, we had a good giggle and I ended up with what I wanted but I wouldn’t have if I had just given her a photo and sat there and let her do it. 

Most people want you to be happy with their work. Just have an honest chat about what you like and don’t like and avoid saying you think they are crap! The side shot of your hair is rather lovely…. I think the back looks a mess if I’m being honest – although could be salvaged by popping a flower in it in a crisis! Good luck! 

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Oof, ok, that eye makeup is NOT GOOD. The face and lip looks good to me, but the eye makeup is so far off from your inspo.

Serious question on why she didn’t use liquid eyeliner /a wing. And you said “darker for evening,” but to me the shadow doesn’t look evening or more dramatic, it just looks like the next shade darker which is… like, sure, you said” darker for evening” but what I’d actually do if it were me is basically leave the lid shade the same and vamp up the other shadows and shapes, bc the contrast between the colors is what’s going to make it pop. 

If you’re going with a different place, just be sure to find another place you actually feel more confident in before breaking up with this one. 

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Busy bee
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I think the hair looks okay, but agree with another PP who said it looks like she botched the texture by teasing it way too much. It also looks a lot tighter than the inspiration picture. 

Makeup….. well, I could’ve done a better job on your makeup than that artist. Tooting my own horn here, but I’ll dabble in YouTube stuff, I’ve done wedding makeup for fast cash with my amatuer collection and I know for a fact I could do better makeup than that. The inspiration picture you showed clearly had liquid or gel eyeliner and it looks like she used a freaking pencil and smudged it….. like wth?! I also don’t think the eyeshadow colors are even remotely similar. 

I would speak to a manager of the company and express how you were not pleased and try to get with a different artist for hair. Perhaps you could supply the makeup supplies you want in the shade and colors you want and she can use them? Only if she doesn’t have anything you are liking. 

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cobee5150 :  You are beautiful OP, I feel like this should have been an easy job! I actually think your hair trial is better than your makeup. Your shadow is nothing like the inspo pick and the liner is thick dark gray pencil when it should have been thin black liquid. She could have done a lot more contouring and blending. I think your hair looks pretty and looks similar to the photo to me except a bit messier/flatter. I’ve never heard of something using a piece of foam for volume, my stylist always backcombs and if my hair is too heavy to hold a style, she’ll tie some in a pony and hide it in the hairdo. I would call the manager and see what they recommend, but I’d lean towards cancelling your contract. I dont think you should lose your deposit since they are unable to fulfill their end of the contract. I also agree that 1 hair and 1 MUA is NOT enough for 7 people. hair should take 1 hour per person, so unless you have a late wedding and are starting very early, you need more people. 

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Helper bee
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I agree with PPs that I’d be more upset with the makeup look! That dark, smudged liner is nothing like the photo you showed! I would insist that the owner provide another stylist to do another no-cost trial for you, or refund your deposit. Check your contract for “failure to perform” or another similar clause if she pushes back. If they can’t perform the work as contracted, they are in breach and you should be entitled to your deposit back. I would give them another chance to fix it before going in with that though.

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I also did not like my hair trial, and it fell out within like an hour. So I was freaking out. I called the stylist and she redid my trail for free. If I were you, I’d call the company back and make a decision based on how they respond. I would tell them that you didn’t like either look, that you tried to tell the stylist during the trial that it wasn’t full enough and she didn’t do anything to fix it there, and that you are concerned with the amount of time you took that you wouldn’t be able to fit all 7 people in the time  you have allotted. See what they say. If they give you another trial for free with a different stylist, try that and see if you like it. If they tell you that it will be fine, or make you pay for another trial, then I would sacrifice the deposit (well at least try to ask for some of it to be refunded) and find someone else. Sorry bee! 

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Honestly, I would tell her youre very unhappy with the outcome and send her pics compared to the inspiration.  Say, i paid for the trial but would like my money back from the deposit…If she says no, I would let her know that you plan to post the pictures on her social media as a poor review

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They did not follow the inspo pics at all. But I will say that those are also probably professional photos with great lighting and sometimes they fix “imperfections” that you would have not seen in real life. You are beautiful and I think you can find a MUA that does better work! 

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Isn’t the whole point of a trial supposed to be when you decide whether the MUA/stylist is the right match for you? That’s why they’re often paid for trials too, so no one’s time is ultimately wasted! At the end of the day, we can all comment on whether we think it’s good or bad, but what matters is how you feel about it, and you don’t like it! Definitely speak to the owner to see if you can try someone else. That’s such a weird set up where you feel like you are trapped and at risk of losing money – so bad! Hair and make up is such a personal thing. 

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FWIW I had a similar inspiration picture (ended up going with a different style) and my hair stylist mentioned that I needed extensions to get that look – for thickness/volume, not length. 

I would go with the previous suggestion to try to get your money back or just eat the deposit and go to a new person, but if that doesn’t work it might be something to look into.

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