(Closed) Haunted House??? Or Just Haunted Stuff? You Decide!

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  • poll: Haunted or Not? What would you do?

    Yup, totally haunted, get an old priest and a young priest

    Uhhh, maybe just a paranormal belch, this too will pass.

    Not even remotely haunted, get a grip, totally explainable

    Pshhhh! That's not even scary! Listen to this!

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    GroovyHippieChick:   The ouija board was a Victorian parlour game, and for decades after its invention in 1890 it was seen as a harmless way to have fun. I believe its so-called “evil” reputation is a result of Hollywood fabrications, urban legends, mass hysteria, and religious paranoia, which has a bit of a history in the US.

    There is not a single documented case of anybody being harmed by using a ouija board despite numerous claims, rumours, panicky Internet advice, and hear-say stories! One of my colleagues at uni (I teach sociology) has done extensive research into the formation of superstitious, magical, and paranormal beliefs, which gives me a bit of an insider’s perspective into this topic — albeit from an academic angle. I would not say that I am a total disbeliever in anything supernatural, but I am not superstitious and I approach things with a rational mind and a healthy dose of skepticism.

    Is it possible that somebody was badly frightened or that something bad happened to somebody somewhere? Of course, it is, but there is absolutely no evidence that the ouija board is to blame. I dare say that the same thing would have happened had he/she not played with the board. I have never seen a case of proven causality, and until I do I am convinced that this is much ado about nothing!   

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    Persephone:  Noted…  I just keep wondering a few things.  Why would someone have such an attachment to anything material that they feel is causing so much unease in their life?  I’m saying if these things actually do cause problems why would the OP not let go of these things and even talk of giving these things to her daughter?  I would never want something that made me feel uneasy, freightened or crappy.  

    And as far as the ‘it opens doors’ theory…  Again, why have something like that?  Why won’t that girls sister let go of the damn bookcase?  Is it that beautiful?  Or is there some unhealthy attachment to it?  I’m thinking the attachment that girl has to the bookcase does not sound cool to me.  

    The thing is if there really is something there why are people laughing it off which I feel the OP is doing?  She claims to be responsible for these items but she kinda talks to a medium about it.  What???  What ever happened to calling a priest and getting the house blessed?  I guess my BIG problem is why aren’t people more active in trying to take care of these problems?  If I had pictures coming down off walls and burners coming on, thats not funny or cute.

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    I don’t know if I have any answers to your questions as I am not the OP. I, too, have many antiques and vintage items — some in better shape than others — which I inherited from various relatives and ancestors, and I don’t get rid of them, because I feel they provide a link to my past…and because I may be a packrat. I suppose one could call my attachment to a three-legged table unhealthy, but it’s a Chippendale table that belonged to my great-great-grandmother on my father’s side, and I just need to get that fourth missing leg fixed. It will happen soon! Of course, I’ve been saying that for several years now.

    Perhaps she simply really likes the bookcase and it serves an aesthetic and practical purpose in her home?

    Personally, I don’t believe there is anything supernatural involved, and perhaps OP doesn’t really think so either, which is why she’s laughing it off. Or perhaps she uses the lightheartedess to compensate for a sense of unease? Only she would know. I’ve had pictures fall off walls, too, but I just blame shoddy nails and hanging fixtures. The only professional I’d phone in for that problem would be a handyman.

    Speaking of professionals, I placed an emergency call to British Gas this morning, since my gas cooker had a malfunction where one of the burners would not come on when I twisted the knob, but would then randomly light up to 15 minutes later. It turned out that there was a tiny leak which caused an insufficient gas supply and a malfunction in the electric circuit, hence the electrician. I had only noticed it for about two days, but according to the man from the gas company the leak had been going on for some time.



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