(Closed) Have a tattoo you regret getting?

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  • poll: Do you have a tattoo you regret?
    No, I have no tattoos. : (19 votes)
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    No, I love all my ink. : (36 votes)
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    I used to regret my tattoo but I like it now, or don't mind it. : (3 votes)
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    I used to love/like my tatto but now I don't like it. : (10 votes)
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    I have hated a tattoo of mine right from the start. : (3 votes)
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    I have more than one tattoo I regret. : (6 votes)
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    I have a paw print on my wrist, a bird on the small of my back with “hope” written under it, and a heart on my foot. They all have special meaning…the paw for my love of animals, the hope bird for my favorite quote, and the heart for the meaning of my name. I got my first at 18, my second at 21, and my third and final at 25. I thought long and hard before getting them, made sure they had meaning, and made sure they were easy to cover if needed. 

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    I have a phoenix on my right leg that I got when I was 20 and I love it, always have.

    I have a huge tattoo between my shoulder blades of a star that I got when I was 22 and I hate it. I’m considering getting it covered up.

    I am 27 now.

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    I love my ink, but I guess I regret the location? I have two tattoos and want at least two more. However, I originally wanted the second one on my hip, but I was afraid it would hurt too much (being right over the hipbone), so I got it on my stomach just above the hipbone. Now I worry about what it will look like during/after a future pregnancy :-/

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    Yes, I have a small one on my hipbone that I plan on getting removed. I got it at 18 just to get a tattoo and it has no meaning. I don’t “hate” it, but I don’t love it either. So yeah.

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    I have the looney tunes penguin on my left foot. I got it after my Fiance proposed at the penguin encounter at Moody Gardens. I have always loved penguins, note why he proposed with a penguin, this just gave me a great reason to finally get it with a really good meaning.

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    I like all of mine.

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    Yep, I regret all of them. I waited til I was 21 to get any ink. I’m in my 30’s now and I just simply changed my mind about what I want on my body. I don’t hate other people’s tattoos, I just don’t want mine anymore.

    Essentially I have 5 tattoos, although some of them have been covered or modified at some point. The one on my foot is just bad. It was my first, and it just turned out bad looking, poor coloring, etc. Side note- there is nothing in the world more painful than having a tattoo lasered off of your toe. It feels like a flaming hot scalpel slicing into your un-anesthetized flesh.

    So I’m having the 3 small ones lasered all at once. I may or may not get the mid sized one on my back removed. It’s not too bad, and I never have to look at it anyway. I’m dreading the laser on my big one, although getting that particular tattoo didn’t hurt at all; I’m just not looking forward to having a giant laser burn to heal 6-8 times.

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    I don’t regret what I got done but where its at and how big it is. My tattoo is the name of a song on my shoulder blade. I’ve had a lot of people comment “What does that say?” Or “Was that a drunken mistake” etc. I say No it wasn’t and really it doesn’t bother me that they don’t understand my ink but I get tired of having to explain it. I wish I would have gotten it smaller and on my wrist or ankle or some place not so visible. I even went to anoher tattoo artist and had some musical notes put around it but it still draws a lot of questions and negative attention. I’m thinking about having it covered with another tattoo and getting the name of the song put elsewhere..

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    I’d always wanted a tattoo. When people were getting them in college, I wanted one badly, but couldn’t commit to a design. I got my first, and only, at 33. I also had “rules” for where it could be 🙂 

    1) the first thing people ask when they find out you have a tattoo is “can I see it?” So it had to be in a place I could easily show. 

    2) I had to be able to see it

    3) it had to be some where that would not change drastically over the next 50 years. 

    Sosa that left me with knees down or elbows down 🙂

    i got a quote from A Midsummer Night’s Dream with fairy wings. I’m an English teacher and total Shakespeare geek so its perfect for me. 

    I’ve never regretted it





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    Oh, I was really worried when I started to think about getting tattoos. I was 15 when I considering getting my tattoos – I started getting tattoos 2 years ago, when I was 28. So it took me 13 years to figure out what I wanted to put on my body, But I love both of them as they have so much meaning to me.

    I would never out of an impulse getting a tattoo. My sleeve took me a year to plan, but I have been most consistent with the elements and details. And no, I would never regret them, it’s such a beautiful piece of art that I would never part with. 

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    I still like all mine, I just wish I had thought out the location of one a little better… It’s from Shelley Jackson’s Skin Project, it’s




    Just like that.  It’s on the inside of my ankle, about an inch and a half tall, in retrospect I would’ve gotten it down lower below my ankle bone on the webbing around my heel (yes it would’ve hurt, but for ten seconds. The thing literally took 20 minutes).  Where it is, I have to explain it too often when people see it and that’s what’s annoying about it.

    I also have a little pink star on my hip, for a friend who passed away in high school, and white ink cherry blossoms on my foot which I absolutely love even though they don’t really have meaning, per say. They’re just freakin’ pretty. 

    I don’t know if I’ll get any more.  There’s a lot of other things I want to spend my money on right now. But if I do get another, it’ll be white ink, definitely. I just love the way it looks, and it works on my skin because I’m good and pale.

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    @Glasgowbound:  Oh, I love this. I LOVE Midsummer.

    I have nine tattoos. I regret six of them. Two because of what they are, and the other four because they’re just really bad quality. I went to a great shop at the time, highly rated, loved the environment, but the work, at least on me, was just not good. I loved the things at the time, but unfortunately, I was also young (I got my first tattoo at 16). I found a different, much better shop recently, but I can’t afford to spend money on coverups of something that almost no one sees. They’d be huge anyway. :

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    I have six tattoos, one of which I regret and am getting removed. I’ve averaged about one tattoo per year since age 19 and am now 26. The one I regret is about three years old, but I knew it was a mistake almost as soon as I got it. I’ve never regretted any of my other tattoos. They all have great significance to me, and I will probably get more in the future.

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