(Closed) Have any Bees considered giving up alcohol?

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@linnylou_88:  I like to call January my detox month.  1. because the holidays are always so indulgent and I drink more than normal and 2. everyone else is on new years resolution diets etc so nothing fun happens in January anyway.

Do people think it’s weird? Not really. At least where I live, people are always trying detoxes and cleanses.  I always get the random friend who tries to lure me to the dark side, but more in a fun way than anything else.  Then again, if you’re married people start wondering if you’re “with child”— so I will probably not do any detoxes then so I don’t get mistaken for preg lol

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I don’t drink, but I was always a lightweight and got sick.  Some people do think it’s very strange, but I don’t do it for religious or moral reasons.  My tolerance for puking in random places decreased considerably once I turned 30.

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Yes *sigh*  My husband and I are quitting for several months starting January… We both probably drink too much, so we’re going to give it up for a while, before it gets to where we can’t give it up. 

Most of our friends also like to party, so I think it’ll be kinda hard and annoying. I also am not looking forward to people speculating that I’m pregnant…. My husband and I were together for a LONG time before we finally got married and we’re in our early 30s, so I think everyone thinks we’re going to pop out babies ASAP. 

But, we will be able to sabe a boatload of money and cut out calories, so that’ll be nice. 

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I didn’t start until I was 25 and now I am 27, going paleo, and pretty much giving it up. I am undecided on how strict I will be (as in whether it will be never) but I am pretty sure that it will be a regular habit of not drinking. We are toasting to health this New Years Eve with Fig Rose Tea!

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I haven’t given up alcohol, but I generally only drink once a month and even then it’s just a glass or two of wine. Maybe once a year I will “party drink” (2-4 cocktails) with girlfriends for special occasions but I usually regret it the next morning lol. My Fiance doesn’t drink either so I’m never very tempted.

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I’ve been thinking about doing the same thing, for religious reasons (alcohol is completely forbidden in Islam), and that usually leads to negative responses from my secular friends who drink themselves (they’re concerned about our partying ways dwindling, but they are supportive). Fiance drinks (he isn’t Muslim), but not a lot. My more religious Muslim friends are supporting the notion.


It’s just causing conflict because I have started praying/reading the Qur’an more, and I feel like it’s so wrong to do the last prayer of the day and then go out and party.

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I gave it up for a few years, and have wandered back into light social drinking, very rarely anything other than wine.  It’s just not a big priority here.  FI hates the taste of alcohol generally, and we’re gluten intolerant, so my love of beer went out the window.  So we have sweet wine for Shabbat on Fridays and occasionally have some in the fridge, often for cooking, but it’s just not something we enjoy so we don’t spend money on it.  The budget’s too tight as it is.

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I wouldn’t say that I’ve “given up” alcohol, but I do not drink very often at all. The last time I had a drink was new years eve 2012… and all I had was one of those frozen mikes hard lemonades.

Fi doesn’t drink often either, although he does drink more than me. He normally has a few shots at thanksgiving/christmas, as our families have bars in their homes.

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@lolot:  The pregnancy speculation was the first thing I thought of, too!


@linnylou_88:  I’ve not given up alcohol, but I don’t drink a ton. I think that the biggest thing is having your FI’s support, and if he doesn’t drink anyway, then that should make it a little easier on you. I’d hope you don’t get weird looks from friends and family for trying to do something good for yourself! Good luck and keep us posted!

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SO never drank. I was a heavy drinker/future alcoholic when I met him. It was bad for me and a turn off for him. He never made me feel judged for my drinking and kept alcohol around his apartment for me, but it didn’t take much brain power on my part to figure out that I needed to stop for my personal health, and that a relationship between us would not work in the long term if I continued. His parents are wonderful people but also alcoholics, so that’s why he has never had any interest in it.

Now, I have no tolerance whatsoever. Even half a beer makes me uncomfortable, so even though I like ice cold beer or champagne, I refrain from drinking completely. I have no interest in the feeling of being buzzed or drunk, and I get jelly-legs and heat and the need to urinate from just a few sips, so there’s no point.

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@linnylou_88:  sort of. We have a resolution pending to not drink at all 3-4 days out of the week in 2014. Sigh.

@lolot:  we’re the same way. This was dw’s idea and I get it…..but boo. Haha.

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@linnylou_88:  I gave up alcohol all together for about 5 years- because my son’s father is an alcoholic, so I stopped drinking to support his (supposed) sobriety.  My sister was a total bitch about it, to be quite frank.  Her and her husband drink quite frequently, and while I haven’t hung out with my sister as much I used to for years thanks to her husband, it made it even worse.  My sister and her Darling Husband never wanted to do anything with us because they never just wanted to have dinner and not drink- or they never wanted to come to our house because they’d want to drink and they didn’t want to drink and drive home.  I found it to be a huge turn-off to even try to make plans with them.  I don’t expect that they give up alcohol, but it’s like THEY didn’t EVER want to do ANYTHING with us unless alcohol was involved.  

No one else really judged me though- at all.  Now, I basically drink on “special occasions”….I drank at our rehearsal dinner/wedding (but not at my bachelorette because I was sick!), and I had wine on Christmas Eve.  But my body doesn’t recover like it used it, so at my age, it’s much preferable to NOT drink even a little LOL

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I drink SO rarely that I never really have to “give it up”. I drink enough to be tipsy/drunk maybe 3 times a year. In between I’ll have a glass of wine here and there…or a mimosa! That’s about it.

I always give it up if I’m cutting calories though lol

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I’m cutting back for health reasons. The boy has been talking about cutting back for religious reasons for months. So it looks like that will work out nicely. 

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