(Closed) Have any of you ladies dropped ring hints/ shown him your dream ring?

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Busy Beekeeper
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I’m not a waiting bee (anymore) but I totally dropped hints, openly talked about it, and we went to the jewelry store. I don’t regret it AT ALL because my ring is gorgeous and we BOTH love it. 🙂

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Yea, I’m in the same boat as AmeliaBedelia – we openly talk about it, I email him pics, etc. We haven’t gone shopping yet but plan to in the next few weeks!

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I would drop major ‘hints’ if you’d like to call them that….i basically just told him what i wanted… i’d say i want a solitaire, white gold, no side diamonds(unless they are in the band) and he listened very well!

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Busy bee
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I talked super casually about it a couple times a few years ago with no intentions of being pushy or suggestive, it was just talking.  About a year or so ago, I brought it up more realistically, but don’t really remember the context.  Most of those times were “oh!  I have an idea!” or something along those lines.  

Then he brought it up this past Sept (in the middle of a conversation about WTF should I say to people when they ask why we’re not engaged yet) in a just checking kind of way.  For some reason I had briefly changed my mind then and told him that I wanted a diamond instead of clear quartz for a center stone (they’re identical except for the hardness test).  Then I thought it through more and realized I was letting others’ expectations make me switch to diamond so I wanted him to know I really did want quartz and we could move up to diamond on our 5th wedding anniversary.  So I just told him during another discussion about marriage and he was totally on board and loves the idea of trading up!

I definitely don’t think it put too much pressure on him b/c it’s still leaving it way up to him and those convos were few and far between.  I’ve also showed him an Etsy shop once so I’m secretly hoping he’ll have our ring made from Etsy, but I definitely won’t come out and say that as I think that would be pressure for him.

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Buzzing bee

i told him what i wanted and then ended up changing my mind when we went ring shopping [it was his special surprise for me during one of our visits!]. he won’t let me live that change of heart down. as if its my fault!

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Busy bee
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We went to look at different styles at the end of January and he had me email pics of other rings that I like to give some more ideas. He knows my only real critera is that is must be white gold and a round stone, everything else is up to him. He knows which two or three rings I liked the very best so hopefully it’s one of those.

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Sugar bee

I waited till he asked. Until then the word ring wasn’t in my vocabulary. We were having a talk and he mentioned that it would be helpful if I started sending him ring ideas. I asked when. He said now if you’d like. I sent him 3 emails over a few weeks with a couple links and I’ve left it at that. Mostly because there are so many beautiful rings out there and it felt like ring overload to me, so I can’t imagine how it would feel to him. If I see something that is to die for I might email him again. But until then I’ve kinda dropped it. He was very receptive. And I can’t say I had hinted or he had either. Like the other ladies said – an open conversation is great for this situation.

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@jackndiane: Nope, in fact when confronted I did the exact opposite and denied wanting anything and REFUSED to go into any jewellery store. 

Once we were at the mall near tiffany’s, one of the only ones in my area so he wanted to take me in and I said NO!!!!! and ran away.   

We had a big talk a few nights ago, and he says this is exactly why until now he hasn’t even bothered because my actions were always so negative.    I on the other hand wasn’t against it, I just always thought when he was ready he would buy something beautiful and present it to me.  I didn’t want to make him feel on the spot if I chose something or liked someone expensive (out of his budget) in the store so I never went in. 


This is how I got myself in hot water basically, and now we’re planning a wedding at the end of this year (because I finally got tired of waiting  and said let’s just get married!!) and he’s pressued to find a ring between now and the wedding date, and I screwed up a proposal for 4 years now due to my actions. 

Just want to say, there has to be a fine balance I guess between being too blunt and actually avoiding the issue all together, so hope this doesn’t happen to anyone else out there. 

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Not only do I show the boy what I want, but his friend is a jeweler and I send pictures directly to him. I don’t think either of them particularly appreciate it, but I’m doing what I have to do Wink

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Busy bee
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I’ve been “dropping hints”… Started with leaving magazines open at ring ads, then left a printout of my “wishlist” where I knew he would see it, then left my browser open to jewelry sites when I knew he would be using the computer soon, and now I just show him pictures of rings I like and tell him what I like about them and the website where they can be purchased, lol.  Hopefully he will get my “hints.” Tongue out

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Blushing bee

Any chance you have close friends you can talk to? I have a friend who used to be a GIA grader, so it helps to ask her for professional opinion. It’s an added bonus that she has an amazing taste. I know my SO will ask her for her help and I’m thankful to have her in my life. My SO and I went ring shopping a few times in the past, but that was only to decide on the cut. I just told him I want a simple solitaire setting, but the word “simple” can mean so many things to different people. 

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Helper bee

Boyfriend or Best Friend and I talk about it openly and he knows what I like in a ring. We went ring shopping once just to look around and he asked my opinion. He hinted about us going again tomorrow and I’m a little excited. 

I didn’t drop any hints because he actually mentioned to me first that he would like to be engaged sooner rather than later so I’m just a waiting bee now. 

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Buzzing bee

We talked about it and he made a comment that he had no idea what kind of ring I wanted. I told him I’d look online and send pictures of rings that I liked and he was grateful for that. 

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Lets see, how do I begin?  I sent him multiple emails, with a million different ring styles at way different price points.  I then would call him at work for a reaction to what I had sent him.  I then stalked diamond blogs to see if he was blogging under a screen name that he commonly uses.  He had posted something asking for advice on a few diamonds he was considering.

When I finally got my ring and my mother asked me if he picked it out himself, I said, “No, I didn’t think I would like a chapel setting, but it’s beautiful”.  To which he responded, “you sent me an e-mail with that setting, what do you mean you didn’t think you would like it?”. 

I would like to close the book on this chapter of my relationship.  I felt like a bully and a maniac , but hey. it got the job done and now I’m not crying myself to sleep anymore.  Amen.

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