(Closed) have any of you other pregnant bees lost it yet?

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Sweetie, get prepared. I was a monster my whole pregnancy. I cried over food, got made over little things (especially food), and was just mean (especially when hungry). McHusband just kept snacks around so whenever I got really angry, he’d hand me something to eat. Sounds funny, but it helped. Good luck. Pregnancy is hard.

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Yes! In the 1st trimester. Darling Husband wanted to go out with his friends one night and apparently I created a big dramatic ruckus. I just remember crying and shouting out loud— i need you!!!  Not sure what for but I was very emotional and not normally so.

We have the same dishes arrangement in our house. I do them most of the time.  For some reason, Darling Husband leaving food on the plate and not rinsing it bothered me a little before. But now that I’m preggo it bothered me a lot, so much that I nagged (I’d like to think, something I rarely ever do.) him i.e. repeatedly requested he stop doing that RIGHT NOW for weeks.  I kept saying THAT’S NOT SANITARY.  He was pretty good this week. 

Oh and since I’ve been pregnant, I’m totally on him about taking the trash out now!! Every single time.  To keep the peace, I just do it or tell myself that’s OUR responsibility so I’m grateful when he actually does it.

One more thing–you said he sealed in the faults of the driveway. To him, it might have been a big deal that is what he did with his time.  I noticed this is how my hubby is ‘coping’ with the baby coming stress.  It’s his way of showing how he is ‘preparing’ in his own way.  But to me, this huge home improvement overhaul is unrelated or not priority so we used to argue.  Now we’ve both mellowed out with time.  Anyway, yes, I think it’s hormone/baby stress related and I’m sure your Darling Husband will come around as you continue to work things out. It’s such a PROCESS but will likely strengthen you all for times to come.

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girllllll. I lost it like 2039483 times when i was pregnant. Hormones take over! haha good luck.. it wont be the last time.

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In my third trimester I started yelling at total strangers!  (They deserved it, hehe.)  But I would chalk it up to hormoneez.  Have a sit down with Darling Husband and tell him that you have a hard time keeping your anger in check right now, and you’d appreciate it if he could not do [these things] which are pet peeves right now and send you off the deep end.  Explain that it’s just temporary, but you need his help so that you’ll be happy.  And when you’re happy you make endorphins.  And when you have endorphins, the baby gets them too.  So really he’s doing it for the baby!  LOL

I used that approach and it really seemed to help.  Darling Husband knew I was just crazy and he let me get away with being less polite than normal.  I was so glad when that feeling went away!

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We had a very very similar situation in our house last week. Hubby isn’t working right now either and I’m pulling atleast 9 hour days sometimes longer and one night I just snapped about how I can’t do it all and just freaked out. It was a grouchy couple of hours for both of us but then we talked and moved on. Unfortunately I’m finding out its just one of those things that we’re both going to have to adjust to over the coming months.

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Just sit down, relax, and enjoy the bumpy ride, lol.  This is one of the many “cute” stories you’ll be able to tell everyone and blame on your hormones.  Been there, done that.  You’re absolutely normal, congratulations!

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