(Closed) Have to get rid of our cats….SAD VENT

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I’m so sorry.  I understand your frustration and worry though, I would worry about the baby and the cat urine as well.

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This is so sad. I feel bad for you and your kitties, but a baby (of the human variety) definitely takes precedence over a stubborn cat. You’re making the right decision, in my opinion.

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I’m so sorry… It must be really hard for you. That’s one of my biggest worries, that one of my kitties would start acting up like that when we have a baby in the future.

Hate to add to your worries, but have you considered the fact that with her age and litterbox problem, your cat may be unadoptable? If she ends up in a shelter, she’ll probably be put to sleep eventually. Are you prepared for that? I totally understand your reasons and commend you for trying every option before giving the cats up, but still felt you should be aware of that worst case scenario before making your decision.

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I had a cat that I loved more than any cat I’ve ever had and I had to give her up for the same reason.  She never peed consistently in her litterbox.  She peed all over the damn carpets and it was making me effing crazy.  I loved her and I tried EVERYTHING to fix the problem.  I even hired a pet psychologist! But nothing worked and finally I just had to let her go. 

I found a woman who rescues cats and has an outdoor/indoor sanctuary and agreed to take her.  I still miss her so much, a year later, and sometimes I even cry about it, but it had to happen.  If she’s not peeing in her box, sometimes there’s nothing you can do about it. 

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I am soooo sorry.  I also have a cat that has an attitude problem that will pee in front of the litter box, not always in it.  By the way Natures Miracle is a lifesaver. Don’t spend your money on the other cr%p, its not like Natures Miracle.  I was going to get rid of her, Fiance fell in love with that cat.  We now have a new baby kitten and my cat is back to peeing on the floor.  This stage better end soon! 

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Buzzing bee
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I’m really, really sorry.  As an owner of two csts, I can only imagine how sad you are.  It’s admirable that you’ve tried so many things to fix the situation!  I wish I had a fix for you 🙁

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Actually, I think Simple Solutions works better. Simple Solutions was developed when there was a dispute between the Natures Miracle company and the people who developed the solution. They couldn’t resolve it, so the people who developed the solution split from Nature’s Miracle, took the patented formula with them and formed Simple Solutions. I used to use Nature’s Miracle all the time and couldn’t figure out why it had stopped working well until I discovered that. 🙂

Anyway, even as I wrote I had to suddenly get up to see where one of my cats went. I can’t get him to use the litter box to save my life, and I’m near my wit’s end, too. C has resorted to putting up barriers to keep him in the living room, where he pees on the carpet, instead of allowing him into the rest of the house, where there are hardwood floors. He’ll go in little nooks and crannies near furniture, which go undiscovered and cause black stains on our hardwood. It sucks. Not to mention not being able to walk around barefoot for fear of walking into a disgusting wet spot.

I bought a carpet shampooer because of him (Hoover SteamVac with Clean Surge, a Godsend), and we’ll have to refinish the hardwood floors. I don’t know what I will do when we have a little one crawling around someday, though. I can’t help but sympathize with what you’re going through, and I’m so sorry that it’s come to this. Especially since she’s peeing on the couch. The SteamVac with Clean Surge does have an upholstery attachment. It works really well for us, but my cat only pees on the floor so I’ve never used it to clean urine. It cleans the carpet amazingly well, though. First I run the SteamVac “dry” (no shampoo) to clean up the urine, then I shampoo the area. Maybe that’ll help a bit while you’re trying to find a new home for her?

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Buzzing bee

aw, I’m sorry 🙁 I’m sure that must be super hard. At least you can sort of rest easy knowing that it sounds like you’ve exhausted every resource you could imagine trying to solve the problem. As much as I LOVE animals, I’m definitely in the mindset that people come first, especially children. I think you are making the best choice for the cats and your family. Good luck!

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Helper bee

Have you tried shutting her in a large or extra large dog crate (with a litter box, food, and water) until she is consistently using the box in the cage?  I have heard that since it’s such a small space they learn quickly that they really want to go in the box.  My aunt had to retrain a cat; she had to keep it in her office (a small, wooden floored, soft fabric free room) for months until it was reliably doing the right thing.  She even kept it there after to make sure the pattern was ingrained.


I’m sorry that ou’re going through this.  As it is, I have a cat who loves to poop outside his box (tub, sink, the DDR pad, lol) but this would be a whole lot harder to live with.  Good luck!

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@MightySapphire: That’s a very sad situation. I’m so sorry that you have to give up your kitties…and amazed at how much you have already tried!

Bute if you have enough energy left to try one more thing, then maybe putting the additional litterbox next to the current one could help, so that she can see it easily.

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this has happened to us as well!!!  We found that putting him outside has helped a lot…can you try making him an outdoor or outdoor/indoor cat?

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