(Closed) Hostess positions….Have you applied?

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    Hopefully I can maybe clear up a little of confusion.  Historically, mods and hostesses have had two different roles.  Mods have some (limited) administrative power including sending warnings, deleting comments, closing threads, etc…  Most of their decisions are joint (e.g. to ban someone, all the mods have to vote and agree that the user should be banned).  Mods are chosen from the current pool of hostesses.

    Hostesses are regular users who apply through the process found here and are accepted by a volunteer committee of current hostesses and mods.  Hostesses have no administrative power and are basically here to welcome new members, keep up the positive atmosphere, start interesting topics, etc…  The hostess application is really time-consuming, as the committee has to go through hundreds of posts by every applicant.  Past warnings are not discussed within the committee; neither is “visibility” or popularity in the hive.  Beyond the basic requirements, applicants are discussed only by their posts (e.g. wording, tone, etc…).  

    In the past, there have been plenty of mods and hostesses.  In fact, most of our mods have been moderating here for well over a year.  The same really goes for hostesses.  The majority of hostesses have been hosting for a year or more.  However, there have been a lot of changes in the last year or so, both to the site (e.g. Mr. Bee left, the site switched to a new owner, etc…) and in the personal lives of a lot of our hostesses (a bunch of them have had babies in the last year, switched jobs, bought new homes, got new jobs, etc…).  There’s currently a whole slew of hostess applications that are under review, so I expect we’ll see several new hostesses soon; however, like I said earlier, it does take a little while.

    Hopefully, that helps with some of the confusion.  I’m usually not on during the weekend, but I’m currently avoiding homework πŸ˜‰ so I’m just catching up on all the craziness that happened in the last 48 hours, and I thought I might be able to explain some things.    

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    The only techical thing a Hostess can do is sort threads to the correct boards.  But we rely on our Hostresses to help people to feel welcome on Weddingbee and let us know if they see anything out there that could be trouble!

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    Thanks for the claifications! πŸ™‚

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    I hope Mrs. Spring’s excellent post helps clear things up.  Anyone who is interested in becoming a hostess is welcome to apply.  We’re doing the round I was supposed to finish at the end of September right now, so if you want to be considered you’d better hurry and get an application in!

    Mods are picked at the discretion of the community coordinator (that would be me right now).  We’ve undergone some changes in the recent weeks to the team and there will probably be some more to come…  But usually we try to pick from the most involved of our hostesses.

    Please understand that I read 100’s of posts from each hostess applicant, so it’s not a trivial process and one should only undertake it if very serious about the position.  For people who have applied before and not been accepted, you should find out how to improve your application before reapplying.  You can contact me for that information. 


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    I was a hostess a few years ago- this was really before they did anything other than make sure people were getting responses on their boards. I think to be a hostess you have to already/want to spend a lot of time on the bee, but I like everyones suggestions here.

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    I see Mrs. Argentina posting insightful, helpful posts all the time–I think she’d a great hostess.

    I applied five weeks ago, I still haven’t heard anything.

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    @StormyRose: thanks! There is some really good/interesting information in here!

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    Somedays, I think I’d be a good mod, but other days……not so much. Like KatyElle (who would totally have my vote, btw) said – the mods should probably stay in the background of heated threads as to not be directly involved and possibly have personal feelings about posters involved. I love a good debate and would have a hard time staying out!

    It is nice to hear how mods/hostesses are chosen – I figured it was some kind of secret moonlight ceremony that I’d never be party to!


    Edit: OTOH, it’s nice to see that at least 18 people would like to be Hostesses. Hopefully they apply and some are chosen – allowing other hostesses to be moved to a mod position. Should help to lighten the load for the current mod team.

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    Mrs. Spring and Mrs. DG already made some great posts. I just thought I’d reiterate that the selection process is highly involved and very thorough, and I promise there’s nothing arbitrary about it.

    Also, for anyone who has applied in the recent weeks, your posts are currently being reviewed by some of the current hostesses. Mrs. DG isn’t exaggerating when she says “hundreds” of posts. πŸ™‚

    Mrs. DG is also more than willing to help you understand how you can improve your application if you’ve applied in the past. πŸ™‚

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    i’ve applied twice but they recieve tons of applications i hear πŸ™ maybe ill try again in the near future

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    I applied a couple months ago to be a Hostess but they told me they weren’t accepting applications at the time. I meet all the criteria to be a hostess and I’ve never been warned for anything. I wonder if I have to reapply even though I already submitted an application?

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    @PitBulLover: I always thought you’d make a good Hostess.

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