(Closed) Have you attended or hosted a Baby Sprinkle?

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onceuponadream:  I attended a baby sprinkle a couple of months ago. My friend has a boy and is having a girl. It was held at a restaurant with a full blown brunch menu, cake, decorations, etc. Two of her closest friends “hosted” the party, but I later learned that the mom paid for everything because she wanted to.

We all brought giftcards because that’s what was requested. I honestly didn’t feel like it was any different from a “shower” – it was just called a “sprinkle.” I’m expecting another baby this summer and I’m not doing anything for the new baby. haha.

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I think it would be fun to attend an event like this.  I would probably bring a couple onesies or something.  Then again, I enjoy fun gatherings and celebrations.  I would probably be put off if it was for someone I wasn’t very close to, or if there was a registry.

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onceuponadream:  I was invited to one for my sister’s best friend, but it was a full out baby shower at a restaurant just like the first shower she had like 3 years prior.  Since I had bought her a big shower gift the first time, I did not attend this “sprinkle” because it came across as very gift grabby to me.  I sent her a small gift once the baby was born.

I don’t know, maybe I’m just a crab, but how much stuff do you really need for a second baby (besides clothes)?  I get it if there is a big age gap and you got rid of all your baby stuff, but if it’s within just a couple of years I think it’s just being a bit selfish.

*That’s not to say I don’t think all babies should be celebrated.  I just don’t get having to throw a party each and every time.  My sister has 3 kids and she didn’t have any kind of “sprinkle” for the second or third.

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A sprinkle is supposed to be less of a gift giving occasion and more about just celebrating mom/baby. The reason a second full blown shower is considered to be in bad taste is the thought that they should already have a lot of baby stuff and shouldn’t be asking for additional as gifts. 

I’ve got no problems with a sprinkle, but everyone I’ve attended has been small and low-key. The only gifts given were smaller useful things and there was no registry.

I helped host one YEARS ago before they were even a thing. It was small, and we did a morning garden brunch at a friend’s house set up outside in their gorgeous yard. It consisted of immediate family (sister, SILs, mom, Mother-In-Law, cousin) and a handful of close friends. I’d say we probably had about 15 people there. Almost everyone brought diapers/wipes in varies sizes and a few outfits since this baby was being born in a different season than the last. It didn’t last long, we did it around 10am and it was over by 12 – mostly us just all sitting around chatting/eating. 

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Eh, I don’t personally mind. I would never judge someone having a second baby shower/sprinkle/anything else it can be called.

I agree it’s nice to celebrate the new life coming with close family/friends. I also think it’s nice to have pictures to add to an album for your child to flip through and say “hey that was when you were carrying me”. I think it should be easily comprehended that gifts aren’t required but, if so, small things that are in demand (diapers) make easy gifts. 

I personally wouldn’t want a first shower let alone second but that’s because I don’t like being the focus of big gatherings. However, if someone doesn’t mind and their family/friends want to throw one…go for it. I agree with PP that any reason to have a fun time is worth it.

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I helped throw a baby sprinkle this past summer. My and my bestfriends wanted to throw one for our bestfriend who is having her second baby. Her first was a girl and the second was a boy. We knew that she had all the big stuff but could ofcourse use some small things. We did a picnicish type thing where we rented a pavillion outside at a park and we all made food to bring. We had a couple little games with prize baskets we made from things at the dollar store. about 15 people came. Our friend didn’t know about it because we wanted to surprise her. It was a gpood time. I love being able to celebrate with friends and family! 🙂

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onceuponadream:  I went to a sprinkle for my BFF’s sister’s 2nd baby. It was honestly really sweet – it was “encouraged, not not required” to bring a box of diapers (she made a page where people could sign up for different diaper sizes so mom didn’t get 20 boxes of newborn), and I brought some small baby items on top of that (bath products) and a small gift for her 3 year old daughter to play with, as she was in attendance.  It was spring-themed, with brightly coloured umbrella/flower decorations, and included a fun selection of different punches/games/snack foods. My BFF was the one hosting. It was definitely more of a celebration than a gift-grab. It didn’t offend me in the least – I could have declined if that were the case though. 

People get their panties in a bunch over the silliest things sometimes!

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Yes, I have been to a sprinkle. It was for my sister-in-law’s second baby. It was a luncheon at a restaurant with immediate family and close friends. My other SIL and Mother-In-Law organized it, and they bought one big gift, a double stroller, and let everyone know that they could chip in if they desired. Some people also brought small gifts on their own accord. We had a cake, favors and cute table decorations. It was really adorable and low key, but still special! 

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I haven’t been to a sprinkle, but I’ve been to a diaper shower where everyone just brought a bag or box of diapers.

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I threw a surpise sprinkle for my SIL for her second. It was just her closest girlfriends, mom, Mother-In-Law, other SIL, and sister. We had brunch and people brought small gifts and a some of us went in on a spa gift certficate for her which she loved. It was really lovely and she was soo appreciative!!

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onceuponadream: I’ve hosted two. The first one the baby’s gender was unknown, we had a yellow theme as the nursery was painted yellow, which then progressed into a duckling theme. We had games and incorporated the theme into them as well as the food and drink. There was a lot of making going in too – cakes, diaper cake, tissue pom poms. The second the mum to be knew she was having a girl and a few of us organising it. 

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we had a surprise sprinkle for a friend and requested only books…it was small, intimate and lovely. 🙂


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onceuponadream:  This is also my first time hearing “Sprinkle”… It’s cute. If someone were to mention it in passing I might need to ask what they were talking about, but if I received an invite, I would absolutely understand it’s like a shower. Context is key.


Anyway, last year my FH’s Aunt (who had NUMEROUS IVF treatments a few years back and FINALLY had a boy. He’s four) found out she was pregnant and it was a baby girl. With the infertility issues and her age (42) she never thought another baby was in her deck of cards. She after her son grew out of things like his stroller, crib, bassinet, highchair, car seats and clothes she gave them away to younger mothers in her neighborhood (she is very nice)…

Well, SURPRISE! Hello miracle baby girl! No one was stepping up to the plate. I asked about a shower and she did the pearl clutching “but it’s my second baby, I couldn’t ask people to give me more stuff!”.. To me, that was nonsense. This clearly was an acceptance to this silly etiquette rule. I mean, come on.. MIRACLE BABY and you already gave away all the important stuff.

She would not listen.


Well, she is the only relative that lives in the same area (and state) as us.. So when the baby was born I showed up at the hospital with pretty much a bundle of gift cards from FH and I. I didn’t know what she had, what she wanted, colors… anything. So $250 to target, $500 to Babies R Us, $250 to Walmart, and $1000.00 visa gift card. I know it’s a lot, but she has done do much for us. I knew that she would be embarassed opening these gifts and would reject them if she did it in front of anyone. I told her very politely that the one card was to be opened by her and her husband privately (his family was also at the hospital). I also brought her flowers, sushi (something she couldn’t eat while pregnant but wanted), a welcome-baby gift basket and a big brother gift for her son. She does not work and her husband works two jobs to support them. These people have been extremely kind to my FH and I throughout the years and let us stay with them for two weeks when we moved down here so we could find a place to rent.

I got a phone call the day after she brought her daughter home. She was in tears, thanking me. No one. Not even her parents.. had sent her a single thing outside of maybe an outfit or a teddy bear. All she had for her daughter was a bassinet and a car seat. She had a lot of complications during pregnancy and the medical bills piled up quickly. She was trying to handle the whole thing on her own, in silence. This was devasting news to hear.


Just over Easter her sister came down to visit. We went over to their house to eat dinner (as we do on all holidays)…. She was showing off the babies room with pride. She did a great job! I know that since the birth in November she has had the chance to add more things with her own budget. I know that the visa gift card paid some of the hospital bills. I didn’t care what any of it went to. I just wanted her to have the chance to nest she never got,

But I don’t get the mentality of “no second shower”.

Everyone’s life deserves to be celebrated and welcomed. Everyone can use a gift for their little one’s.. even if it’s a binkie or a set of nipples for the bottles the baby will use. There is always going to be an extra expense and I think that as friends and family, people should try to help out. In my side of the family, all babies get showers.


I think what you’re going is very sweet. Sorry for the novel.

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