(Closed) Have you changed the way you use WB?

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  • poll: Have you changed the way you use WB?
    Yes, my use is different since the format change : (108 votes)
    78 %
    No, I'm using it the exact same way that I did before the format change : (12 votes)
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    I definitely have.

    I used to read and comment frequently from my phone, but I no longer am able to post or comment from my phone on the new site. (I can read threads and, for some reason, I also am able to send PMs, but that’s all.) However, even reading threads is much more challenging now, because, as others have mentioned, there is no way to choose the page that you want to see.  This morning, I had to hit “next page” 11 times and wait for each page to load just to be able to see the last page of a thread.

    I also dislike that it’s more challenging to find the most recent threads on which I’ve posted.  The order of my commented-on threads changes based on how recently other bees have commented on them, not when I last commented on them, so that is a major difference from before.

    Also, unless or until the ability to delete our uploaded photos is restored to us, I will not be choosing to upload any additional personal photos.

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    Definitely. I used to browse for a long time and keep the window open throughout the day, but now I only pop in to check out what’s on the front page a few times a day. It seems like a lot of regulars (and my favorite Bees) have disappeared so there’s no point hanging out to chat. I tried to start a thread yesterday and the comments were showing up all out of order, everything was screwed up and it hardly got any comments. I won’t be wasting my time anymore until shit gets back under control.

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    lolot:  Ugh. So sorry to hear that you have strep throat!   That is so painful. I hope you feel much better soon!

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    Oh yes, absolutely. I’d kill for the old WB to come back. Even my husband has noticed I’m not on as much. I haven’t played around with the new format yet, but I hate change. Like another bee said, at least I’m getting other things done now that this has changed. 

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    I don’t post pictures as much, since my cache is gone. I also don’t edit my posts anymore because I find the big SO AND SO MODIFIED POST thing with the mini avatar annoying to look at so if there’s a misspelling I’m usually like “f it” lol. The only specific boards I go to now are Rings and Babies. Everything else is free game, when I used to be more particular about the boards I felt like browsing. I also just visit the site less in general.

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    I accidently voted no when I meant to vote yes!

    I don’t look at long threads anymore because I use my phone to look at WB, and I’m NOT clicking next page 800 times.

    I also use it less because the white gives me headaches.

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    Before, on the main “Boards” page, you would see a list of recent threads from all different categories, and the category for each thread was listed right next to it so you could easily tell which section it was in or go directly to that section, like “Emotional”. That seems to be missing, and I find the main page much more confusing now. I use WB way less.

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    Definitely. I’m not on as much, and it somehow seems more boring now.  Basically, I look at the first page or two (which don’t seem to change as much) and then check to see if anyone’s commented on my posts. Even that takes some navigting to get to. The top stories seem to stay on the first few pages for longer, so there’s less variation.  The old site wasn’t as pretty, but I liked the more Reddit-ish, scannable list of titles.    I fellt like there was more of a sense of communit before, probably because it was so easy to read so many posts from so many different areas.

    Newbies probably won’t mind the new site, because they won’t know any better. 

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    It just seems way less userfriendly and very clunky to me so I haven’t posted at all really until today. I hate that everything is so white, it just makes it hard for me to look at.

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     I find the new site soo overwhelming. And I spent a lot of time with computers. It feels to me like Windows 8 does.. just too many changes it isn’t even worth my time to deal with!

    I really miss only having titles on the Boards page. It was so much easier to browse through all of the posts. Now it just is so overwhelming. Basically I stay away from the boards.

    Now I just stick to looking at the gallery and that’s it.

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    Bridey77:  It is hard for me to stay away. I keep coming back checking for improvement, but I am losing hope.

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    Bridey77:  Definitely, I’m not on as much, mainly because i have such a hard time signing in, Lol. I end up having to go to forgot password and thento main login page, because evidently my username format is not recognized. Also when I’m on my tablet, the pages take FOREVER to load.

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    Bridey77:  I found the change jarring at first but I’m used to it now.  I like that its easier to read on my phone and the better use of white space.  I’m back using the boards the same as before.

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    Yup, I frequent the boards less.  Each page takes way too long to load, and with less posts per page, reading threads has become way too time consuming.  I still don’t understand how a new site is deployed with what feels like no testing and no user input. 

    I also wonder how the new site will affect bottom-line.  If people stop coming to the site, due to poor design, ad-revenue will most likely go down, too. 

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    I barely visit the Bee anymore, just because the interface is so unwieldy and broken. 🙁


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