(Closed) Have you Charted to TTA? Help! (Long. Sorry!)

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  • poll: Have you ever Charted/used FAM to TTA?
    Yes, we charted to TTA but only for a short period (1-3 monts) : (1 votes)
    6 %
    Yes, we charted to TTA for an extended period (3-12 months) : (4 votes)
    24 %
    Yes, charting is our standard way to TTA and we've used it for 1+ yrs) : (2 votes)
    12 %
    No, charting is not for us. : (0 votes)
    No, I've only charted TTC, and am not convinced it is a good idea to TTA. : (3 votes)
    18 %
    We are happy with our choice to chart to TTA. : (5 votes)
    29 %
    Charting to TTA is somewhat inconvenient, but overall we're happy enough with it. : (2 votes)
    12 %
    We tried charting to TTA for a while, but switched to something else (Explain). : (0 votes)
    I wish we didn't chart to TTA - I ended up Pregnant (Explain). : (0 votes)
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    @Mrs.LemonDrop:  I have not charted TTA, but can I ask what kind of IUD you have? If it’s Paragard, I’m not sure, but I think it takes less time for your body to regulate than if it was a hormonal IUD… So you could wait until closer to the time of TTC to take it out? Also, I think that you could switch to something like Nuva Ring instead for a while. I ovulated my first cycle off of that.

    ETA:  I know numerous people who have used something other than hormonal BC TTA and got pregnant, to answer one of your questions! Sorry I’m not much help!

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    We are just starting to try charting to avoid- I went off the pill last month so haven’t actually used it but hope we can in the next month or two. From what i understand it can be really effective if you are really diligent and conservative. If you are happy with the iud I would prob wait until closer. I do like charting to actually see what’s going on though- like I was super nervous that it would take forever to get back on track and ovulated after the pill, but my first chart actually looks like I ovilater and it predicted when I’d get my period to within a day! The downside is we have to use other prevention methods until I know what I’m doing which kind of sucks. Also we are only waiting another three months before trying and would be fine with a surprise.

    So I guess I’m happy I started doing this now but I don’t know if I’d want to do it for a year. I also was feeling kind of lousy on the pill and feel much better off it but you like your iud. Not sure if this helps at all!

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    Darling Husband and I are TTA and charting. IT IS WONDERFUL. We’ve been doing it for 4 months now and I love it! If you do not have a copy of TCOYF, I wouldn’t do it though. I make sure to check myself and the book is battered from me going back to use it as a reference. I also wouldn’t suggest TTA with charting unless you are hypervigilant. You also have to be aware that you’re still going to end up abstaining or using condoms for MORE than just a couple of days. You won’t know you’ve ovulated until AFTER the temp spike, so you end up abstaining or using condoms at first sign of any CF until 3 days after the temp spike. For some people, that may be too long and they “chance it”, which, IMO is how people might have an unplanned pregnancy.

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    I haven’t started charting for TTA yet but I have been doing a lot of research. Defnitetly buy the book and check out the forums on TCOYF. Also, a good website I have found for charting is Ova Ova, I like the interface a lot more than TCOYF. As enne1613 said, you need to be vigilant and from what I have read, women who are really TTA (some are childfree by choice but still chart) use condoms and/or abstinance until after they ovulate. The TTA forum on TCOYF is a really good resource.

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    I charted to TTA for years.   In my previous relationship, we used it for about 4 years and used the rules in reverse to TTC my son.  (Pregnant first cycle trying)

    If we didn’t find out that my Darling Husband was sterile, we would have charted to TTA for years.

    My advice is to get the book “Taking Charge of your Fertility” and take the first few months to get to know your signs.  I loved the paper copy to be honest, it was something I kept around for years.

    It takes a bit before getting the hang of it, and even though we are not TTA now, just waiting for IVF, I can still track my cycles but I just don’t temp.  

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    Bump this thread cuz I’m curious about what other people would vote!

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    @Mrs.LemonDrop:  As far as people getting pregnant while TTA and charting– honestly, I would GUESS that a lot of the people who are doing it to avoid are not being hyper vigilant and are more open to the possibility of a pregnancy. Once I get the hang of it, that’s how H and I will be– we’d like to wait a few more months, but I can see us being like, f*ck it let’s just go… So it would be really hard to get an accurate survey. A lot of Catholic web forums actually have a lot of information about it though, if you want to look somewhere else.

    I do think if you track carefully for a few months and can clearly see when you ovulate and wait until after that every  month, you have at least as good a chance of avoiding as with diligint condom use. 

    As far as your charting now, since Mirena does have some hormones, it probably won’t work until you have it removed. I found that frustrating while I was on the pill and trying to figure it out but what can you do?

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