(Closed) Have you deleted your facebook? If so, have you noticed that it had an impact?

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I use Facebook to keep up to date with elephant welfare, which is something I’m passionate about and involved in. Social media is a valuable platform for a lot of things and I personally benefit from it, as do many. I rarely use it for much else, although my friends and I do use it to arrange nights out and parties. If it ever made me feel down or upset though then I’d delete it in a second. Whilst Facebook can be a valuable tool it also has the power to do a lot of damage. If that’s the case then it isn’t worth it.

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We deactivated our fb like 3 years ago. Recently FIs was hacked so he deleted it. But it’s been great. i hate getting on there because of all the tards from my hometown, I feel like my iq drops 20 points reading their nonsense. 

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I deactivated my FB in 2010. Haven’t notived much of a difference with most of my friends – they usually will text or email me if something important happens or if I’m invited somewhere. I have two friends who only communicate with people through social media unless I initiate contact, so I’ve just gotten into the habit of contacting them myself.

Professionally, I use LinkedIn. It’s not addicting and people genrally take it more seriously than FB.

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I deleted mine, actually I had deactivated it intending to reactivate it and just lost interest and never did.  I don’t regret it at all.  It had gotten to the point where I had reunited with everyone I cared to reunite with, and the being on FB, even just reading, seemed silly – and then, the times I wanted to post, I had to set certain privacy settings so that only certain people could see certain posts, so at that point I figured to hell with it, it’s just not worth it.

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I currently have mine deactivated. I just got tired of seeing my relatives overly political/religious “my way or the highway” posts. I wasn’t aware you could actually delete it though, I’ll check that out.

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ksn1219:  …the tards from your hometown? 

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doubtingdebbieah: Got rid of it in 2012.

Effect: general life productivity skyrocketed, freed up TONS of time to invest in self and other areas, true friendships and relationships strengthened by a landslide, emotional well-being through the roof. Downside (?) is DH and I have to get personally invited to planned group events… which is really nice and somehow feels more meaningful.

Facebook was designed as a way for college kids to connect with one another. I think it should still stay there (in college).

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When I was in law school, I’d deactivate for awhile during finals or other busy/hectic times.  I missed it a little each time, but didn’t miss the time suck.  I also realized that when I don’t have it, I still know what is going on with the people I care most about.  

The first time I deactivated, I did have an older family member who asked my mom if he’d offended me or something, because he thought I’d just defriended him when he noticed that I’d disappeared from FB.  Other than that, nobody else seemed to be offended or anything.  And I certainly didn’t miss out on any job opportunities or anything like that.  

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Never had one. I’m so happy too!

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Helper bee

mine has been deactivated for about 6 months now. The only way I feel disconnected is from my sorority and school because many events are planned through Facebook and not email 🙁 I was still in school at the time and that was a little annoying because all of my classes had Facebook groups that even TAs relied on to get info across, and people always assumed everyone had a Facebook. I must say though I love not having the urge to constantly check the app on my phone! Try deactivating for a few weeks and see if you like it

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Deleted mine over a year ago and can’t tell u how much better I feel without it. No more bs drama and who’s better than who to keep up with! Now I have all that time to focus on my soon to be husband and our wedding planning instead of obsessing over what so and so just posted or said about the other so and so! If u feel u need to stay connected with certain ppl then make sure u have their number…. I soon realized the ppl I thought were my friends really weren’t after deleting it, not a phone call or txt message after it was gone so obviously if they couldn’t talk To me over fb they didn’t want to talk at all! Go ahead and give it a try… I promise u will be much happier! 

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Best decision I ever made was to deactivate the darn thing. I relied so much on people’s “likes” for my own personal satisfaction and to boost my self esteem. What really threw the hammer down was when I posted a picture of my ring (stupidest idea) and got hundreds of likes and comments and then others would inbox me and say things like, “Congrats but marriage is overrated.” or “I got divorced 2 years later” or my favorite “Good luck with that marriage thing, I would never do it.” It pissed me off so bad that I cut it out of my life. 

The impact was good. I realized none of those people were actually friends. Any of my friends text or call me if they need me. I was even told that I fell off the face of the Earth from some old co workers. I’m good with that, I don’t want my life broadcasted anyway. Life has been drama free.

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I don’t think I’ll deactivate or delete my account in the near future, but I’ve become way less active over the past two years and that has done a lot of good. I’ve come to realize that I don’t need social media to share things with people I want to know what’s going on. With many people I feel like they only do certain things so they can share pictures on Facebook in order to seem interesting, adventurous and whatnot and to be honest I’d rather spend my time enjoying life rather than thinking about how best to present it on Facebook. A while ago I decided that I refuse to take part in this and I’ve noticed that I spend way less time online, get things done more easily and it’s given me confidence in that I no longer feel like I need to keep up with others. Why am I not deleting it? Let’s face it, I’m waaaay to nosy… 😀

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A few years ago, I deactivated mine for a year or so. I felt great and more involved in my own life and lives of my friends, but then I brought it back so I could start a fundraising page for an important cause. It’s funny how soon you can become addicted to it again. The weekend leading up to our wedding, I deactivated it again because I was too distracted and needed to get wedding work done. I still haven’t brought it back and feel much happier overall. I agree with PP that not having FB makes me connect with my friends on a much more personal level. I like hearing about important news in person or by text/phone. I guess wedding bee still had me checking as often as I would Facebook, but at least everything here was helping me plan for our event. 

I do remember one moment from a few years ago….I hadn’t seen a good friend in a while, and she is the type to post all the time! We went out to lunch to catch up, and unfortunately everything she told me was what I had already seen on her page. So I was kind of bummed for her that she shared so much online, but also realized that I would much rather see her in person rather than read about her life online. So I don’t miss my Facebook when it is deactivated, because it truly gives me a chance to catch up with friends on a more personal level.

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