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  • poll: Government Assistance...

    Have you/Are you receiving assistance?

    Do you know someone who is receiving assistance?

    Would you seek help if you needed it in the future?

    Would you never ask for government assistance no matter what?

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    @ArwenBride:  I thought pogey referred to both EI and social assistance?

    I have no issue with anyone using any level of assistance, as long as they aren’t gaming the system.

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    @CorgiTales:  “This is exactly why paying extra taxes to put towards government assistance doesn’t bother me at all. I know everyone likes to talk about this person they know (or more commonly, this person someone they know knows) who is scamming the system, lazy, has babies for the purpose of getitng more money, and on and on with the ridiculouslness— but in my opinion people like MrsMeNow are FAR more common. They use it when they need it for a leg up to get on their feet and get a good job and then start paying into the system, which helps EVERYONE.”

    You said it perfectly. Thank you so much for seeing the other side of this issue…it’s very refreshing:)

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    @CorgiTales:  I agree!  I’m another person like MrsMeNow, only my mom was the one getting assistance when I was a baby and young toddler.  I finally finished my schooling two years ago, and since then I have paid more taxes than I knew was possible – and certainly at least 20x what we might have utilized in those few years of my childhood.  At LEAST.

    People rarely hear the success stories though, for a variety of reasons (one major one being the instant shaming people are often subjected to upon mentioning receiving food stamps or the like).

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    I’ve been on all kinds of government assistance, but as of yet not social assistance/welfare. I’ve received the universal child benefit that all Canadian parents receive for children under 6 years old, I receive the Canada Child Tax Benefit which all parents receive (varying amounts by income), I receive subsidized daycare (which all parents in my province are eligible for). I also funded most of my undergraduate education through student loans. There is no shame in getting help you need, and you’d better believe I’d do whatever it takes to ensure my child has what she needs.

    I’d never in my life judge someone else for the assistance they receive.

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    @kittyface:  Now if you want to talk about judging for using social assistance there is the province of Quebec… (half-joking).

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    I had federal student loans, which are now completely paid off (woohoo!).  I was also laid off when the economy took a turn for the worse several years ago, and I did have to rely on unemployment (past the “normal tier” of unemployment that you pay into and into one of the “emergency tiers” that the government was providing at the time).  Yes, it sucked.  Yes…the ENTIRE time I was actively seeking a job…any job…but it certainly was no cake walk.  I had just moved to a military town, and there are SO MANY other spouses coming and going from the area, all the same age, all looking for the same types of office work…and even having a degree wasn’t helping my case (likely hurting, if anything, because they thought they’d have to pay me more…when in reality I’d have worked for minimum wage if they’d have let me).

    Now, I AM working full-time again (thank goodness!) and have been at the same job for a couple years now.  My husband is in the Navy…so his paychecks come straight from the government.  Does that count as living off the government?  Should we be ashamed of that?  I hardly think so.  My medical insurance is TRICARE, which is provided to military service members and families by the government as well.  So YES…I have been helped by the government, and I am not ashamed of that.

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    I received financial aid when I was in school, and also unemployment for a short time when I was laid off from my job.

    I also have friends who have used government assistance responsibly, but also have friends who have, for example, signed up for food stamps using only one of the incomes in their house because technically they aren’t married. Many people abuse the system, but just as many use it fairly because they need it.

    Had I not filed for unemployment for a few weeks, I would have lost my home, and dug myself a hole of bad credit by not paying bills, student loans, etc. I would have had to sell me car to pay these things off, thus having no transportation to a job, and then what? By the time I found a job I could walk to, it would have been next to impossible for me to get out from under all of that. I think it’s perfectly fine to use a service you pay into so that you can keep your head afloat and not fall so hard you can no longer maintain the things that aid you in being a productive member of society.

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    Grants for college.

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    @SapphireSun:  Yes, I was mistaken and not thinking about my canadian neighbors. Embarassed hence my sociocentricity.

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    Some examples of government assistance:

    • GETTING A TAX DEDUCTION (like for having a kid, or owning a home)
    • Federal student loan or grant
    • FHA home loan
    • Fannie Mae/Freddie Mack home loan
    • Homeowner’s tax credit
    • Enrolling in a high risk coverage poll through the Affordable Care Act because you’ve been denied health care coverage due to a pre-existing condition
    • Social Security benefits (yes, you help pay for them, but the average American today draws more than they paid into them)
    • Tax credit for buying a hybrid car, or energy-efficient appliance
    • Small business loan from a government institution to start up a business
    • And yes, assistance for food or medicine based on income levels

    I would imagine many people on this board have benefited from government assistance. 

    Not to mention the oodles of public services like water, safe roads, good schools that make our country run.

    I proudly voted yes on the first 3 questions.

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    Medicaid saved my life after I was hospitalized with blood clots in my lungs during college. I was uninsured at the time, and had I not been able to get medicaid coverage, the bills racked up (well over $25k and that’s with them kicking me out 5 days earlier than they should have) would have forced me to drop out of school and start working minimum wage in hopes of paying it all back. Honestly, I’d probably have had to claim bankruptcy b/c I was in my senior year and already had over $50k in student loans… but thankfully, I was approved and medicaid took care of my hospital bills as well as everything for the months and months of weekly blood draws and bi-weekly doctor’s appointments while I was on blood thinners.

    I also used food stamps for a very brief time in college, which was very hard to do. I’ve never felt more like scum than the couple of times I braved a trip to the store during normal hours (mostly, I went after midnight). It was really hard knowing people were looking into my cart and checking out what I was buying to make sure I wasn’t trying to get away with something nice or “fancy”.

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    Oh, and let’s not to forget to add CEOs and millionaires to the list of people who get government assistance.

    Seriously, when millionaires pay a smaller tax rate than their secretaries, and dozens of Fortune 500 companies pay ZERO in corporate income taxes, there’s no other way to put it than to say that the super-rich are being given government handouts.


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    Gah, I voted before I realized it included educational grants.

    So… yeah.

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    My parents received government assistance through a variety of programs from the time I was born until I was about 5. Mainly due to the fact that they were young (19 and 21) and were getting on their feet, when all my health problems as an infant wiped them clean. They are in a great place financially now, and were doing so well that when I applied for college I only qualified for loans, I didn’t receive any grants.

    I’m not embarrassed by my upbringing. Without the assistance, I don’t know how my parents would have gotten to where they are today.

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