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    Have you/Are you receiving assistance?

    Do you know someone who is receiving assistance?

    Would you seek help if you needed it in the future?

    Would you never ask for government assistance no matter what?

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    I’ve used food stamps. I was unemployed and SO had had a heart attack and couldn’t work. I think we were only on for 2-3 months.

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    @msfahrenheit:  I don’t know if you saw my post on Page 2 about who’s getting the lion’s share of tax deductions, but they certain quality as government assistance.

    Tax perks and deductions are providing a form of assistance to some people based on certain qualifications.  Tell me how giving money back to certain people is not assisting certain people.

    Believe me, I do get your point and perhaps often agree with you that the deductions are “rewarding” things like home ownership.

    And assistance doesn’t mean “free.”  That’s what you want it to mean in order to differential your tax break from that of someone who is unemployed.  Yes, your deduction doesn’t mean you pay zero on your home, but it makes it easier to afford the mortgage, no?  Isn’t that helping you?  And isn’t “help” a synonym for “assistance”?

    People also get deductions for having kids.  Given that our population is growing and causing problems for municipalities, etc., it actually isn’t benefitial to the government to give families a tax deduction for their kids and an incentive to reproduce.  It’s really done because it’s a form of assistance given that kids are freaking expensive.

    The more people realize that the people who get the biggest perks from the government aren’t those who are on food stamps or unemployement insurance, but rather those who are benefiting from deductions and loopholes, the more sane of a conversation we can have about making our government more efficient.

    Once you get ahead, a whole world of benefits open up to you…


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    Fiance and I both have pell grants and he has food stamps. I also have federal loans. There’s no way we’d be going through school right now if we didn’t. I tried working for awhile and nursing school just got to be too much while trying to work even 15 hours a week. I do hate it when people abuse the system though (although I will admit we both have nice cell phones but we rarely go out and spend money on “fun” things and we also both do homework from our phones and I use it to keep in almost constant contact with my nursing instructors)

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    No, just parental assistance.  Tongue Out

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    Yes, I received state-run healthcare from middle school up until the time I started college. My mom was on WIC assistance when she had my youngest sister because she had so many health problems in infancy.

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    We both have federally subsidized loans, and we’re both government employees, so we do live completely off of taxpayer money via paychecks and use programs funded by taxpayer money like Tricare.  

    But, we’ve never used unemployment, food stamps, or programs like that.  I would definitely use those programs that would be available to me if I have need of them in the future.

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    student loans. lots of them.

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    I get GST cheques, which is basically a quarterly refund of the Federal Tax I pay for goods and services. I get it because the government considers me a low income earner. Does that count as assistance? I don’t ask for it, they just send it to me because I do my taxes… I mean I do use a ton of government services (we have free health care in Canada, and I probably wouldn’t have gone to the Doctor/allergy specialist/hospital as much if I had to pay a portion of it because I wouldn’t have been able to afford it).

    One of my good friends from high school is on assistance because she is very sick and cannot work (she has VERY severe endometriosis and cancer), and she has a young child with special needs. 

    If I were in dire straights I would not hesitate to seek assistance. It’s there for people when they need it.

    It does piss me off when people abuse it though…

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    I have – PELL Grants and federal loans paid for my undergrad, subsidized federal loans helped pay for my Master’s (which I am slowly paying off).

    When I was growing up my family also relied on Child Health Plus which is government healthcare for kids because we couldn’t afford the plan my dad’s job offered.

    I’ve also used unemployment benefits in the past – luckily I found a job relatively quickly.

    Am I glad that these programs are in place? Absolutely, and I would glady pay higher taxes to make sure that these programs remain in place for those who need them.

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    Yep. I used Federal and State grant money to fund 50% of my college tuition (other half was funded by academic scholarships). When DS was born, I had to enroll him in Medicaid because I could not afford family health care insurance on the $$ earned by my part-time job (also a full time college student at the time). Thank goodness we had Medicaid for him, or I would have gone bankrupt when he needed 2 emergency surgeries and 5 days in the pediatric ICU when he was little. And I received child care vouchers for DS so that I could attend college and go to work. Money was very tight in those days, and I dreamed about being able to support myself and DS without any help from others. I swallowed my pride for 5 very long, very hard years. Now, less than a decade later, I’m earning 6 figures and paying it forward. While the amount of income taxes that I pay is rather astounding, I am forever greatful for the programs that were available to me when I needed them.

    My parents used FEMA loans to rebuild their home after it was flooded by Hurricane Isabelle in 2003. My friend used umemployment after he came back from a National Guard deployment and had no job. Another friend has an autoimmune issue and cannot work. She is on Medicaid because her husband’s insurance through work refuses to cover her existing condition.

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