(Closed) Have you ever attended a wedding that did not have alcohol?

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  • poll: Alcohol at weddings

    I'd definitely miss it and be bored and so would everyone else I know

    My family and friends easily have a blast without it and I've never been to one with alcohol

    Eh, I've been to alcoholic receptions but I wouldn't miss it if it wasn't there and don't need it

    I'm not able to drink (insert reason) so I don't care

    Other (explain below)

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    • Wedding: September 2011

    I think if your have an evening reception most people would expect alcohol to be served. Alcohol just seems to make people want to keep the party going, but like you said there are a variety of reasons people may have for choosing not to serve it at their wedding. 

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    • Wedding: May 2010

    I’ve never been to a dry wedding and just can’t imagine it, sorry.  I’m sure it’s fine, the booze is not the point of a wedding, but in my circles people drink.

    I’ve also never been to a boozy wedding that had the “drama” some people seems to think happens if there is drinking – just a lot of people having themselves a good time. 

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    • Wedding: August 2010

    Not gonna lie, I would be disappointed if there were no alcohol at a wedding I attended. I would rather have a cash bar (as long as I know ahead of time that it will be a cash bar) so that I can buy my own drinks. HOWEVER, if it’s a matter of religious reasons or alcoholic family members, etc. then I would probably have a different mindset about the whole thing and would be more understanding.

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    • Wedding: February 2014

    I’ve been to dry weddings, as well as weddings with cash and open bars. I didn’t have a preference and we’re not serving alcohol…I don’t think you really need alcohol to have fun. We’re fine with people maybe leaving earlier, though we’re only having a 3-hour reception with an after-party to follow, so leaving doesn’t make much sense in that case. ;P

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    Nope. 25+ weddings in my life and no dry ones at all. Large Catholic family = booze!

    The thing is, no one NEEDS alcohol. It’s a luxury and makes for an enjoyable evening for many people. Nice dinner? Have some wine. It would definitely change the feel of a reception so it really depends on what you want.

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    @ladyox: You should meet my Future Father-In-Law. He would drink himself stupid and cause a scene

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    @azureori:  awww, i guess i’ve just been lucky then.  I know there are a lot of people who can’t handle their booze and if I thought they were coming to our wedding we might have thought twice about the open bar! 

    I respect people’s decisions not to have alcohol at their weddings, to each his own, you know?  I just hope  those same people are respectful of those of us who chose to drink (and even enjoy it!)

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    • Wedding: August 2010

    I’ve been to one dry wedding for religious reasons of the groom’s parents. The booze was not missed – but it was also an afternoon tea wedding.

    Later that night the wedding party and friends met up at a downtown pub where all paid for their own drinks.

    It was just as fantastic of a wedding as the one ‘wet’ wedding I had been to. The giddiness and happiness carried everyone through and it did not seem odd to me 🙂

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    • Wedding: November 2010

    Due to a small budget, we are not having alcohol. Most of my family doesn’t drink, and while FI’s family does, no none has offered to help pay. So unless we have extra in the budget, the wedding will stay dry. Friends are planning to have an “after-party” at the hotel, so we’ll drink there! I’ve been to plenty of dry weddings, and I don’t see anything wrong with it!

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    • Wedding: February 2011

    I’ve been to two dry weddings, both for religious purposes. One was in the afternoon with a cake and punch reception in the church hall, and honestly I was bored STIFF. But I think that was less about the alcohol than the fact that there was nothing to do. There was no music, very few snacks, 1.5 hours to kill while they were doing pics, and we didn’t know anyone. We stayed for the cake cutting and then split. 

    The other one was 10x better. Lots of food, a good dj, and it was at night. I still had fun despite the lack of alcohol. 

    In general, I’ll always prefer alcohol to not. But if there are enough other things going on then a lack of alcohol won’t kill the night for me. 

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    We’re having a dry wedding… but it’s not our preference.  Our family VERY strongly objects, the church doesn’t allow it, and our budget is maxed out anyway.  So, for us, having alcohol would cause more issues with friends/family then not having it.

    Our personal preference is to drink at weddings if it’s available, but I’ve been to many dry weddings in my time and never noticed it.  We always celebrate for them when we get home anyway! 😉

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    I’ve only been to beer/wine receptions really that I can remember, but I know at our wedding it will be dry simply because 1. I won’t be 21 yet and therefore not able to toast and 2. Most of my fiance’s family is non-drinkers due to their religion.

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    i have been to a few dry weddings (we are baptist) and while idont have to have it, i miss it if its not there.

    however i would rather have a dry wedding than a cash bar! 🙂 since i never have cash on me. it would be like a tease!!!

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    • Wedding: October 2011

    I’ve never been to a dry wedding but I’m not opposed.  There’s so much more to a wedding than getting boozed up.  I’ve also never been to a wedding where anyone caused a scene b/c they drank too much. 

    However, and this is just my opinion, I am not a fan of cash bars.  In the simplest terms, the reception is a party.  Yes, it’s to celebrate the couple and the marriage and all that but it still is a party by a different name.  And, personally, I would never invite people to any party I throw and expect them to pay for anything.  I understand that alcohol is expensive and may not be in the budget and that’s ok.  I fully support your choice to offer an open bar, limited bar, or nothing.

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    Neither my husband or I drink alcohol and for the life of me, I do not understand why people “need” it to have a good time! Interestingly enough, I do cook with it and make a mean Deer Beer Chili!

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