(Closed) Have you ever attended a wedding that did not have alcohol?

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  • poll: Alcohol at weddings

    I'd definitely miss it and be bored and so would everyone else I know

    My family and friends easily have a blast without it and I've never been to one with alcohol

    Eh, I've been to alcoholic receptions but I wouldn't miss it if it wasn't there and don't need it

    I'm not able to drink (insert reason) so I don't care

    Other (explain below)

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    • Wedding: May 2010

    I have been to a pretty much alcohol-free wedding. By alcohol free I mean they didn’t really have liquor and instead had things like mike’s hard lemonade and stuff. I can only drink a couple mike’s before my stomach gets upset from all of the carbonation though and no one else really drank much of anything. I did notice that at that wedding hardly anyone danced at all the whole night and people left pretty early as well. Now I don’t know if that was because of lack of alcohol or if it was just a snoozy bunch though.

    If there were no alcohol at the wedding I wouldn’t be upset, but I also don’t think that many people would be shaking it on the dance floor all night (liquid courage). We have a family that loves their drinks though soo alcohol-free was not an option for us lol

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    • Wedding: September 2011

    I’ve actually only been to one wedding with alcohol, and I’ve been to a ton of weddings. I think as long as there’s dancing and a good, friendly vibe at the place, it’s really easy to not miss the alcohol.

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    • Wedding: March 2011

    Fiance and I went to two “dry” weddings, not what we are use to. My family likes to have a good time and that includes some alcohol.

    The 1st wedding- It was a beautiful wedding but everyone left at 8pm, SERIOUSLY!! People basically ate and left right after the bridal dances.

    The 2nd wedding- Again a beautiful wedding but they were running HOURS behind, so all the guest were sitting at the reception hungry and no alcohol.  Dinner was suppose to be served around 6pm but wasn’t served until 9pm *I am seriously NOT making this up! The bride was crying and honestly being a bridezilla because she gave bad directions to some members of the bridal party, who were not from the area, and they got lost. She refused to enter the reception hall without the whole bridal party. I’m sorry but when you are running that far behind it’s time to say “Well the purpose of today was to get married and we are married! I would not have kept my guest waiting even longer, probably would have made a joke out of it and moved on.* Again guests left after the bridal dances.


    Now if this is what you are wanting then there is nothing wrong with it. These were my first experiences with no alcohol. Both times the guest were a bit stuffy so I am sure that didn’t help. I am not trying to knock anyones wedding or style, I am just sharing my experiences with everyone.

    You make the decision you want.

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    I haven’t been to a dry wedding but I have been to one that only served beer and wine so they could control the cost. That was fine with me.

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    • Wedding: May 2011

    I’ve been to one dry wedding hosted by Fi’s friends and for religious purposes.  The wedding was in the afternoon, followed by an early dinner and dancing.  Everyone seemed to have a good time.  Though Fiance and I both drink and we definitely noticed the fact alcohol wasn’t served, I remember having a great time and didn’t miss it.  

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    @Nati-Lyte: I think that’s how I would feel too…. and it’s why I still don’t like the way the OP worded the poll… even though she (kind of?) changed it… She’s still insinuating that people who prefer alcohol at weddings would be lost without it, which just isn’t true!!

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    • Wedding: June 2012

    I went to one dry wedding. It is definitely not my preference, however if I’m close to the couple I’d gladly stay and have fun ’til the end. I would only miss the alcohol a little as long as it was a fun atmosphere with people I like or could get to know. The wedding I went to was, however, for the daughter of a friend of my Future Mother-In-Law, so I didn’t know anyone besides my Future In-Laws, and I was bored out of my mind. I don’t dance without alcohol and I’m not a huge mingler unless the age demographic is a little closer to my own (at least within 15 years.) We stayed at the reception for about 2 1/2 hours, but I don’t see why it’s so wrong to leave otherwise. We came, we supported them, congratulated them, and generally celebrated with everyone. It just wasn’t as fun. 

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    • Wedding: April 2011

    I’ve never been to a dry wedding or one with a cash bar. However, if I were invited to one, I would still go and have a good time. I wouldn’t leave unusually early or anything. Sure, a drink is fun at a party, but it’s not like I only go to parties for the potential to have a few, you know?

    Edited to point out that I didn’t vote in your poll. I prefer an open bar at a wedding, however I don’t *need* it nor would I bail out early without one. Therefore there’s no option for me to choose. I agree that your poll wording needs to be a bit more neutral if you really want to get an idea of things.

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    • Wedding: May 2011 - Bartram's Garden

    I’ve never been to a dry wedding. Actually, I’ve been to dozens of weddings and only one of them wasn’t a full open bar – it was hosted beer and wine and cash bar for cocktails.

    I wouldn’t think any less of a couple who didn’t serve booze at their wedding, but I’ll be honest and say that I’d be disappointed if I showed up to a wedding and it was dry. And I’m not even a big drinker. I just think that, in my circle of friends and family, that’s what you do at weddings. You drink, you eat, you socialize, you dance. I don’t need to get wasted, but a couple of glasses of wine would be nice.


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    “Serving only non-alcoholic beverages is not rude or strange, contrary to popular belief”

    Doesn’t popular belief determine whether something is rude or strange?

    I don’t think it’s rude to not serve alcohol, but I definitely prefer a wedding that does! I’ve never been to a wedding that did not have some kind of alcohol (although I wasn’t always old enough to partake).

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    • Wedding: July 2010

    Sorry, your poll options weren’t very clear.

    I’ve never been to a wedding without alcohol being served.  This could be just beer and wine, champagne toast, complimentary cocktails, or a full, open bar.  Depends on the wedding and the couple’s budget. 

    Weddings that serve alcohol are not necessarily drunken parties, many are classy affairs and people are civil and respectful.


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    • Wedding: May 2010

    I was actually in a dry wedding last summer.  No drinking, no dancing.  The whole reception ended within 1 hour, basically after the dinner.  It was so much work to help set up/clean up the venue for nearly 250-300 people when it only last an hour 🙁  Let’s just say that wedding didn’t make it on my “top weddings I’ve been to” list…

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    @dillpickle46: Yikes. Was it a religious thing that prohibited drinking/dancing, or just a preference? We’re not having alcohol but DEFINITELY having music and dancing to keep guests entertained.

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    @Statutory Grape:  Yes they are very strict Baptists.  Dancing would have made it a million times better!

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    • Wedding: August 2010

    I’ve been to an Afghanistan wedding, where there was no alcohol at all.  We had an AMAZING time…the focus was more on the family, the friends, and the food.  Literally, the food was amazing and actually inspired us to try many more dishes from the region since the wedding (especially because we aren’t Afghany!)  The dancing and entertainment was amazing!  I think no alcohol turns the focus on to other things, and for the most part, it’s for the better!

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