(Closed) Have you ever been cheated on?

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    @cheesecakelove:  I was cheated on by my ex-boyfriend, the last before I met Darling Husband.  I found out at the end of our relationship mid-breakup when he told me just to piss me off as I’m already heartbroken at that point.  So obviously our relationship was pretty screwed up, I don’t think people in strong relationships cheat!  He was always suspicious/terrible unconfident and thought that I was cheating ALL THE TIME so he said he did it to get back at me (when I never cheated).  I don’t think there were any signs other than his lack of confidence in himself.  That and his friends didn’t like me so they probably encouraged him to cheat, the girl was part of the group of friends.  He went on to meet a ton of women online and marry one…

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    Not that I know of…

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    My ex boyfriend cheated on me. One time,  that I knew about. We were young and I didn’t pay attention to the relationship as much as I should’ve, because I don’t think I knew my heart wasn’t in it anymore, so I didn’t notice any warning signs until the day he came clean. While it hurt me a lot, it didn’t hurt nearly as much as the mere though of that happening in my current relationship. Which I know it wont, my Fiance has good character, something my ex was lacking.


    I stupidly forgave him. Things went downhill from there. It was a lesson in life and betrayal/ cheating is something I will never tolerate or attempt to work through again, its not worth it. Once trust is gone it never comes back.


    ETA: Our relationship was very weak and immature. We got together young and didn’t grow up together, we grew apart and didn’t really realize it until it got terrible. It became comfortable and we got stuck.



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    Does my grade 8 boyfriend kissing another girl count?  If not, then no.  And I’m really sorry that you are going through this. 

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    @cheesecakelove:  I’ve been cheated on a few times, but most we stupid highschool relationships.  My first serious boyfriend – we were together almost 2 years, cheated on me.  I know he did, he’s never admitted it.

    I should have known better – he was a serial cheater.  He cheated on L with C, on C with J, cheated on J with me, cheated on me with M AND J#2, then J#2 cheated on him and he came crying to me, at which point I pretty much told him he got what he deserved.  He’s now happily married and I feel bad for his wife.  I thought we had a pretty solid relationship, even though a lot of it was distance – it was end of highschool all of my first year of University and all of the following summer (i’d even flown cross country to go visit his grandparents with him and attend his uncles wedding).


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    I suspected it right at the end, and after he dumped me I aired out my suspicions to a friend. Lo and behold like 2 weeks later him and suspicious-lady are “official” on Facebook and someone commented “it’s about time!”

    So… no proof, but a bit of a hunch. At the very least, left me for her.

    As far as strong/weak, we weren’t together very long – maybe 3 months? But I did like him a lot at the time, no fights or anything.

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    I suspect I might have been, but I’ll never know the answer to that mystery. Doesn’t matter now anyway.

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    He cheated on me and i had left his place that morning. i found out when his friend came over one of the following days to tell me that,,, and try to hit on me after that. but i refused to believe it. i mean she was a lot bigger than me and not as pretty and def not even close to being as nice. It didnt matter when he was all totally wasted. he never attmited to it and we moved on. it was a drunken night. our relationship was weak and he was and maybe still is a weak person. There were a lot of signs that he was a weakling, i just thought if someone belived in him, he could be stronger. long story short , He was a douche. lol

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    My ex cheated on me while I was pregnant. He fessed up, but I could tell what had happened before he said anything. 

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    Not with a SO.

    But with a guy I was just starting dating, turns out he was saying ”all the right things” to me and was having sex with his f***friend behind my back. I found out by calling him one afternoon to propose an activity, and he was acting weird on the phone. I asked ”is she there ?” and he said yes. Alright, then have a nice life and don’t call back. 😉

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    My ex cheated on me a lot.  I always had suspicions and I confronted him a few times but he would always deny it.  I finally had enough of not trusting him and broke up with him (I was pregnant at the time).  Several years later he was going through a divorce with his second wife and I basically said “If you would keep your dick in your pants you wouldn’t be 36 and 2 divorces”  I mentioned that I still believed he had cheated on me etc.  He finally admitted that he cheated on me countless times.  He worked 3rd shift at a News Station, I worked 2nd shift at a hospital and while I was at work he would go to his ex girlfriends.  He even told me there were times we would have sex after he got home from work, before I went to work and after he would go to his exes and she would give him a blow job.  Not that I had much respect for him anyway but after that confession I lost ANY respect I may have still had for him.  Needless to say I’m glad I got tested for STD’s while pregnant. 

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    @aggie2010:  ”it’s about time ” ?! I can’t believe these people. I’m so sorry. 

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    Yes, my most serious ex before Darling Husband cheated on me multiple times. We were on and off and all kinds of toxic and I knew the kind of guy he was…but I was stupid and in love and wanted to believe that I could make things work. He was just a big douchebag and everyone saw it except for me until it was too late. I finally ended things and met Darling Husband and now I couldn’t be happier 🙂

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