(Closed) Have you ever been close to dying?

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I’ve been sick enough where I’ve been taken in ASAP in the ER.  I’ve been scared that it might get to that point.  I haven’t actually had my heart stop for a decent period of time or anything like that, thank goodness!

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candy11:  yikes, those sound scary!

I choked on a bite of bratwurst a couple years ago and had to get the Heimlich from a friend. I was 120 seconds from death, no doubt – i was getting no air at all. I remember thinking “I’ll just go to the bathroom and try to cough this out”, and then I had a distinct memory of my mom telling me as a little kid about somebody dying alone in a restaurant bathroom because they were too embarrassed to ask for help, and I knew that was a BAD idea. So I did the international sign for choking to my friend and he successfully Heimliched me. It was a really quick and surprisingly drama-free experience but I was all jacked up on adrenaline and shaking for a long time afterward. Needless to say, my mom is very happy that her words of wisdom popped into my head!

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I almost drowned last summer.

When I had my gallbladder out I was told that if I’d waited a half hour more to go to the ER it would have exploded. I still have scarring on my liver and intestines from the stones but at least I avoided sepsis.

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I went into anaphylaxis from an experiment in one of my classes in college. I was pretty calm while it was going on, but the people who epi penned me weren’t. It didn’t really hit me that I could have died until the next day.

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Twice in my life, I’ve stepped into traffic while distracted, and nearly got hit by fast-moving cars. As a result I now have a phobia of being hit by a car, and I am so careful and paranoid.

The first time was in Paris. I was approaching the Arc de Triomphe and was looking up at the top of the arch and not paying attention — nearly got hit by a car in that circle of traffic that goes around the arch.

Then years later, my sister and I were trying out our new rollerblades in a new neighborhood where we had just moved. 

At one point we were talking and distracted, and we started to skate across a very busy four-lane road where the cars go 50+ mph.

Halfway across the road we heard horns blowing and noticed that a wall of traffic was coming right at us because, hello, we didn’t have the green light.

Fortunately we scrambled back to the curb like a couple of chickens just in time, which wasn’t easy because we were very clumsy on the rollerblades.

It was a super scary moment because we both realized we could have been killed if the traffic had been any closer when we started crossing the road. And if one of us had tripped on the rollerblades, we would have been lying there in the road, helpless.

The sad thing is, years later a young guy was hit by a car and killed right at that spot, and there is a little memorial for him at the side of the road. Whenever I drive by I see the memorial and I think, it could have been my sister and I. 

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I fell off my horse one time and landed on my shoulder and knocked myself out (and broke my collar bone where it meets my shoulder). I could have landed on my head and broken my neck or something. It still freaks me out when I think about that.

My husband had to have an emergency appendectomy when he was a teenager. By the time he got to the hospital they had to rush him into surgery and he had to stay in the hospital for like a week. He doesn’t remember much but the doctors told him it was very close (like maybe 30 minutes) to rupturing.

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A few times… We used to joke that my life is a little bit like final destination lol.

-Almost drowned in the meditteranean. Got sucked in after a wave hit me and was hunder for a good amount of time until someone got me out.

-Gone into anaphylaxis about 7 times in my life (severely allergic to peanuts/treenuts)

-When I was a kid I tried hanging Christmas decorations on a high bookshelf that wasn’t bolted down to anything. I was home sick that day and felt a bit dizzy when I was at the top so I grabbed on to it but fell backwards. Landed on the hardwood floor and the huge bookshelf landed on top of me stopping at my neck. Could have been beheaded! My mom got one of those superhuman mom strength moments and lifted the whole thing off of me when she heard the crash. Only had bruises!

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candy11:  Twice. When my mom went in for a routine ultrasound at about 6.5 months, they found out that the umbilical cord was wrapped around my neck and rushed her for an emergency c-section. I was born not breathing and with a very weak heartbeat. And when I was about 12 I almost drowned (at swim lessons). The teacher was new, and didnt’ realize when diving was supposed to be taught, so she started teaching it to us – which was a level or two early. I got all the way down to the bottom to retrieve the diving stick, but ran out of air and couldn’t get back up. My cousin actually jumped in to get me back out!


I don’t know if anyone else has experienced this, but I’m curious to those who have had near death experiences – can you wear watches? I can’t – they spazz out and go dead within a week. My mom has mentioned that she has heard that the body’s magnetic field can go wonky after a near death experience. (Sorry to slightly threadjack!)

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Last December, I went to the ER because my left leg was red, and swollen 1/5 times the normal size, and hurt like crazy. After an ultrasound, I was admitted to the hospital – turns out I had Deep Vein Thrombosis that ran from my knee to my kidneys.  The surgeon who operated on my leg (inserting a catheter to break up and suck out the blood clots since they were too extensive to let break up on their own), told my mom that I had an angel on my shoulder because they were that bad, and he couldn’t believe they hadn’t broken off to go into my lungs.

After a lot of testing, it was determined that my birth control pills caused the blood clots, and it was good I was obsessive about knowing the side effects so I knew as soon as I got up that I needed to get to the ER. 

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When I was a teenager I was ice skating and skated over a hole in the ice somene had made ti do sim ice fishing.  I was screaming fr e friends wh thought I was joking.  EVENTULALLY they got me out, but I have never been so scared in my life.


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A few months ago I pulled out of a parking lot and almost got slammed straight on. It was kind of my fault, but there was no way I could have known- I couldn’t see the guy.

The car in the closest lane let me out because they were stopped at a light. I looked to the right and no one was coming. I pulled out, and a huge truck had to be going 60mph in 2nd lane I could not see was coming straight at me. I had 0 time to respond. I did not hit the breaks, swerve or react in any way. All I saw was the front of his truck coming straight at my driver side door. Somehow he managed to slam on his breaks within about 2 inches of my car, not exaggerating. I would have died or been severely impaired if he had hit me- straight on my car door. The scariest part was it was in slow motion I saw the whole thing unfold yet I could not even react.

Needless to say I was shaking for the next few hours. The guy in the truck and a few cars around us started laughing!! I am hoping it was more of a “omg I can’t believe that!” laugh, because otherwise they are the worst humans alive.

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Seven or eight times. Is is weird I can’t remember? Two of them were attempted murder. 

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candy11:  I hydroplaned once on an interstate overpass.  I lost control of the car and it spun out crashing into the railing.  I was in my mother’s explorer which I wasn’t used to driving.  The car was very top heavy and I was certain I was going to go off the side of the over pass.  Even when the car stopped after slaming into the railing I still felt like I was falling.  I was so freaked out I couldn’t figure out how to open my car door.  A couple stopped and helped me out. It’s funny because it was rush hour but there had been a little gap in traffic.  I was so concerned with going over the railing I didn’t even think about other cars hitting me, which in reality was probably a much higher risk.  It was terrifying and it took a long time for me to feel comfortable driving again.  I compeltely totaled the car, but luckily only had a sore kneck and some bruises from the air bag.

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