(Closed) Have you ever been close to dying?

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I actually had a close call with a car recently. I had the right of way regardless as it was a green light and this car comes speeding out of nowhere when I was in the middle of the crosswalk. He turned thinking I’d either be done before he made it or was distracted. If I hadn’t jumped back in time, I could of very possibly been killed. It was a large SUV. 

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I have two times. The first time I don’t actually remember as I was maybe only 5 but my family sure does.  We were at an amusement park and I ran right in front of a car and the only reason she stopped was because my family was screaming.  My dad said she was inches from my face and I just froze and stood there. My dad still cries when he talks about it so that definitely traumatized him more than me.  

The second time was when i way over drank in 100 degree weather with a heart condition.  I remember grabbing my chest when my heart felt extremely heavy and slow and then just falling on the floor foaming at the mouth.  I woke up in the ambulance and remember feeling like I was dying.. It was weird. My heart was beating so slow.  The next thing I know they’re shoving oxygen tubes up my nose. At the hospital my poor family thought I died. My doctor told me then that my heart condition is only non threatening when behaving in a healthy way.  I have since realized how out of hand over drinking can get.  I get these odd flashbacks to that night and get sweaty and anxious. 

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I came close to drowning once while white water rafting. I’m a good swimmer and I love rafting, but our raft overturned in a Level 4 rapid. I’ve fallen out enough times (and in higher level rapids) to know how to float safely, but the rapid kept pulling me down under the water. I hit my head on a rock, but luckily didn’t black out. I ended up “swimming” the rapid to stay afloat – I was terrified. I swallowed a ton of water and thought about just giving up a few times. Finally, the rapid pushed me out, and I was picked up by another raft. 

Apparently, none of their rafts had ever overturned there before (in 25+ years of rafting that river). My guide was shaking and when I got back to my raft, my Darling Husband (then BF) was fighting tears. They were both convinced I was going to die. (So was I for a time!)

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WifeyGtoBe:  Oh my gosh, that’s so horrible!! I can’t even imagine what you must have gone through! How did you guys even survive for 5 days with gunshot wounds and no medical care! It’s a miracle. Were you both passed out the entire time and unable to call police or get water for each other? I can’t even believe this happened to you, I have no words, I really can’t imagine the physical and emotional toll that must have taken on you both. You are a survivor, in every sense of the word, sending you a big hug.

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probably the funniest thing happrn in my life. i had a near death experience, i have nearly killed myself in front of traffic, because i am not paying attention. :-p

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WifeyGtoBe:  That’s horrifying – so sorry you and your brother had to go through that!


My near-death experience was the result of a suicide attempt. I have depression and was having an especially bad time with it, so I tried to hang myself. I was totally unconscious when my partner found me and got me down.

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I was in a school shooting when I was in college. It was in the news. 5 people died. Although I did not personally get hurt, I had never been more scared in my life. I still have nightmares of being shot in a public setting, I’ll jump when I hear loud noises, and I am constantly looking at exit doors when I am at a movie or a show since that is how the shooter came into our classroom.

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I went to the urgent care a few years ago from a rash that went from my shoulders down to my feet and while in the exam room, went into anaphylatic shock.  500 mg of benadryl, steroid shot and an epi pen.  

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 I thought long and hard about sharing this, but here goes:  I nearly died of a drug overdose.  If my family hadn’t come back because they had forgtten something, I would be dead. They called the paramedica and it took several hours to bring me out of my coma. {no, I have since rehabbed, I don’t abuse pills any more}.

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Twice.  Our plane lost an engine twenty minutes outside the airport.  Fortunately we didn’t realize how serious it was until we saw all the emergency equipment on the runway.  It was a good landing however and all was well.  But some scary minutes.

When I was in my mid-40’s I struck my head on the edge of the car door.  It was a minor hit, and I was fine.  Later I bent over and the pain in my head exploded and dropped me to my knees.  The hit had caused a major brain bleed.  There was nothing the neuro surgeon could do but wait it out and hope I survived. 

I would be fine for a time sometimes for days, and then out of the blue I would develop excrutiating pain in my head for hours or days.  It continued for months until I found a neurologist that figured out what to do.  She slapped me in the hospital and gave me some kind of medication that dilated the veins in my brain and it stopped the pain.  I am sure the treatment involved more than that, but I was pretty much out of it by that time.  After a few days the pain was gone forever.

The interesting thing about this health crisis was my personality changed drastically.  Fortunately it was for the better.  Apparently I was a real bitch, and this turned me into a nicer kinder person. 


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candy11:  I got hit by a car, but only ended up with a subdural haematoma.  A little brain damage, but certainly didn’t come close to dying! Thank god! 🙂

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And when I say hit by a car, I mean that I was not in or on any sort of vehicle.  Just me. Hit by a car.

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