Have you ever been in a scary/life threatening situation?

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That is horrifying!!

The scariest/life threatening situation I have ever been in was when I was younger (the summer between 5th and 6th grade). It didn’t become scary to me until much later when I really was able to grasp the situation and what almost happened to me.  At the time, I was at a friends house out in the middle of nowhere.  We were outside swinging and her German Shepherd kept running into the woods barking like CRAZY.  We didn’t pay it any mind.  Then the dog would come back to us and bark.  At one point she bit my arm (not too hard) and pulled me in the direction of the house.  At that point, there was a man in the woods calling out to my friend and I while we were sitting on the swingset.  I remember him saying, “Come closer, I can’t see you!” and my oblivious arse was trying to talk back to him. I was saying, “What??”!!! RIGHT when I was about to walk to the edge of the woods (while my friend is hysterically crying, because she was smarter than me lol), a cop car pulled up looking for a lost dog.  What kind of luck is that?  I could be gone today if that cop didn’t pull up and distract me/the guy in the woods.  

We were left home alone with my friend’s 18 year old sister who was in the house at the time and was not supervising us.  Soo scary.

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Honey bee
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Mine didn’t involve other people, but I came close to drowning during a rafting trip.

I LOVE white water rafting, and I’ve been lucky enough to do it in multiple rivers and multiple levels – I even did one of the top 5 rivers in the world (in Costa Rica). All in all, I’m pretty comfortable with it and very experienced at falling out (my bad ankle makes it hard for me to wedge my feet in correctly).

Anyway, the raft flipped during a relatively mild trip, but it was during a level 4 rapid. I couldn’t just float on my back like you’re supposed to, because it kept dragging me down under the river. I swam the rapid and eventually got out, but I had swallowed so much water that I couldn’t speak, and I was having trouble moving or seeing straight. My chest was killing me, too. I remember thinking that I was going to die in that rapid.

When I was finally rescued, I was shaking uncontrollably and couldn’t help the people lift me back into the raft. The guide was really shaken – he had never had a raft flip at that spot, and he was sure I would be seriously injured or drown. Darling Husband (then BF) was terrified and cried when I was found.

I still love rafting, but I have had a few nightmares about being unable to breathe since then.

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I was on US Airways 1549 “that day”.

Oddly enough I wasn’t really scared till after it all happened and we were being taken off the ferry. I guess because it all happened so fast!

I still fly, by the way, and actually fly mostly on US Airways.

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Busy bee

@mrsmay07:  thats scary!! I work in a residential psychiatric center where i have to do a lot of physical restraints, etc. One day, I had just gotten to work and began walking down the hall to clock in. One of the patients ran out of his room, jumped on my back and started stabbing me in the neck with scissors and biting me. Luckily the scissors were the kid/safety scissors but I legit thought I was going to die lol. Unfortunately, that sort of thing happpens a lot where I work. If you can think it, it has probably happened to me lol.

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I was living on the border of Baltimore county/Baltimore city, which is nice one block and terrible the next. I was home alone since my boyfriend was working at the time. I was sitting down to eat dinner when this person started slamming on my door (and I really mean SLAMMING). I went to the peephole but he purposely stood to the side so I couldn’t see him. He kept pounding and screaming that he knew I was in there, he was going to come back for me, etc. I wound up calling 911 because I feared he was going to break in through my window/kill me because I lived on the first floor.

When the cops finally came (~30 mins later) they arrived in plain clothes. I was scared that he had heard me call the cops and was trying to trick me into opening the door, so I asked to see their badges. They refused, actually, but they were real police officers. They told me if he came back, to call again. I refused to stay home alone for the longest time and would stay at my BF’s place when he was working from then on. 

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@LadyBear:  This is so similar to my near-death story! I was rafting in high school and we hit a rock and I flew out. In all the chaos no one saw where I went. I had fallen out the front and then the raft came on top of me so that I was stuck between a flat rock and the raft face down. I tried to squirm but it was a full 30 seconds before they realized where I was. I was fully convinced that I was going to have to just suck in water and drown. Then everyone jumped out of the raft so it would get un-stuck from on top of me and I came to the top spluttering and choking. Luckily I got out with just a broken arm and headache but that’s definitely the closest I’ve been to death.

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I was in a bank once that got robbed by 4 guys. They made everyone get on the ground and took at our money, they had guns and such but no one was harmed. It was scarier a few days later when the same group of guys robbed another bank but this time beat the crap out of all the patrons when they robbed them.

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@mrsmay07:  that is terrifying! 

The scariest memory I have was living in a really awful part of Mesa Arizona and our neighboor who was a drug addict shot his wife and the police had everyone on lock down and we couldn’t go anywhere because the walls were so thin that if we left the shower we could accidentally be shot. 

This was the same area where my elementary school went on lock down because of a drunk shooter wandering the campus. Both were probably my worst experiences. 

EDIT TO ADD: Unfortunately things similar weren’t uncommon because of where we lived. It is crazy how poverty effects the safety of the area. 




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 A male friend and I were in Cambodia after just having crossed the boarder (where we were extorted for money inexhcnage for the visa for entry) from Thailand.  We took the bus so we arrived sort of late and there were no more scheduled buses to where we were going so we had to look for a local “taxi” for the 3.5 hour ride.  We finally decided on one, but others were chasing down our car after we got in and trying to not let it drive away saying it has stolen business.  Eventually after the driver, after a screaming match while we sat inside the car surrounded, got back in and we started driving again.  At one point an hour in we pulled over some random empty dark parking lot where 5 men walked toward the car and looked in at us.  We were told to get out and get into the next car parked beside us for the remainder of the trip. OH and that we would have to pay them too on top of our arleady agreed on amount.  We tried to fight it, but eventually went with it.  Then they sort of “forced” us into their home to buy a meal while we waited for more passengers.  Then another hour after being in that car (8 people in a Toyota Camry), we pulled over to side of the road where we were approached and surrounded by 6-8 men on motor cycles who just peered in the car.  (Turned out to be a bathroom break).  I guess people were just curious, but I was scared as F(@!*.


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Sugar bee

I was caught in a rip tide once when I was about 12. My mother wasn’t paying attention and I was too far from a lifeguard for them to see me. I obviously panicked because I had never been taught any better and I really thought I was going to die. I just remember swallowing gulp after gulp of water because I couldn’t keep my head up, it was so scary. Somehow I was able to get out and I collapsed on the sand because I was SO exhausted. 

A few years later I was skiing in Washington and got caught in a small avalanche and once more, thought I was going to die. I lost my skiis and was thankfully only partially buried in the snow, it was terrifying especially because I was very very close to a VERY steep cliff.

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@mrsmay07:  I was home alone house-sitting when someone broke into the house. I didn’t know if he had been staking out the house and was after me or just to steal. I locked my bedroom door and jumped out my window on the roof. (A good 4 feet jump that i had no idea if i would make it, but i figured a broken leg was better than being inside). I called 911 from the roof and the man ran out of the house and took off in his car. 

2 days later a man was arrested at the campground across the street from me for armed robbery, 3 assult charges, grand theft auto and multiple house robberies. 

So scary. 

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Buzzing bee

I have no scary stories myself, but one of my ex-boyfriend’s nephews is always in scary, life-threatening situations. This kid has had bad luck written all over him from before he was even born. His mom doesn’t like taking him out in public anymore because of all of these scary situations, but my ex used to joke that it was probably because she was afraid to be out with him incase bad luck struck LOL.

First when she was only like 5 or 6 months pregnant with him she was in a bad car accident and almost lost him. She had to be on bed rest and take medications to stop labor from happening.

Then when he was one or two years old he was in the Trolly Square shooting in Utah. 

A year or so after that they were standing in line at the pharmacy when a man came in and robbed the pharmacy at gunpoint. 

I just think that’s so crazy! I’ve gone 20 years without any really scary situations (thankfully), but he has had so many and he’s like five! LOl

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@Horseradish:   Oh my gosh!!!!!!!!  Are you up for sharing more details? That’s incredible.  And good for you for continuing to fly!

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