(Closed) Have you ever been invited to a wedding you didn’t want to go to?

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I’m always annoyed when my co-workers invite me…mostly because we don’t know each other well at all!  (I change duty every year and a half…)  I usually politely decline.  If I like the person I get them a nice gift instead.  If I don’t like them, I don’t get them anything.

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I have had a few.  The most difficult one to say no to was my brotherin law’s sister’s wedding.  I’ve known them for years.  But since I’d moved to my new area then, it was almost six and a half hours away or required for a weekend a plane ride.  Also, I was going thru my divorce and it was held at the same church I was married in and in the exact same sanctuary.  Just couldn’t do it.  No matter how much I loved them both.  I felt bad for that.  To this day still do.

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They only wedding I ever did not want to attend was when I was 18, and I knew my exboyfriend was going to be there!  It seems a little silly now, but our relationship ended on REALLY bad terms, and he was the last person I wanted to see.  My parents "made" me go, and it was awkward, but not terrible.  The ex and I each stayed on our separate sides of the reception, so there were no big dramatic encounters!  🙂

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No….but I haven’t been invited to very many. I used to beg my friends to get married because up until about a year ago I had never been to a wedding that I could remember (I was a flower girl for all my aunts weddings, but was so young I have no memory of it. I realize that saying I didn’t remember it made it sound like I was just way too drunk!)

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Yes and no…there were a few that I didn’t want to attend b/c I didn’t know the couple well and felt like they were showing off and fishing for gifts.  On the other hand, I’m intrigued by weddings and like to see what each couple has done.  Basically, this curiousity and my difficulty with saying "no" means I go to almost every one I’m invited to, but find that the gift is influenced by my relationship with the couple.

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 When I was 17 I got invited to the very small (20-25 person) outdoor ceremony of my 18 year old ex-bf, and his 19 year old gf, who the jerk had cheated on me with for most of the 1 1/2 years we had dated! He cheated because she would "put out" and I wouldn’t.

 They got married about 3 months after he and I broke up. We broke up because I overheard him telling her on the phone, at MY house, in MY bedroom, sitting on MY bed, that: "I know baby! I love you too! No, I don’t love her! Yes, I’m going to break up with her. I was going to do it the other day, but then her grandma died, and I coudn’t do it then, it would be too mean. Okay I’ll do it tonight."

My grandmother had died suddenly only few days before, and then I found out that creep was cheating! I walked in casually as soon as he hung up and said "well that was informative" He had no idea what I was talking about and even tried to deny it, so I slapped him and told him to get out of my house. 

 I went to the wedding only because my brother was his best man, and I wanted to try to ease tension. Afterward, as cruel as this sounds,  I got to laugh inwardly at her glitter eyeshadow and lipstick, visible bra straps in a strapless dress, badly chipped nail polish, and the fact that her hair was greasy (as in, I swear she hadn’t showered that day or the day before. It looked like brown yarn!), and her bridesmaids in what were obviously (hideous) PROM dresses. That sounds so mean, but really, can you blame me? Her hygine and fashion decisions have (thankfully) since improved. Their marriage however, has not. Turns out that a ring doesn’t change a man’s stripes. Once a cheater, always a cheater. 

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Busy bee
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Oh, there  was a wedding I really didn’t want to go to.  The first time I met the groom, his future bride announced that he was, "too fat" to order the entree he had chosen.  She then spent dessert complaining about how much she disliked the side effects to his anti-depressants.

The highlight of their wedding was  a slide show her parents created, and they had a picture of her with the caption, "Just like Helen of Troy, her beauty amazed all."  Since her physical beauty matched her internal beauty, the guests could barely keep from laughing out loud!

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There has only been one that I didn’t go to.  I didn’t agree with them getting married and they were divorced less than a year after the wedding.  Didn’t really want to pay for a flight across the country for a couple I didn’t believe in.

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No, I was close to all the wedding parties I’ve been invited to: my brother, my sister, my cousin, my childhood friend in California; I had some friends who got married but couldn’t make it due to exams; then  I moved back to the US when all my med school friends started getting married in the Philippines which is half way around the world


so if anything there were a lot of weddings I wanted to go to but couldn’t

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i have one of these next weekend!  its Fiance friend from high school.  i have absolutely no desire to go.  the ceremony is 40 min away from the reception and the reception is like 10 miles from the hotel and they are not providing transportation.  plus it isn’t open bar.  it will honestly be more of a hassle than it’s worth.  i’m so irritated lol.

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I have been invited to over 45 weddings.  I have been invited to several I was surprised by: distant friends of the family, or just people I wasn’t very close with.  More recently, I have really just gotten TIRED of going to weddings.  I have declined via the response card and sent a card with a check as a wedding gift. 

It is sometimes awkward, but usually I don’t see the couple often enough that it would be an issue.  

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Wow some crazy stories on this thread! I have not been to many weddings and I have always gone. If I did have to travel far to go then that would be a major issue. I will wait till I have been invited to 45 weddings like sunnyb77 and my mindset might be a lot different. I bet Mr. and Mrs. Bee get invited to tons of weddings I wonder how many weddings a year? 

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Ha. Yes, of course. Many, several. I have only attended a handful of weddings and it’s because I rather not go. I still send a gift though.

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My best friends wedding. I feel so bad for saying this and hope she never reads it. I dont like her now husband.

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