(Closed) Have you ever been told to "smile more?"

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  • poll: Have you ever been told to "smile more?"

    Yes, I have. I found it annoying!

    Yes, I have. I didn't mind.

    No, never.

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    Oh yeah… I have bitchy resting face or whatever it’s called hahaha.

    It’s always some creepy dude when I’m lost in my own thoughts walking down the street being like ‘honey, you look so sad.. let’s see that pretty smile!’.

    I’ve had women do it too. It always catches me off guard! I find it annoying. Like what if I WAS genuinely sad at the time?! I just have one of those faces where I look sad when I don’t smile, I guess. I think I smile plenty, though.

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    Yes, my resting face when I’m just minding my business isn’t all smiley. It absolutely drives me nuts when people are like SMILE!! Especially strangers and bums on the street downtown. I want to be like well I was in a perfectly fine mood until you went and forgot to mind your own business!

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    I get this all the time. Apparantly I look super pissed while I am driving too. My DH is always telling me I look crazy when I am driving. Otherwise I’m not the most “smiley person” on the planet.

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    YES! When I’m deep in thought I must look pretty angry because random people have said “cheer up, love” or “crack a smile”. If I wasn’t p*ssed off before, I certainly am now!

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    I thought I would, but a stranger (someone who lived in the same complex at me) said it once.  He was so friendly and gave a compliment along with it so it didn’t bother me.

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    somethingblue04:  I have a sort of bitchy resting face- it’s not like Kristen Stewart level, but it’s there. I just look… unpleasant.

    Anyway, I used to be a bartender. And my boss (who was at the bar from open til close) was the most miserable human being I have ever met. He was the biggest dick in the entire world and treated us girls like shit. I hated working there. And it showed on my face. I was always pleasant with customers and I would smile when I served them. But if I was just standing around, not talking to anyone, you could tell I hated my life at that moment.

    It would piss me off to no end when customers (usually men) would tell me to smile more. I would nod and think to myself: “you have no fucking idea what it’s like to work here dipshit”

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    Yes, I suffer from what I call “restless bitch face”. My normal face when relaxed looks very mean and angry, even though I’m not! People always tell me to “smile more”, “or don’t be so bummed”, when I’m not bummed or sad at all. That’s just my freaking face. Annoys the crap out of me.

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    This drives me insane. It’s always men, and strangers at that. I’m not your puppet, I just don’t walk around with a huge grin on my face all day, every day. I’ve started responding with, “no” or, “why?”

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    Ugh, yes. The thing is, the normal thing for me is to burst out laughing every five minutes, smile, or at least look happy and pleasant and cheer everyone up. So when I’m not smiling for more than an hour at a time, people (especially the ones who know me well enough to know that’s not normal) start asking me what’s wrong and telling me to smile. I just want to scream! I’m allowed to have a bad day too, dammit! 

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    I am an extremely happy and upbeat person… That being said, I don’t just sit here smiling when I am alone or the moment doesn’t call for it.  

    I still remember an instance in high school when I was walking down the hall.  I was looking at the ground thinking and this guy comes up to me and tells me I need to smile more.. All I could think was ‘Dude, I’m walking down the hall by myself… I’m pretty sure if I had a huge smile right now I’d be considered insane.’  Instead I smiled like a smartass and continued walking, but it definitely bugged me a bit.  There were definitely big problems in my life at that time so it is completely possible I looked angry at the world, but I still found it an inappropriate time to be walking around cheesin’.  

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    It’s obnoxious and sexist, any man who does it is pretty much openly acknowledging that he believes it’s his right to demand to be pleased/soothed/titillated by any woman who happens to pass within his eyesight.

    I can’t remember any time this has been happened to me (I think I must have homicidal resting face), but if it ever did, I would just look that guy right in the face without changing my expression a bit. But maybe bare my teeth a little.

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    somethingblue04:  oh ya! I have resting bitch face, but I swear I’m a very positive happy person! I know my bitch face/not smiling is directly related to the fact that up until I was 16/17 I had horrible horrible teeth (like double row shark teeth) so I never smiled so ppl couldn’t see them. I’ve also got a crooked smile from so many years of trying to cover up my really bad side… 

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    I have a resting bitch face. Think Jennifer Lawrence when she’s not making any face at all. Like this. Not exactly mean, but not really thrilled looking either. By The Way I LOVE HER! :3 But yeah, people are jerks. I’ll be sitting somewhere when my dad sees me, and I’m just chilling out and he says, “Smile.” Which for him always means, “Stop sulking, you have nothing be upset about. You look ugly when you’re upset too.” LOL. And I’ve had poeple at my job say that I don’t smile enough. Ugh. I work as a telemarketer and dude. Those people yell at you for not smiling enough so you sound happy.

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