(Closed) Have you ever had a traumatic haircut experience?

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Me and a friend were playing dares. As a dare, she dared me to let her cut my hair. I allowed it or the punishment would be shaving my head. She clipped my top layers up. She started at the back. We got the clippers out for the punishment but she used them to cut the back underneath part. She cut it really short! She cut all my hair into a shoulder length .

For my revenge, next time she slept round mine, I cut her hair so short that it was prickly. I kept cutting at it to the shortest I could get with scissors. I got the clippers out and shaved the rest of her hair.

After that, we played the same dare game and she dared me to let her cut my hair again. I did! She cut half my hair off. I then cut all of my back off and I was 11. My mum freaked out so she cut all my hair off. I dared my friend that dare and I made it short on top and really really short on bottom so it was prickly. We played it 10 mins ago and did the same.

My pe teacher cut my hair once for refusing to put it in ponytail.

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Honey bee
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Basically every time I go to a salon. I’m not sure what the issue is, but I’m having a real issue finding a hairdresser that understands that my hair is long on purpose, and that a “trim” does not mean “please hack of 6 inches”. -_- 

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Blushing bee
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I had long beautiful blonde hair down to the middle of my back. I had gone red for A couple years and then back to blonde.  I had just moved to DC for a new job and decided to get my hair cut.  So I went to the shop and was talking about how eventually i want to get the color cut from my hair becase my natural color was a few inches in and I want to keep it the same length while it grows out.  Well, the woman who was gabbing to her friend only heard the bit about cutting the color out…and that is exactly what she did. I ended up with a pixie cut that the manager had to do after the woman chopped a huge chunk of my hair off almost to the root. I’m getting married in 6 months and having such a hard time dealing with this hair. 

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This is why I cut my own hair, I have had a whopping 2 good hair cuts in my life the rest awful, one time i left with a haircut like the mom off of the brady bunch! So I grabbed scissors and fixed it myself. I just recently i went to get a trim and the lady says “do you want your bangs blended” and i stupidly said sure thinking it sounded nice….nope the right side of my head is really choppy now so i always have to pin sections back. When i was like 12 i wanted a perm and they asked if i wanted tight or loose curls…i did not know what this meant until it was done then i realized i was aiming for loose curls not tight ones but my mom told her “i think she wants tight ones” imagine growing that out….i have thick hair it was like an afro. I have also done that thing where you wrap your hair in a round brush and had my hair chopped off because of it. I hate hair cuts

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Helper bee
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@MM423: YES!!! I had the same experience!  When I was 16 I went to a new hair dresser and asked for long layered bangs (remember how trendy that was in the late 90’s??)  The hair dresser butchered it and gave me these short itty bitty bangs. Not only did it look terrible, but because my hair is naturally wavy, I just had these tiny curls across my forehead. Uh. When they got long enough I braided them back every day.  

Also, every hair dresser I’ve ever seen since then has flat out refused to A. give me bangs B. cut my hair shorter then chin length because of my hairs texture. 




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Yes! I wanted to dye my hair brown (from blonde).  Somehow the stylist convinced me to leave some blonde highlights in there instead.  Sure, sounds great very pretty.  Well, what she did was dye 2 thick strips in the front of my head dark brown and left the rest very blonde.  I cannot even believe I walked out of there looking like that!  I was 19 or 20 and didn’t want to say anything. I cried when I got home and my mom called the manager to demand they fix my head for free – NOW!  


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@Running Elley:  omg how awful! i love your hair now though – so cute, love the color too!  By the way, I would have shaved my head and just worn wigs!!!

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Busy bee

I looked for someone’s post about bad haircuts, becuase I got one last night … and its two weeks before our egagement photos!

I’m kinda freaking out.  The fiance thinks I look great and says he doesn’t see anything wrong with my new cut (though, he is being supportive of my feelings).  I only wanted maybe an inch cut off (I like my hair long and that’s all it needed to get rid of the dead ends) and instead the stylist (the first time I’ve ever gone to her, mind you) cut off at least 2 or 3!  Its not “horrbiel”, but it is a bit choppy and shorter than I wanted.  🙁  Plus, I’m not a fan of how it lays in the back (I feel like the back is too long compared to the front/sides when all my hair is laying on my back).  But she said they only way to fix it is to “take more length off and make it shorter”.  That freaked me out so I told her not to!  But now, I have to decide, do I learn to love it enough for the engagement photos and keep the current “length” but not love the back OR cut the back so I like it, but have shorter hair?

Anyone have any suggestions?  This is still fresh for me and I could use some help/encouragement/whatever.  🙂  THANKS!

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Busy bee
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I got my hair cut when I was younger into a pixie cut, Mia Farrow short. It was cute, and I decided to get it cut again after it had grown out a bit. Well, the second time around the girl cut my hair so short, the hairs by my ears weren’t even long enough to touch my ears!!

I went home a cried, bought some store hair dye and died it brown. That fixed the over all look a bit, but I still hated it. From that moment on I started growing my hair out. 6 years later it’s past my shoulders halfway down my back! I even switched hair dressers but remained at the same salon. So I basically cheated on my hairdresser in front of her.

Now I know why girls cry on ANTM when they get their beautiful, long hair cut.

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Sugar bee
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I’ve had two HORRID haircuts.

I have always had med-long hair, between just past my shoulders to halfway down my back.  It is fine but really thick.  It can be wavy but I usually wear it straight with a few layers in the bottom.  I’ve tried other haircuts and they just don’t work for my hair.  It’s too thin to do layers too long or it just looks stringy and it’s too thick to wear too short or curly or it just poofs out like crazy, and it already has a tendency to frizz.

Once, went to Fantastic Sam’s because I was unemployed, thus broke and really really needed a haircut.  I asked for a trim, same layers, with some face framing.  She RAZORED the hair right in front of my ears.  It was so short and frizzy I had to clip it back every time I pulled it back for a couple YEARS.  I have never set foot in a chain haircut place since and and so very specific about what I mean by face framing.  Cut the very front a little bit short so it comes up towards my chin, that’s it.

The week before we had engagement pictures taken I went to get a trim.  I hadn’t been to this salon before but it had decent reviews, etc.  My mistake was wearing my glasses so I couldn’t see exactly what she was doing once I took them off.  Anyway – I was so very specific.  Cut off about 2″ then 1.5″ to 2″ of layers.  Just like it is.  I even did fingers.  This much layers (1.5″) NOT THIS MUCH (4″).  My hair looks terrible with longer layers.  When she was finally finished I had at least 4″ if not 6″ of choppy layers all over.  I almost cried.  I went home and tried my best to make it look good the next morning but I couldn’t.  It looked terrible.  I called the salon and insisted on getting it fixed because it was not what I wanted and looked terrible.  The owner re-cut my hair and was very apologetic, saying “yeah, that’s her style, she does a lot of the choppy stuff.”  She gave me the name of the woman who does my hair now and does a great job.  But… I don’t care what your style is – do what I tell you to!  I haven’t seen her there since, so at least in the 1.5 years it took to grow out her hack job I didn’t have to see her.

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I’ve had enough disappointing haircuts in my life that getting my haircut stresses me out.  Like, I can’t have caffeine beforehand because my heart will be pounding. 

I had bangs until middle school.  Pretty much every salon cut them too short.

I remember going to a big salon that was new to me in elementary or middle school.  After I was shampooed, I couldn’t remember where the stylist’s station was.  I just wandered around for a bit with wet hair until someone helped me out.

I got a haircut in the fall of my freshman year of college.  I asked for a chin-length bob, which is how I had worn my hair for a few years at that point.  My stylist cut it ear-length.  Having a haircut that you hate at the beginning of college is definitely upsetting.

I’ve been seeing the same stylist for the past few years, and I loved how she cut my hair at the beginning.  I haven’t liked my last few cuts as much, her new schedule is inconvenient for me, and there was a screw-up with my last appointment so that I ended up missing it.  Now I’m in search of a new stylist and discouraged by the high price of haircuts in this area and the task of finding someone new who cuts my hair in the way that I like.


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Not a haircut but a colour. Im in my last few weeks of doing my hairdressing course at college, and so we, the students, experiment a lot on each other.ANd so this past Monday, I decided to go blonde and have petrol blue foils put through my fringe ( I have a pixie cut with a long side swept fringe)so it lifted really well, had the foils put through, but then the student doing my hair got carried away, and used the leftover colour from the foils and mixed it in with my toner(whats used to stop blonde going brassy/yellow) and so my hair went BLUE!!

But its all fixable and a learning curve. The way I see it,(which I know not everyone feels the same way) its just hair, and if it cant be fixed,it will grow back.

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Busy bee
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YES!!! Not haircut though, hair color… More bleach like!

 Had halh head foils done like 5 years ago and totally destroyed my hair. they left bleach too long and ripped my hair out literally (saw half of my hair in the sink).. I left the salon with dripping wet hair and didnt let them blow dry my hair Cos i didnt want to stay one more second after seeing my poor hair in the sink!!

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