(Closed) Have you ever had something fall into a black hole?

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  • poll: Have you ever lost something that baffled you?
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    Busy bee
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    When I moved a few years ago my entire jewlery box went missing.  I have no idea what happened to it, it sucked because I had some awesome memories of gifts from some of my family members. So I’ve spent the last few years slowly replenishing it.

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    Honey bee
    • Wedding: October 2018

    My freshman year of college, my iPod touch went missing… around the same time my house was broken into and a couple things were stolen. I still haven’t figured out if it was among the things that were stolen or if I just lost it. 

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    Two pocketknives and a rain jacket.  I’m more upset about the rain jacket because it was part of a jacket/pants combo I got at Goodwill for $5, was Gore-tex and awesomely waterproof, and was great for messy field work because it wasn’t a name-brand that cost me an arm and a leg.  At least I still have the pants!

    As for the pocketknives I just coped by buying a new one 🙂

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    I had an iPod Touch I lost a few years ago when I was staying in my old childhood bedroom for a summer after college. I went out to breakfast with a friend. I had the iPod there. When I got home, it wasn’t in my bad. I figured I left it at the restaurant or it fell out in the parking lot. I called, but it wasn’t reported found to the restaurant. I was moving back out about a month after, and I figured I’d find it then if it was lost in my bedroom. Otherwise it must have been swiped at the restaurant. I never did find it when I moved.

    Then about a month ago, my mother went through to tidy up my old bedroom, which she had since turned into storage. Somewhere in there she found the iPod!

    I have no idea where it was because I searched and searched for it, but lo and behold, it’s now found. My friends swear my parents took it off me because they went a little batshit crazy that summer, but I doubt it.

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    @Phamnomenon:  Omg, I lost a $4 thrift store rain jacket too, and I was DEVASTATED. it was cute and good quality, and FOUR DOLLARS. Except I didn’t lose it in a black hole. I forgot it in a hotel room. 🙁

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    Bee Keeper

    When I was a child, I used to have things fall into black holes fairly regularly and mostly never re-appear. I’d have huge anxiety whenever I lost something, especially if it was valuable, or even worse, sentimental and irreplaceable.

    Living on my own, with my ex, and now with Fiance, has been such a joy in that department. Things still fall into black holes sometimes, but eventually they will always reappear. Sometimes they have taken years, but every. last. thing. eventually. reappears. And in that “I CAN’T believe I never looked here. I tore the place apart a thousand times and never thought of this!” location, every time.

    It took me years to get over the panic/dread/anger I used to feel whenever I lost something, but now I can sit in total comfort not knowing where the heck something very important has disappeared to (2 such things are missing, currently. They shall be found wherever the heck I left them, I’m 100% certain).

    I was not an only child, growing up. Sometimes I was able to reobtain items that had disappeared from someone else’s bedroom. But sometimes they were gone for good.

    The lack of this huge anxiety and negative vibe in my life is such a blessing for me. I hope I don’t end up raising children with “sticky fingers,” but I don’t imagine I will, considering how strongly I feel about it.

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    Honey bee
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    I lost my watch for an entire summer… I eventually found it that fall… in my boots!

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    Blushing bee
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    I used to misplace (never lose) my keys all the time.  I finally bought a little wall-mounted coat hook that I put next to the front door and I drop my keys on the hook everytime I come in.  Much better that way than searching on coffee tables and desks and inside pockets and purses when I’m in a rush to leave.

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    Busy bee
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    The worst was a $1400 check that still has yet to show itself. 

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    Honey bee
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    There are black holes all around me. I lose things all the time and never find them.

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    Bumble bee
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    My husband and I used to live in a townhome with one of his friends, who always had this other friend over. Around the time the friend moved out, I noticed that my Nintendo DS and way old iPod (circa 2005 when I got it, this was 2010) had mysteriously disappeared. Never found them when we moved ourselves, so I assume either the friend or the friend’s friend pocketed them. Husband also had a reloadable Wal-Mart debit card that vanished as well, but luckily it only had around $10 left on it at the time.

    When I lived with an ex-boyfriend, my grandmother’s wedding rings got vanished one day, and I never did find them. I again imagine that some shady person that was in and out frequently probably saw them and took them, even though I know they were not real diamonds or a precious metal on the band (I assume they were hocked or pawned or whatever), but they still held great sentimental value for me.

    Those are ones that disappeared and have yet to be seen again, but there are other things that I periodically misplace/get shoved under something else that I’ll eventually find.


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    Sugar bee

    @worldtraveler:  Once when I moved I lost 1 foot that goes to my bed frame. It has 4 removable feet and 4 removable balls (one on each corner) When we packed the truck I counted like 3 different times to make sure I had them all. All were accounted for. We drove straight to the new house and when we unpacked 1 foot was missing. I never found it. I’m pretty sure it’s circling a planet in another galaxy. 😉 I also lost one earring. I left the 2 hoops sitting on the coffee table (before I had kids) and took a nap. When I woke up one was gone. I moved the couch, the table, looked everywhere and it just vanished. It was like a 1 1/2 inch hoop, not a tiny stud. They were my favorite pair and I still want it back!

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