(Closed) Have you ever had to call 911?

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I called 911 once over the summer.  My neighbor is the security guard/police officer for the apartment complex, and I saw him run out of his apartment at about 2:00am with his gun.  I was scared he saw something, and thought I would call 911 in case he hadn’t had a chance yet.

Patrol was there within 5 minutes, and turns out there was some sort of fight behind the building and someone drew a weapon.


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I called 911 when my boss had to be rushed to the hospital. Thankfully they only kept me on hold for 3 mins while the person I was with was losing consciousness.

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Yep–several times!

1) a car was on fire on the side of the road. there was nobody else around except the people who were in the car, so i called 911 as i was pulling over to see if i could help. fortunately someone else had called 911 before me and the fire truck showed up while i was on the phone.

2) i witnessed a drunk driver hit a guard rail, the car flipped completely over (while going probably 50mph), and my ex and i were right behind this and saw the whole thing. we called 911 and actually were involved in the case for months as witnesses because someone died.

3) a car ran a red light and smashed into another car. again, i was the next car back (by about 300 ft, i slammed on my breaks) so i stopped and called 911. the lady was hurt and VERY shaken up, but she asked me to help her get out of the car in case it caught on fire. again, i had to give a police report and she got my address from the report and sent me the nicest note (i still have it) for doing that.

4) i saw a drunk and/or homeless person in the park once and he looked like he was dead. i called 911–turns out he was sleeping. in my defense, my roommate did poke him with a stick to see if he was okay. he didn’t move and looked like he had um, passed on…

yeah, i have a knack for witnessing crazy stuff.

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I’ve called 911 twice in my life.

Once when I was in high school there was a woman at our front gate trying to get in. She was obviously high on something and my dad went out to talk to her and told me to call the police.

The second time I was driving down a major NY parkway after dark and there was an elderly lady in her bathrobe walking on the extremely narrow shoulder and no lights. There were no cars on the shoulder in sight so I called the cops to come and pick her up before she got hit.


I’ve had 911 called because of me once. I broke my arm very badly when I was in 5th grade playing in my back yard. I had to be transported to the hospital in an ambulance. They really go all out when you call 911. For my broken arm 2 firetrucks, a cop car, AND an ambulance showed up.

There was a party down the street with an In and Out burger truck so all the excess responders went there to get dinner.

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@MsGolightly – It was scary! I was also home alone.  We live in a really nice neighborhood, but every once in a while something random happens.

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@MsGolightly: I’ve called *OPP (on a cell connects you directly to OPP rather then the emergency line) on people who were drinking and driving on the hwy. And I’ve called the local police for a noise complaint but never 911.

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Once. A long time ago. My exBF in high school had his wisdom teeth taken out and didn’t recoup well. We were at his parent’s house and he said he was hungry. So we went downstairs to his kitchen. I went to get him something to eat, turned around and he had completely passed out. I yelled and shook him, but he wouldn’t wake up or respond. It was TERRIFYING (especially when you’re only 17!). Thankfully, his dad was home at the time. We called 911 and they showed up pretty quickly. He was fine… I guess it was just the meds that made him do that, but it was freakin’ scary.

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I had to call 911 when someone snatched my purse, also when I was in an auto accident. 

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I haven’t, but about 6 years ago I did get a call from a 911 operator who said I had just called them and then proceeded to scold me about playing with phones. I had no record of the call on my phone or any idea what she was talking about. My mom was next to me the whole time since we were in the car and we were like WTF. It could have been a pocket dial since the 9 and 1 keys are never locked, but I would think that it would at least have a record in the call history of that. Anyone know?

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Yeah, totally embarassing, but I did call 911 once over my dog.


Back in April, the apartment above us caught on fire, and a week after the fire, a lady was here to paint our apartment. Well, our screen door didn’t have a lock, and I forgot to shut the big door. We were talking about what needed painted, and when I went to the kitchen, the door was wide open and I couldn’t find Moose. I started running around the apartment looking for him and couldn’t find him, so I grabbed his squeakie toy and went outside and started squeaking it and he wasn’t coming, so the painter lady ran down the street looking for him and I called 911 bawling my eyes out and was like “My dog escaped and we can’t find him!” and they transferred me to the police department. as soon as the police picked up, I saw the painter lady walking down the street and she was holding him in her arms. (He’s a pembroke welsh corgi, only 15-20 lbs) and I apologized to the policeman and said we found him. Good thing our dog DOES go to people, and the neighbor saw him and gave him treats and stuff on the porch and held onto him til the painter lady found him.

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@blondeeebuckeye: I saw a very drugged guy in the park once. At first I thought he was just drunk because there were a bunch of guys around him (who I thought were his friends).

After a bit it became obvious that those guys were just harassing him because this man couldn’t even get up. Every time he tried to get up, he fell on his face.

I went to talk to a bouncer at the concert we were outside of, but he said it “wasn’t his job” to do anything since he was working the concert not what was going on outside. He wouldn’t even CALL the cops and just went back to flirting with some girl.

Finally I found some other security guards (who had actually already been alerted) but they came over right away and stayed with him until the ambulance came.

The guys who I originally thought were his friends were video taping the whole thing and were actually getting in the paramedics way to taunt the poor guy and tape him. I was SO disgusted by that.

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911: once. we were having a really terrible storm and the power line that hold up the traffic light i was sitting at started swinging really badly and then big massive sparks started flying off of it, so i called to report that. 

the police: for non-work purposes (I’m a lawyer so i call to talk to them about cases they’re witnesses in), just once I think. I had a cop sitting in my driveway once saying he was waiting for one of my neighbors to get home so i called the station to make sure he was a real cop. 

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A few times. Once with my ex who was a cop, he saw some under cover officers chasing a guy down the street as we were driving through a bad part of town, so he yells at me “Call 911” and jumps out of the car to help. Scary stuff. LOL! 

Once when I was in university. A guy a few cars in front of me drove into a traffic standard in an intersection. I think he had taken a few too many meds that day (or none at all, I can’t remember), but I had to testify in court later. That one was scary because there was a car seat in the back of the car but no kid. Everyone freaked out looking for the baby, but it turned out she was with her mom.

I’ve called *OPP (like state troopers in Ontario, they patrol our highways) for drunk drivers quite a few times.

Oh and I almost forgot, I had to call 911 for myself once! LOL! I had Norwalk virus and was really really really violently ill. I nearly passed out and I was concerned I would hit my head on the way down and choke to death, so I had to call an ambulance to take me to the hospital. Fun stuff!

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