(Closed) have you ever just given up on your job?

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Honey Beekeeper
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Yea, I have before.  It was during the econ crash and lay offs were going on like every other month.  I knew it was coming, just didnt know when.   There was zero motivation to do anything or care.  I didnt neccessarily hate it, I just hated having to go in for nothing.

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Bee Keeper
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Yes, and then I quit without notice. It was a pretty abusive work environment & while I TRIED to make the best of it I just couldn’t.

A situtation came up where I was threatened with being fired & when I talked to the NP (she was the office manager) about what the Dr. has said she said

*lchuckle* “Oh he didn’t mean that”

I gave my resignation right there and did not return.

I kinda felt bad b/c it’s not like me to not give a notice BUT I was just done!

I totally feel for you. =/

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Sugar bee
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totally. My boss actually called me in last week to tell me that I’m slacking and that my work isn’t as good as it once was. He basically said to improve or I will get fired. and to be honest, I wouldn’t even care if I got fired becuase I am soo miserable. I am currently looking for a new job. That’s the only reason why I am still here. Dozens of applications, and zero phone calls

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Busy bee
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Yep. I was in a situation like that once. Going to work was pure hell. I came home upset (mad and/or crying) almost everyday towards the end. I finally just said to myself I couldn’t keep on going on like that and gave my notice. Best decision ever.

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@janie-janie:  Yes.  When I first returned to the US, I was desperate to find a job after several months with no luck.  Finally, I found an unpaid internship with a publishing company.  I decided I would do it even though it was unpaid because it would look great on my resume and would supposedly take only fifteen hours per month.

…At the interview, my boss brought up religion, sexual orientation, and politics.  He asked me my marital status and if I had kids because – and I quote – “women with children may make good editors, but they just don’t have their priorities straight.”  The guy was just a total jerk.  I began anyway, though, because I was dumb.

The job went downhill from there.  I soon discovered that despite the fact that I was an unpaid intern with no experience in the publishing industry, I was the most senior editor in the entire company.  I cannot stress the ridiculousness of that statement enough.  You could tell, too, since the website was riddled with spelling and grammar mistakes. 

After working there for a week, my boss/owner and founder of the company/most published author in the company/CEO/Douchebag in Charge contacted me to let me know that the previous editor had quit, and he needed me to edit a 284-page-long manuscript before its printing date… five days away.  I said okay and got the manuscript.

This manuscript was by far the most awful thing that has ever been written in the history of the written word.  The plot was completely predictable, the characters were more two-dimensional than most pieces of paper, and the dialogue was laughable.  Most importantly, the author had obviously never learned to speak the English language.  I say that because there was not a single sentence anywhere within those 284 pages that did not have any spelling or grammar errors.  I wish I was exaggerating, but I’m not.  It took thirty hours for me to just make the thing readable, though it remained the most awful thing ever written in the history of the written word.

The real kicker was when my boss told me that he thought the book was really great and would be wonderful addition to the true crime genre.

The book was about a psychic.  A PSYCHIC!

I finished the thing on time, but it was a terrible experience, and I was able to feel my poor brain cells screaming and dying in pain with every single word I read. 

A day or two later, I got an email from Idiot Boss that he needed me to edit another manuscript within the next few days.

At that point, I had already put in about fifty hours of work in three weeks.  Please remember that the job description said fifteen hours per month, which is why I signed up in the first place.  I needed time to look for an actual paying job.  I quit right then and there.  It was the worst job in existence.

I got engaged two months later.  A couple days afterward, I had dinner with a friend of mine in the publishing industry who was in town to visit her parents.  I read her an excerpt from the book to give her a laugh.  She still jokes with me that the only reason I got married was so that I could change my name and distance myself from that godawful piece of language mutilation.

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Bumble bee

Yep, I totally gave up when they “made” me change my hair color. I just put in my two weeks monday…I am totally over OVER IT. lol. I feel your pain on all of the above.

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Buzzing bee

i’ve been feeling pretty down in the dumps about my job lately, but i think it’s because our company has been going through a huge overhaul for a solid 18 months, and i’m just drained. not to mention, our whole department is pretty stressed out about how poor our boss is doing. sad thing? everyone knows, including our execs, that he’s doing a poor job, and they keep giving him extensions to fix it. it’s very frustrating.

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Helper bee
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Yes!  I worked in sales for a while for a large company and HATED it!  Bosses cared only about numbers and profit and didn’t help their employees reach said numbers.  It was draining and pressure-filled.  I got to a point where I was crying everyday while searching extensively for a job.  I was at a point where I had given up on giving up, when a company saw my resume online.  Within 4 days I had three interviews and a job offer.  I’ve been there ever since, and it has been nothing less than a blessing!  Do your best to remember that your job is a job…and there is a lot to enjoy in life beyond the hours spent working for your employer.  It’s only a minimal amount of comfort, but it’s important to keep some light at the end of the tunnel.

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Busy bee
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I totally feel for you… I am right there, right now.

My boss is simply a bad person. He makes me miserable, doesn’t appreciate my work and actually makes me look bad infront of co-workers. Several times he has congratulated someone else because of their great work that month, infront of the whole office, when actually that person had been second best (guess who had the best numbers that month?). He has NEVER not once told me i had done a good job. When I do the least bit bad, he states it infront of everyone.

Once a co-worker saw me bust out crying at work and told him… after that it has just been even worse. I think about quitting EVERY SINGLE DAY. i am miles away from the person I love  and planning a wedding from the distance. Everything seems misserable but I really need the job, especially with all the wedding costs. I’m looking for something else but the things i find just have terrible salaries or are not in my field at all… 

I’m starting to send my resume to random companies, just in case, and totally thinking about finding a random job at anything.

Sometimes i’ll even daydream about getting fired.

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Busy bee
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A couple years ago I took a full time job because I had to start paying my student loans that month. It was in a call center being a telemarketer, which was not how the job was presented at all. I had an hour and a half commute each way and was a terrible (not pushy) sales person. I was miserable, I think at one point I was actually seriously depressed. I say now that the job “killed my spirit”. I wasn’t me at all. Finally in my last month I finally felt happy and stopped letting the job get to me. That was only because I knew I would be in that wave of layoffs since my numbers weren’t where they wanted them. I lost that job and a month and a half later I started temping at the job I currently have full time!

So I feel for you. I know how it is to feel physically ill because of your job. Keep you head up, better days are ahead!

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Sugar Beekeeper
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I left teaching as I hated it. I don’t regret anything, doing it has given me some useful transferable skills and if I hadn’t have done it, I’d always be wondering what if?

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I HATED my previous job and *everything* else about it – from the people who I supervised, to my boss, to the way I was micromanaged, to senior management – you name it.  I used to dread the drive into work, especially when it came time to turn into the building’s parking lot. 

I luckily found a job quickly once I decided to leave and it was much better too!  I was willing to take a pay cut to get out of there but luckily didn’t have to.  Those few days after I had accepted the offer and before I gave my notice to my current employer were so great and so was the time I let my director know I was out of there.  I was asked if there was anything that could change my mind and it was so hard to bite my tongue and not say anything (pharma industry is small).

Started the new job and my boss was amazing!  He is seriously all you could ever hope to have as a boss.  Unfortunately, with pharma comes a lot of restructuring/merging, etc. so he (and all my co-workers minus myself) were let go.  My current boss is ok and I can’t complain about anything and work hard.  Everytime I find myself wanting to slack off or starting to feel frustrated, I think back to my former company and I instantly feel better! 🙂

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