(Closed) Have you ever lost/damaged your e-ring?

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: September 2015

I’ve lost 2 Engagement Ring. My first one in the pool. To my defense other then my wedding band I do NOT wear jewelry never have even as a child. I asked my then fiance if I could swim with it and he said yes. As w are leaving I notice my ring is missing. We searched up and down for it but it was already dark and could not find it. The second ring, my finger was acting up with eczema and I had put a bandage over so I wouldn’t scratch. I put my ring over the band aid but it didn’t fit completely but I didn’t pay much attention to it. I started taking out the garbage at work and next thing you know it’s gone. I am now e-ringless and only wear my band which thank God I have not lost!

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Busy Beekeeper
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brooksbee :  My ring broke a few weeks after I got it but I’m not sure anything I did was the cause. It’s a really unusual setting that looks like a large rose. The top set of “petals” broke and were spinning around (with the actual stone setting keeping them from flying off completely). My husband had it custom made from an etsy seller who, thankfully, actually works near us. The seller came to pick it up, worked on it over the weekend, and then drove it back. Nothing has happened to it since and I am the most accident prone person ever. 

My BFF actually cracked the shank on hers. She was putting away folding chairs or something and one closed on her hand. 

Basically- if you don’t want to hurt your ring, don’t do things that would also hurt your hand and you should be fine 🙂

As for losing it- don’t take it off unless you HAVE TO and then have a proper place for it and get into a routine. Mine was a little loose until I paired it with the wedding ring, so I would take it off at night and put it back on after my shower. It always always always goes into my little ring holder every night. Some days I forget to put it on in the morning but I’ve never lost it. 

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Sugar bee

I accidentally damaged the bejeezus out of my engagement ring. I had a very high profile cathedral set diamond. I was agressively putting groceries away and when I pulled my hand out of the cripser drawer, I felt my ring knock the top of the shelf. Did not think it was that big of a deal until I looked at my ring from the side and saw that the setting was seriously bent. My jeweler repaired it and changed the setting slightly to increase the stability. I am much more careful now.

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Blushing bee
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brooksbee :  I often bang my engagement ring with doors and edge of the tables. Sometimes it gets caught with the rope from my bag but hey that’s the perk to remind me that I have to be extra careful with my engagement ring. It’s a diamond solitaire so hopefully it won’t break or get damaged that easily. Oops, I’m a clumsy one!

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Bee Keeper
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brooksbee :  Mine has been bent twice now – it’s silver so softer.  A “do not” would be something along the lines of “do not use your left hand to support a tantruming teenager’s head so he can’t bang it agaist a wall unless you remove your rings first” so probably not an issue for you.  Also it takes about 10 seconds to get fixed at a jeweler.

My husband lost his wedding band within two weeks of us getting married.  I’ve noticed he is slowly learning to wear it all day long instead of pulling it off to put in his tiny jeans pocket (you know that little useless one).  So just have some homes ready for your ring(s) instead of putting it down in random locations.  We’re pretty sure his is in a field so never to be seen again. We didn’t spend a ton of money on our bands though, so not that huge a deal for replacing.  At any rate, we have a ring dish in the bathroom and another in the kitchen – the areas most likely for removal.  I do take them off at work now and then, like if a student has drooled or peed or something.  I make sure I put them right on top of my computer as I’m much more likely to find them again immediately.

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Bumble bee

I thought I lost it once. I was freaking out… then I realized I put it on the wrong hand.

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Worker bee

Sorry about double post 😅

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Worker bee

My previous ering were loose for over a year after I lost weight and ring were spinning around but I keep wearing to go gym for weight lifting etc never took off. 

I noticed the 14k gold band was bent.., but keep wearing it till side diamond was missing!  Luckily I found the stone on a carpet in my house but I went to jeweler for resized and put stone back. Now I’m newly engaged and halo ering.

i baby it and has 3 ring holders in my house but these holders never move. So I learn to remove my ring only these 3 places. So I won’t loose it. 

Kitchen – when I do dishes, 

bathroom- when I shower

bedroom – before go bed. 

I remove my ring sometimes at work but I wear ring holder necklace when I wear my Erin to work. So I know it’s on my neck.  

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Busy bee
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I think it depends on the style of your ring/setting and maybe your lifestyle. 


I have a very well made low profile Tiffany style 6 prong setting in WG. It never catches on anything and I hardly feel it’s there. 

After we got engaged I ordered one of those ring holders for the necklace from Etsy. When it arrived and I proudly presented it to my Fiance he gave me that one long look 👀 and asked me if I really want to wear a $$$ ring on a 40$ knickknack from a random online shop. After thinking that through for like 2 seconds I had to laugh. He had a point. A big one. He than said that the safest place for my ring is on my finger. I hardly have taken it off since then. I apply also my personal rule: if it won’t damage my manicure, it won’t damage my ring. If it can damage my manicure don’t do it in the first place. Or wear gloves. 


So now I am having the ring serviced and made all pretty for the wedding and I am wearing another ring. And this is whole different story. It’s a large blue Saphire with a halo (Princess Diana/Kate style). And oh my. That ring catches on thin air!! I am not worried about breaking or damaging it as it is insured (and doesn’t hold the emotional value of an ER) but boy I am aware of that ring like all the time. I take it off frequently or leave it at home at times because I find it too annoying. It pains me because it’s a beautiful piece and I feel naked without my ER. 



This taught me very much und made me appreciate the simplicity of my beloved ering even more. I always wanted the classic but was sometimes drawn towards to gaudy halo rings. Now I am not. Now I understand why so many Bees keep taking their rings off for so many chores or  just daily business. 

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baunie :  I think it depends on the size of the diamonds. My eternity band is 5 cts and I had a couple of stones that were chipped. Not channel set, prong. It all depends.

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Blushing bee
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I have a high set, four delicate prongs oval solitaire and I banged it a few times when I initially got it which made the stone a teeny bit loose (you could hear it rattle if I shook it near my ear) – a jeweller tightened the prongs for me last June and I haven’t had any issues since.

In terms of losing it, I tied it to my shoelaces when lifting weights in the gym once and when I went into the changing room it had gone. I had a HEART ATTACK and ran back retraced my steps on the gym floor and found it. THANK GOD. I know leave it in my bag in my locker if I am boxing/lifting weights most of the time or stare at my foot the whole time its off my finger.  I also usually put it in its box on my nightstand when I get home so I can cook, clean, shower, sleep etc but I never take it off it I’m staying away in a hotel for example.

As everyone else has said: get insurance.  It would still break my heart if anything happened for sentimentality reasons but at least you have some financial piece of mind.

Also, my prongs never ever catch, so if you are having problems with this regularly I would pester your jeweller until they get it right.

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I lost mine a few days after getting engaged. I went to get my car serviced and took off my ring while washing my hands in the restroom, then forgot to put it back on. I realized it was missing after I left and drove like a madman back to the dealership to find it. I couldn’t find it and started bawling my eyes out, and even called the police to report it as stolen.

I was lucky, because it turned out one of the receptionists working there had found it right before she went to lunch and put it in the company safe in case someone came looking for it. When she came back one of the other receptionists told her what was going on and after I described the ring, she gave it back to me. Thank god she had it, my fiance was so pissed that I lost it and now the only time I take it off is to shower, cook or do dishes (and I have designated holders for it in those places).

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