(Closed) Have you ever not trusted something your Dr said?

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@Lollybags:  Yea – I gave up my greek yogurt but have a Chobani Flip every once in awhile since they’re delicious!

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Be your own advocate, trust your gut!!! There’s no harm in second opinions. As people mentioned, doctors are human too.

Mine was when I was running track in high school.  My sophomore year, I would get shin splints all the time. So junior year, I thought I just had to “run through the pain”. It got really bad, and my coach finally caught on to me and said I needed to go get checked for stress fractures.

The doctor saw me, did no x-rays, no mri or whatever, nothing. Just listened to me talk, felt my legs, then said that I should go on crutches for a week, try to go back to training for THREE weeks, then come back and see him.  I felt at the time that I should get an xray THEN, but didn’t push it.

One week of crutches and another three of trying to force myself to train, I go back. What do you know? MULTIPLE stress fractures in BOTH legs. No way they all developed in those three weeks, they just got worse.

I also have a friend who’s been struggling with a lot of dietary problems, new food allergies, etc. For 5 months she’s been trying to get any doctor to listen that she felt it was something with her stomach, not the myriad of other things they all kept thinking. FInally someone listened and what do you know? A stomach infection!! She would not let up until someone finally did the tests and listened to her. Now maybe she will get better!

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Yes. I had a horrible gyno appointment with an O/B who basically sneered at me and laughed off my concerns that I may have PCOS.

Turns out, I was right and I DO have PCOS. I went to another doctor who would actually test me for it, and my suspicions were confirmed.

I believe in second opinions!

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My doctors have always been pretty good but there have been some awkward moments.

Once I was suffering from abdominal pain and my doctor seemed pretty convinced a boyfriend was beating me or something – I get they need to ask but it was so awkward since I was like 15 or 16 years old at the time and just the way he approached the questions was weird. I had no bruising or anything and it turned out that I had ovarian cysts.

Then another time two nurses argued in front of me for like 5 min trying to decide if I could get my flu shot or not because my temperature was 0.1 degrees below the cut off. One thought I should not get it because I was close the cut off the other kept saying well she is below the cut off so she CAN get it! I tried telling them that it was not abnormal for me to have a high body temperature especially when I had been sitting in a warm waiting room with my winter coat on but they acted like I wasn’t even there. I did end up getting vaccine in the end.

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Um, yeah. I actually don’t like doctors for the most part because the ones around here treat overweight people horribly.

When I was 19, I worked at a burger king for about a year part time to earn a little extra cash [on top of my normal full-time job]. I’ve always gotten ear infections from sharing ear-stuff with people [be it ear phones or ear muffs, whatever the case]. I had gotten a pretty bad ear infection from using their headsets [which are by the way, really nasty! They are just a breeding ground for infection]. ANYWAY! I went to the doctor, the nurse took my blood pressure, weight/height, like normal. Nothing out of the ordinary. I’ve always been overweight, but I’ve never had high blood pressure or anything I waited for nearly 2 hours for the doctor to come in.. fine. It happens. When he finally shuffled in, he looked like he had just woken up from a nap. He asked me what the problem was, I told him an ear infection. He asked me how I knew.. I was like… because I’ve had them before.. So he looked into my ear and was like, “yep… an ear infection”. Then he proceeds to tell me that if I wasn’t so overweight, I wouldn’t get an ear infection. I was like…. really? Now, I know that overweight people are more likely to get infections/diseases and what not.. but an ear infection? I just blankly looked at him and told him that I’m pretty sure it was from wearing a headset at burger king. He excused himself.. and walked out. The nurse wrong me a prescription and apologized to me.

I was just like.. really.. I’m going to pay $400 for that?! Ever since that point I’ve pretty much vowed to only go to nurse practitioners.

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Yup.  My family doctor is a family friend and he’s nearing retirement, so I think he’s getting complacent.  No matter what concern I go to him with, he tells me it’s nothing and it will go away.  So far I’ve been okay, but I know that another one of his patients, my mom’s friend, complained about stomach pain.  The doctor also said it was nothing and it turned out she had a serious problem that required surgery. :S  So I’m hoping to switch doctors soon, especially after I move downtown.  (He’s also very far away from where I live/work now, and because he’s a family friend who I’ve known all my life, I don’t feel comfortable with talking to him about my sex life, which is also no good.)

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Yes. A doctor told me I ”only” had eczema on my arm (it was getting more and more red textured rash and it looked like something was eating my forearm). I told him I had been putting cortisone cream on it and moisturizer for the past 3 weeks and it only got worse. He insisted I had eczema.  I plain told him ”I had eczema as a kid, this isn’t eczema, I’m sure it’s some kind of fungus”. He sighed and prescribed me an antifongus cream. Guess what ? 7 days later it was all gone ! 

Sometimes you just have to trust your gut. 

Also, and I don’t blame the Drs here because what I had was so rare they couldn’t have known, but 5 years ago I got a bacteria from my pet rats. It’s a bacteria that can be fatal if not treated because it eats organs (such as the heart if it moves there). I’ve been a ”House” case, litterally ! I’ve been 3 times to clinic and hospital and each time was returned home. First time for extremely painful belly ache : probably some kind of sickstomach virus. Drink water and sleep. 2nd time for very high fever for the past 2 days : it’s probably just the flu ; 3rd time my body was covered in rash which appeared in 30 minutes : you must have some virus like the chicken pox (already had it as a kid), stay away from kids and drink water. The fourth time I entered the hospital, I couldn’t move anymore, my articulations were so painful I could barely walk, sit, move my arms, etc. I was crying out of pain. They finally got something was wrong with me and they hospitalized me and put me in quarantine because they didn’t know what I had. Finally a very, very competent infectiologist screened me with questions and found out I had a small friend in my body : streptobacillus moniliformis. Also known as ”rat-bite fever” (you can google that). I’ve never been bitten by my pet rats, but as any pet owner, I used to kiss these cuties and that’s probably how I got it. I was saved in time, and thankfully the bacteria didn’t eat any of my organs even though the doctor was worried for my kidneys because I peed blood at the hospital. There are only maybe 30 cases of rat-bite fevers reported in Canada for the past 30 years.

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Awkward OB moments: 

Being told I need to lose weight and asking what my calorie intake was while she was prodding inside of me. (Oh yeah, that was my first ever OB exam too. So of course I wanted to chit chat about how fat I am. -_- Idiot.)

Being told that I am “deeper” than I am tall. (Apparently that is an appropriate thing to say!)

Cat/Dog calling my cervix. “Come here cervix! Come here! Come on! You can do it!!” 

Being misdiagnosed: 

I was told I had runner’s knee. My knee problems were so bad I couldn’t walk somedays. I didn’t effing run as a sport, yet runners knee? Come to find out my I.T. band is perfectly normal. And that’s not what I have. Oh yeah, this came from a specialist as well! Because of this, I lived in pain for years. Trying every stretch and treatment possible for I.T. band syndrome/runners knee. Obviously, it didn’t work. 

(This specialist also prescribed me Bextra which ended up being recalled because it led to patients having heart attacks, strokes, and fatal skin conditions. The company paid 1.8 billion dollars to the victims and their families)

I was having seizures. Sometimes they would happen within months of each other, and other times it would be a year before the next one. They didn’t even let me see the doctor, I saw the NP (which is fine in most cases, NOT FINE for her to read my MRI scan and my EEG results). She took a look at my images for four seconds and then told me that I was perfectly fine. She asked if I was having trouble sleeping at night, which, not really. Sometimes I tossed and turned. So she said “AHA you have RLS (restless leg syndrome).” So because you aren’t sleeping well, you’re tired and it’s giving you seizures. (Bee’s I hope at this point you were shaking your head as well) My 17 year-old self SHOULD HAVE stood up and demanded to speak to someone else. I still don’t know the cause of my seizures, but it sure as hell isn’t RLS. 

Just plain ole’ AWFUL doctors moments: 

I was 9 years-old and a little overweight. Nothing alarming. I ate healthily for the most part, played sports, rode my bike, was outside every single day and weekend. Yet, my doctor told my grandma to put me on the atkins diet. A 9-year old. 

I had a seziure and went to the ER. This was the first one that someone saw happen. So instead of thinking I had just “passed out”, we knew what was going on. Anyways, because I’m short they didn’t put me in the CAT scan right. So it looked like a had a shadow. Which means awful things. So they told my mom that I needed to go into surgery right away and started prepping me. They put me in a medically induced coma to keep my body totally calm. Someone thought to scan me again just to get a better picture. If not, I would have had brain surgery I didn’t need. Because of the coma, I was out of comission from the intense drugs for over a week. 


Moral of all of my stories: Yes, ALWAYS get a second opinion, even if you do not think you can afford it, or no one else will listen. It is NOT okay to say that “doctors are humans too”. Why? Because they act like gods and treat patients like they are idiots. When in reality, the patients are the ones suffering and the doctor is the one with the big paycheck. 


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Ugh, so many times.  Usually it’s walk-in doctors, that I only go to because I either a) can’t get to my regular doctor because I can’t drive/take public transport that far when sick or b) a specialist.

It’s the speciialists that drive me nuts because you wait for months to get in and it’s often not so simple to request a second opinion.  I get to see one in a few weeks who misdiagnosed me (even after testing came back negative) and I tried out 3 different medications to try to treat the problem, then had issues when I stopped because of a rebound effect that lasted for months.

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I started my period when I was 10 and I started birth control when I was 16. My periods had always been abnormal. I could go 5 months without a period, but I could also have a period for 5 months. In the beginning, I thought this was normal, but after 6 years, I figured it should have evened out a bit, especially since I was on the pill. I told my then OBGYN that I felt something was wrong, but all he did was dismiss me, said it was because I was young and change my pills. After another 3 years of him blowing off my concerns about what was happening with my body, I found a new doctor. He addressed my concerns right away and ordered tests. Turns out I have endometriosis and PCOS. I had a cyst the size of my uterus in my fallopian tube. I had surgery, got on the shot and have had 0 problems since. 

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Nothing I haven’t trusted, just a very insensitive one. Excellent with my physical health but with my mental health, brushed it aside saying ‘you teachers are all the same.’

on a total aside, my phone just autocorrected health to ‘behemoth’ lol

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OMG Yes! I couldnt get in to see my regular doctor so I had to go to a walk in clinic. I had a sore throat and little dots in between my fingers that were itchy. Before even looking at my throat or hands, he told me that it was an oral herpes virus. I told him I didnt think that was correct. He told me I must just be embarassed. On my way I went.

As things got WORSE a few days later, I got in to see my fabulous dr. He took one look and said I had hand-foot and mouth. That the virus was currently going through town. He laughed his ass off when I told him the other dr said it was a herpes virus. Through his laughter he said – I assure you. That is not herpes. I could have kissed him if my mouth didnt hurt so bad lol.

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I’ve met many, many doctors who trigger my BS alerts. A lot of that tends to happen because I wind up researching whatever it is I’m going in for (most of the time) at length before I ever walk in the door. The sadistic side of me gets a kick out of watching them get flustered or pause when they keep spewing out nonsense. 

The worst one was an NP, actually. I was prescribed a birth control pill that, after the first month or so, it started causing me to have a week of spotting before my usual week-ish-long period. This happened predictably every month. I also noticed that my blood pressure started climbing like crazy – from 110/75 to 140ish/80-85. I was PRETTY sure it was the pill, as I’d lost weight during that time, but I wasn’t certain. 

This NP stared at me like I came from outer space when I started explaining the bleeding and the timing of when it began. Apparently the routine nature of it wasn’t enough to shake her from her conviction that it must be gonorrhea or another STI. She also acted completely shocked to hear about breakthrough bleeding (uh, isn’t it in the top 3 side effects from pills? …Isn’t it #1?!). 

The next was the blood pressure. She decided to tear into me about how high it was and I wouldn’t be able to stay on the pill, blahblahblah. I told her that it too started at the same time I started taking said pill (again, another common side effect of combination pills – a side effect of estrogen). 

“I doubt that,” she told me. 

Because of the blood pressure, they were forced to switch me to a POP anyway, which worked out beautifully. Within 2 weeks, my blood pressure was back to 110/75. 

There was a point or two when I outright laughed when she suggested something. It’s been a few years now, so I can’t remember all of it. I could care less if it hurt her feelings. It was seriously one of the worst, most uncomfortable appointments I’ve ever had. My medical training is minimal at best. I shouldn’t be sitting with a “medical professional” and wondering why the hell I wasted the money on ’em.

Question everything a doctor tells you, is what I say. They’re fallible people just like the rest of us. If it leaves you uncomfortable, get a second opinion, research online, etc. It’s very irresponsible for a doctor to auto-prescribe blood pressure medications based on slight elevations and the assumption that it’ll *eventually* become high left untreated.

Not even a pause and a, “Hey, eat less sodium/work out more/eat less/try to reduce stress” first? Negligent. 

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I once had a neurologist google my symptoms right in front of me. Yeah… I had serious doubts about anything he said.

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