(Closed) Have you ever not trusted something your Dr said?

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@lolita39:  obviously your dispassionate rant says you have strong opinions here.


To be fair, I will offer a counterpoint: doctors are IN FACT humans. They do make mistakes. They sometimes misdiagnose and treat according to that misdiagnosis. Many doctors can be narcissistic, BUT so can patients. If you bring a printout from WebMD or Google or Wikipedia insistent that you have XYZ diagnosis, you’re going to have a hard time talking about why you’re actually there rather than the doctor wasting time explaining why you don’t have Angelman syndrome or Chrons disease. By the time I complete training, I will be well into my 30’s – as is the case with close to 100% of physicians. In training, the salary is modest, but inappropriately disproportionate to the ENORMOUS amount of student loan debt. (My student loan payments are more than double what I make each month)

All that being said, doctors do want to help people. It’s not a calling for the faint hearted. And things work better when you work WITH your doctor and not against them. (Piss off your waitress and they spit in your food, think its fair?)

and for clarification here, nurse practitioners aren’t doctors.  

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@drlolaz:  What is wrong about having strong opinions on the matter? I also would not say that my rant was dispassionate. 


Also, the average patient is not printing out webmd’s symptom check list. Most patients do in fact work with their doctors not against them. Of course doctors are humans. To sum up, “they are human too” is no excuse to be a self righteous ass to your patients. That is why it is imperative to find a doctor that respects you and you can trust. Which is the point of the thread!


Good luck completing your training! I hope you take some of these stories to heart! 🙂


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Yep. I was dead tired like hard to stay awake at work, hard to do anything really, I’d sleep for 12+ hours and life well…it sucked, I did nothing. My Dr said it was probably the cold weather…um no the weather doesn’t make me fall asleep at my desk! I asked for a blood test to check thyroid etc, my Dr didn’t want to do it and kept saying it was nothing, I finally said if you don’t do blood tests I will find another Dr who will and I’m going to contact the head of your office to complain. Well she ran the blood tests and it turns out I had a huge vitamin deficiency, I’ve been taking 1 simple OTC vitamin ever since and I feel 100% better. And I no longer see that doctor, she never listened to me anyway!

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Alwaysss get second opinions if you can! I went to the doctor with awful spots/scabs everywhere a couple of years ago, and the man read on my file that I was a student, and immediately told me that I had herpes. Naturally I was pissed that he seemed to assume something about my character from the fact I was studying. It turned out I had impetigo. Never saw that hack again! 

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I think I’ve had two doctors in the past that I didn’t trust. I have a long history of stomach problems. I also get migraines, but not really that often. After 20 years of suffering and having no answer from any doctors one decided that I was having an abdominal migraine after just pushing on my stomach and taking a history. What!? It took you five minutes to diagnose something that no one else could figure out? Nevermind that abdominal migraines are extremely rare, are almost never seen in people that get actual migraines, and tend to only be experienced by 9-15 year olds and I’m almost 21. I didn’t trust my gastro from the beginning. I have problems with diarrhea (TMI, I know, but it’s relavent). I mean I almost always have diarrhea up to 3-4 times per day. He kept going on about how I was constipated, and all of my problems come from being constipated. He even tried to prescribe me a laxative! When I left the appointment I went to the desk to make a follow up appointment, and I told them I did NOT want it to be with that doctor. I finally found a gastro who will listen and actually test even if we haven’t quite figured it out yet.

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Haha I went to go see a specialist who insisted I had not had a certain blood test when in fact Id had about three (to monitor any changes etc). We basically got into a real mature argument that mustve sounded like siblings squabbling,

“you haven’t had x blood test done”

me:”i have”

doc:”you haven’t”

and so on. Turns out he turned the page in my patient records and whoop di do,there were my blood test results.

I was furious, he didn’t even have the decency to look embarrassed or even sheepish. He then proceeded to give me a 45 minute lecture on how he was founding this new department of infertility (what we were there for), how big and important he was and finishes by telling me he doesn’t why Ive been sent to him, as I was in the wrong place.


I walked out and never went back.It took everything I had not to stand up and clock the arrogant SOB.

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Yeah I dont trust most doctors. They refused to test me for Lyme and kept saying that it was cellulitis. It took me a bit to find a doc that would test me. It’s a very controversial illness to have as I learned the hard way. I spent the next six months in bed unable to move and one of them with a picc line in my arm going to my heart because I almost died. I’m still on meds and I still feel like crap, all due to negligence. if they would have actually done their jobs, I wouldn’t be in this mess and I wouldn’t feel like this all of the time.

In the world of medicine, there can never be too many second opinions.

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Yeah. I had to see a 4 doctors before one of them decided that maybe I was getting stomach pains so often because of anxiety. They kept giving me medication for acid indigestion that wasn’t working, and I found myself on antibiotics that did absolutely nothing at least 20 days out of every month. I told each doctor that the last doctor had given me the same medication for acid indigestion, and that it wasn’t helping. They acted so ignorant to what I was saying and essentially told me that “I’m sure you’re blowing it out of proportion and that the medication is working”.

I finally found a doctor who listened to my concerns that doctors kept telling me it was acid indigestion, but I was positive that wasn’t it. He asked me if I had been stressed out recently, and after I told him that my uncle had passed away a couple months before, I had just started University away from home, and had just had a really bad breakup, he diagnosed me with Generalised Anxiety Disorder and sent me straight into therapy to deal with the actual problem.

What good is a doctor if they don’t give a damn about the patient they’re working with?

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@adoc86:  Googling is concerning, but I have had doctors look things up when I’m there, and I found they were some of the better ones!

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@Lemon-Squeezy:  I had a doctor diagnose a rash on my leg as some kind of skin infection. I had ended up going to an urgent care place because my doctor was on vacation (and she has a small practice so its just her) and I just had a feeling this guy didn’t know what he was talking about. He prescribed me an antibiotic that I felt weird about filling.

So – the next day I spent time calling other dr’s offices until I found someone who would take me (as the rash got bigger). Turns out, I had lyme disease and the other doctor was like, what was that other dr thinking? She took one look at it and knew exactly what it was and gave me the right antibiotic.

I would always go with your gut because it is usually correct!

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@Lemon-Squeezy:  um, all the time. because of this, i don’t really trust doctors. i think many doctors these days have way too much interest in pharmaceuticals, they’re too overbooked, overworked and overtired and will tell their patients just about anything and give them any pill to get them out of their office.

my most major reason for not trusting doctors:

i had headaches every day for four years. literally. i would wake up with a headache, have it all day, and go to bed with a headache every. single. day. from my junior year of high school through my sophomore year of college. after several months of this nonsense, i went and saw my family doctor. this is the same doctor my mother and sister were seeing, at the time. my mom is manic-depressive, and was on and off antidepressants. my sister had been having anxiety attacks, and our doctor had recently convinced her that she, too, needed antidepressants. when i came in for my headaches, she basically told me that since my mom and my sister (who was 15 at the time, mind you) were depressed, i obviously was depressed too and needed antidepressants. i told her i had no interest in taking antidepressants – i wasn’t sad, down, lethargic, etc. i was just having chronic headaches. so she prescribed me a chronic pain medication and sent me home.

meds didn’t work, so i went back in to see her about 6 months later when i was still having the headaches (it had been over a year by then). again she tried to tell me that i needed antidepressants, and again i told her no. she basically told me that was her diagnosis and to take it or leave it. so i left it. she never was willing to work with me to try and figure out what else could be causing the headaches, so at the ripe young age of 18, with no medical training, i started trying to figure it out. gluten intolerance, allergies, dehydration, need to exercise, need to not exercise, need more sleep, tension, eye doctor, etc….guess what. it was a combination of allergies and dehydration. i started drinking lots of water and taking Zyrtec and now 5 years later i’m headache-free.

the point of that long story is….yes, i have many times not trusted my doctor, and with good reason.


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@Lemon-Squeezy:  My kids’ pediatrician wasn’t available when I called in to ask a question so another doctor took my call.  I asked what foods I should stay away from that might irritate my son’s tummy (I’m breastfeeding) because he had been so enrirely fussy every waking moment.  She said that breastmilk isn’t affected by anything the mother eats.  Really?  So I can go dump a bottle of wine down my throat right now?  She’s young and doesn’t have kids.  I disregarded her and asked to speak with a nurse who told me to try limiting caffeine and dairy from my diet.  Problem solved.

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I once went to a dermatologist for some psorisis on my scalp and she said without even looking at it:  “Oh honey, that’s what WE call ‘really bad danduff’!” Thanks, you unprofessional snot.
Yeah I never went back to her.

My FI’s doctor once prescribed him muscle relaxants and post-surgery (strong!!) painkillers for stress headaches without even doing any tests on him. The muscle relaxant was to help him sleep better, even though that’s not what it is used for NOR is drowsiness a side effect. His doctor didn’t explain any of this to him – I read the packaging and did the research when he got home with the bottles.
Needless to say we are looking for a new doctor for him.

Oh! Last one! A dentist sealed a hair in one of my fillings! It was in the front tooth which is even worse – he didn’t notice because he was late for a golf game.
A new dentist years later was completely grossed out when he drilled it with the laser and it burned up immediately (like a hair) – I had told him I thought it was a hair, he thought it was a piece of metal. It was disgusting.

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A couple of years ago, I had a persistent cough.  I went to the doctor and she diagnosed me as having asthma.   She gave me a perscription and coupon for an incredibly expensive inhaler.  While I was in line at the drug store, I read fine print on the coupon about the inhaler and the side effects scared me.  Something just told me not to take it.  The doctor hadn’t even given me a breath test before the diagnosis!  I got a second opinion and tuns out that I had sinusitis.  The new doctor put me on antiboitics and I was better in less than a week.

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I’ve twice had my OB GYN call my caisen allergy ‘lactose intolerance’. Which is just dumb. Lactose is the sugar in milk. Casien is a protein. The first time when I explained – no it’s the casien she said if I was allergic to protein in cow milk I would also be allergic to steak. Which is also insane. I generally have a low trust of doctors. I tend to hyper research everything and they – often don’t. So yeah. I’m sure she can catch a baby or cut it out of me. oh also same OB GYN said autism is caused by giving kids ipads too young. My mother is an autism specialist- trust me that isn’t the issue (many of them are highly non-funcitoning)  

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