(Closed) Have you ever put your house up for sale?

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We just sold our house in June after one showing… We told our Realtor that we could not have showings before 5:30pm without 24 hour notice since Darling Husband sleeps during the day and works nights… You need to be accomodating, but you dont have to bend over backwards!

We got a full price offer after being on the market for 1 day… We have a VERY nice house in a VERY desirable neighborhood… I stressed about it a lot the few weeks before but it was pretty painless… We had a family trailer that we borrowed to start packing and decluttering the house a starting a month before we went on the market… It was essential to declutter!! And Darling Husband was really lazy about cleaning the garage; in retrospect I should have been more forceful earlier with him but it worked out… PM me if you have any questions!!! Good luck!!

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whats it like? For me, it was a VERY long, miserable experience. But I lived in a “by acceptance only” neighborhood, so even when I got offers, they were contingent on people passing the application process!
Specifically, how often do people come through? I had 2-4 people a month for two YEARS.
How much notice are you given? I’ve gotten anywhere between 15 minutes and 24 hours.
How long do you have to be out of the house each time? I generally left for about an hour.
Is it random times, like weekdays? Or mostly evenings and weekends? I think all of my showings were on weekdays! And I think almost every time I’ve ever gone to look at a house, it’s been on a weekday
And for you, can you estimate how many people saw the house until you got a reasonable offer? I got a few offers before someone was finally accepted into the community. But 15 people-ish?


@MySunshine:  I am impossibly jealous of your home selling experience!

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We are renting and gave notice when we went under contract for the house we are buying.  Well, the realtor listed our house and it has been awful!! People want to see it all the time. During the day, at night, whenever. In our lease it says we have to leave with our dogs…..so it takes a lot of my time. The worst part is the drive by people. They ring my doorbell and look in my windows. I got nasty with some people today when I looked up and saw them looking in at me.


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@BrandNewBride:  I cant believe ours went so smoothly to be honest…. Im glad you were able to finally sell your house… what a nightmare!!!

*bump* hope you get more comments

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@red_rose:  Whats it like? I won’t lie, it is stressful. You have to keep your house in immaculate condition and this is hard to do if you both work. If you get a lot of people looking at it, it can be annoying to have to leave the house so much. Luckily we lived across the street from a bar so sometimes we would just walk over there. Also, if you are under a specific timeframe that you need to sell (we were because we were buying), it can again be very stressful. Until you close nothing is guaranteed.

Specifically, how often do people come through? We live in a very hot housing market so we had 40 people look at our house in one week.

How much notice are you given? We were given anywhere from 30 minutes to a few days.

How long do you have to be out of the house each time? Roughly an hour. You don’t necessarily have to be out of the house but we tried to be. People feel more comfortable looking at it if you are not there.

Is it random times, like weekdays? Or mostly evenings and weekends? We had all times. Mostly after work and weekends because that is when most people are free to look at it.

And for you, can you estimate how many people saw the house until you got a reasonable offer? We had a reasonable offer after about 6 people saw the house and ended up with several offers. But again, we live in a very hot housing market. We ended up selling it to someone who made an all cash offer for full asking price. They probably were the 20 or 30th person to look at the house. We wanted to wait a week before we considered any offers.

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My Fiance and I sold our house a few months ago.  Our example maybe a bit atypical given that it is a buyers market where we live.

Whats it like?:  We signed the documents with our realtor on Friday and by Monday our house was on MLS.  We asked our realtor to give us notice before people come to look at the house because we have a dog and wanted time to get someone to go get her before the prospective buyer comes to look at the house.   Our realtor would send us this email that told us we had a prospective buyer that wanted to see the house and we could select the accept or deny the appointment button.  We received a few hours notice each time.

Specifically, how often do people come through?:  On the Monday we had 2 prospective buyers come see the house both in the afternoon.  And on Tuesday we had one of the buyers come back for a second viewing and he put in an offer and we countered and on Wednesday he agreed to our counter offer.  Our house wasn’t on the market for very long so we didn’t have much time to have many viewings.  I would imagine the first few weeks on the market you will get the most viewings since your property will be the new house on the market.

How long do you have to be out of the house each time?:   It took the buyers about 30-45 minutes to look at the house.

I can’t imagine selling a house with a newborn.  I would suggesting making it clear to your realtor you have a newborn and would like a lot of notice before any prospective buyers come by, most people will probably be understanding that you have a newborn they will need to make an appointment to see the house.  Good luck.  Smile

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