(Closed) Have you ever spent time in a filthy house?

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My family had several rentals and we had to evict a couple for non-payment. When we got in the house to clean, we actually needed to do demolition work instead. They left their dogs locked in the sunroom, never letting them out to use the bathroom. We had to use gas masks to tear up the carpet as it was completely covered in animal feces. They also had a leak under the sink that they didn’t inform us about, which had rotted out the bottom cabinets/floor and developed into black mold on the walls. Everything was covered in a layer of dust and grease. I have no idea where all the grease came from? They also ripped all of our appliances out and took them with as a going away present to themselves. 

My friend’s mom’s house is also really bad. She doesn’t clean and has 2 cats and 3 dogs. She mostly makes the dogs live outside year round, which I feel terrible about. She doesn’t clean the litter boxes. There is litter and cat poop all over her dining room. Her kitchen is the way you described where you are pet sitting – every surface covered by something. Every time I would stay over when we were younger I would come home sick – to the point my mom stopped letting me stay over. Her mom has mental health issues and substance abuse problems, which explains a lot. 

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RedHeadKel :  No I haven’t seen that one😱 For the record, I am somehow still tempted to watch more while I work on my programming today. It’s like a wreck: I can’t look away.

Seriously. This just gives me some level of appreciation for my brain. While I’m sad that these people are so far incapacitated by denial and mental illness, I’m also happy that my depression/GAD hasn’t manifested in that way….. is that schadenfreude? lol

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This thread is going to have me doing a crazy clean on my house!

My grandmother is a hoarder. It’s really bad. One of the things she hoards is houses. Whenever someone in the family dies she somehow manages to get their house. My grandfather has dementia and has a hard time getting around their house so he primarily sits in his chair. Like a lot of the people on Hoarders episodes, my grandmother has experienced a lot of trauma in her life so I try to be compassionate, but I refuse to go inside because there are often things flying around and their house smells terrible.

My former stepfather is from another country where the women do pretty much all of the cleaning and a lot of the cooking was done outside. He was TERRIBLE in the kitchen. Would cook these amazing delicious meals but leave the kitchen a mess- liquid dripping down cabinets, sticky things on the floor all the time. It drove me nuts. My mother and I would occasionally go in the kitchen (she cleaned up after him more often than I was willing to do) and give it a thorough cleaning and he’d come in and cook and tear it up within a day. After that I realized that that kind of messiness is a deal breaker for me.

My in laws are slobs- my husband’s parents and sisters. Their homes are a mess, their lives are often a mess. They are wonderful, intelligent, artistic and kind people but they seem to struggle with a lot of the things that go along with adulting. I’m glad I’ve gotten to be close to them because it helped me see why my husband has some of the traits he has- both the positive and the unbelievably aggravating.

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Yikes! I came here planning to say “yeah, mine!” but after reading through these descriptions, apparently mine isn’t too bad. Still…. think I’ll put in some extra time in the kitchen this afternoon….

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DH has an Aunt & cousin who live in a trailor FULL of roaches.  When we first started dating and I went to family potlucks and stuff DH’s sisters would always inform me of what this Aunt made for the potluck and told me not to eat it because her house was nasty and full of roaches.  I never really believed it was as bad as they made it out to be until I had to go there one day to pick up something from the Aunt.  The house itself didn’t appear to be messy or dirty, but there were roaches that were no longer afraid of people in that house.  

I was there for literally 10 minutes and saw roaches crawling on the walls & crawling in and out of cabinets, and all I could think of was how sad it is that the cousin who lives there has two small kids.  They seem to get sick often, and I know it’s because they are living with roaches.  The one time we’ve ever had them come over to our house, I had my friend treat my entire house afterwards just in case they brought any extra “friends” over with them.  I also had to throw out a pecan pie the Aunt had made that nobody ate because the entire family is scared on of those pecans might not be a pecan. lol   

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The most disgusting house I’ve ever been to was my maternal grandma’s house. The yard was a mess, unmoved, leaves everywhere, tree branches all over the place. The porch was cluttered with ashtrays. But the absolute worst was when they opened the door. The extreme odor was overwhelming. It smelled like dog and cat piss. They had two old dogs with bald spots and five cats inside the house. The most disgusting thing was the 4 humongous litter boxes right by the dinning table. Those boxes looked like they hadn’t been cleaned out in a month. The kitchen was worse. Plates and cups everywhere. My aunt cooked and after we served ourselves and I went back for seconds…the 5 cats were eating the meat and licking the potato salad. The backyard was a fucking mess too. AT one point my daughter slipped in a huge pike of dog piss inside the house. No one even bothered to clean it up. I hate going there…I get horrible allergies and my eyes burn from all of the cat piss. And I smell just like the house when I leave. I feel bad for my brother…he’s super embarrassed about the state of that house. I don’t have the heart to tell him how horrible it smells and looks.

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OMG…. my jaw has dropped into my lap when I read these stories! I consider myself relatively clean, but after all of this…. I think I might be cleaner than I thought. LOL! I reallly have a relatively low tolerance for mess/clutter/filth of all kinds.

My dh is a pretty easy going laid back kind of guy… but when we met, he lived in what you might call a typical bachelor pad. I remember telling him that I liked him but that I wasn’t prepared to plan a life with someone who never bought food, never hung up his clean laundry (it just stayed in the dryer), never washed his foors, etc. Needless to say, he cleaned up his act (no pun)…. but even at his worst, he was not comparable to the things I am reading here. 

Even now, if we ever argue about something, it is typically because someone (either him or the kids) have left a mess and I refuse to pick up after them when they are certainly capable of it on their own. Once I blew a gasket and told him that if he ever felt like letting our cleaning lady go, he had better be prepared to pay far more in lawyer fees because I will divorce his sorry ass! HA! Over the years he has gotten far better and now he is on the kids to pick up after themselves, which I never thought I would see!

what I find really interesting is that on Hoarders, the people that live in these situations often have family members/friends who will come over and help them clean! I think that’s lovely, thoughtful and kind…. but no way I am cleaning someone’s house with a gas mask on because they didn’t take out their trash for 10 years. Just not gonna happen here….

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I actually discovered a former friend of mine was filthy through pet sitting too. Her apartment was so disgusting and her poor dog was so neglected and infested with fleas that I refused to give her her dog back. 

I say former friend because of the condition of her dog, not because of the condition of her home. 

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RedHeadKel :  I’m a complete neat freak, and I truly LOVE to clean. It’s weird and I accept it. There’s a sense of accomplishment when the house is clean and things are in their place. We currently live in my mom’s house while she is out of the country, and when my sisters loved here too, it was a friggin disaster. My sisters are slobs, but my older sister is particularly disgusting. I wouldn’t go upstairs because it would be covered in clothes, trash, etc. Even though we don’t own this home, it’s still our home and I want it clean. When she and my niece moved out in June, I spent hours cleaning upstairs before we moved up with our son. It’s amazing how growing up with the same parents did nothing to make us similar in this way. 

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RedHeadKel :  My mum is messy and a hoarder.  She has every item of clothing she has purchased for the last 30ish years, and they are usually all dirty and on the floor of her laundry.  This means they are literally piled up to the top of the washing machine, so to get in there you have to swim/crawl across the clothes.  She doesn’t vacuum, smokes inside, her dishes grow mould on them before she cleans them.  Growing up this was normal to me and I was just as messy.  I was the kid at school with the rotten fruit in the bottom of my bag.  I used to be blamed for all the mess, however she still lives like that whereas I am relatively neat and tidy.

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Ohmigoodness, some of these comments make me SICK! Lol! I literally DO NOT understand how people can live in complete filth, and be okay with it! I’ve been in many disgusting houses, I was  house cleaner for a time, and let me tell you, three houses in particular stand out in my mind:


House 1: a bunch of guys lived there (brothers and their dad maybe? I wasn’t sure) the house was nauseating, we spent hours in that place. The “office” (more like a room with sheets as walls) was the first thing you saw coming in, the small room had STACKS of paperwork and knicknacks so full literally you could not navigate through there if you tried, then the kitchen was an absolute dump … It was obvious they were all single guys, the sink was piled so full with old dishes, they spilled over onto the counters and there was little counter space to be seen, the stove and microwave were both crusted with cooked-on old food (it took some serious scrubbing and a whole lot of cleaner) the living room was COVERED in pet hair and dust and just … DIRT.. They had indoor-outdoor dogs. It was a squat living room with the drapes pulled closed, nasty sagging furniture, carpet with weird stains, spilled dog food, old shoes, beer cans, and on one table someone had left a super nasty used bandage.. Clutter and nastiness everywhere to the point where i still wouldn’t spend time in there even AFTER I had cleaned. 


House 2: an elderly hoarding couple, the actual layout of the house was pretty open, but it didn’t help them much in this case. They had a living room, and then more living room furniture where a dining room should have been, the kitchen counters were hardly visible under the tons and tons of miscellaneous vitamin and pill bottles, newspapers, dishes, old food, and just JUNK. (My cleaning partner and I both thought we saw mouse droppings by the sink ON THE COUNTER) the rest of the house literally matched the kitchen counters. Mini side tables everywhere you turned with unfinished knitting, doilies, cups of old tea, books, figurines, magazines, tissue boxes, candles, so much STUFF the tables were essentially useless. Another thing, i counted almost TEN mini wastebaskets from the bathroom, the bedroom and into the living room. It was like, kudos for having trash baskets, but why oh why can you guys not just get one regular large bin and EMPTY it? I was so glad to be out of there when we finished, although I would hardly say the place was ‘clean’ by any stretch of the imagination.


House 3: I was actually childcare for this particular place, but I also would clean up regularly. It was the type of house that was dirty as well as messy, and when I say dirty, I mean disgusting-I’m-shocked-you-all-don’t-have-diseases-dirty. It was a very large house, they had two little girls. One was potty training (and for some reason they let her run around naked 90% of the time, she would scream if she wore clothes, but it made me uncomfortable) she had one of those little kid potties that you would empty, and they left it in the livingroom of all places, the mom told me one time that when “things get too crazy around the house” she just empties it in the SINK. They also had both dogs and cats that were free to roam inside and out, the two little girls ate like birds, but the mom would always make way too much food for them and then just leave it out, eventually it would get scraped into a big pan or plate that was left on the counter and she would feed the deer around their house with it. The food would literally be rotting away on the counter though until she got rid of it. The basement was mostly carpeted with animal urine stains, actually the animals would defecate and urinate all over the house. They all had habits of not flushing the toilets throughout the house too. There was so much clutter and junk in random places, the house didn’t make any sense, they had children’s toys as the primary decoration, more toys than either of the little girls could possibly even play with (they were total spoiled brats) it was so ridiculous. I remember one time cleaning the kitchen, the floor was sticky and literally a different color because of the dirtiness, and I could not find a mop or even something that resembled one through the entire house and garage… They did not mop their kitchen. Like, at all. The worst part of the situation was that the house was actually very nice (or could have been!) the outside was a pale yellow stucco style, they had a huge private yard, gorgeous wood floors inside, big windows, etc. but they simply did not care. Even the stained carpet in the basement was new looking. They would let the kids draw on the walls too. and get this: the mom would actually get subtlety snarky and annoyed at me for cleaning, she wanted me to be the entertainment bunny for her precious kids, never mind their living environment! I could go on and on about that place. 


I have my own small apartment currently, and it is spotless, I’m a bit of a perfectionist, and I like to keep things clean and organized at all times. I also regularly throw stuff out, vacuum/mop/ and disinfect everywhere. On my off days when it becomes messy though, it literally bothers me, like in the back of my mind I know I will clean it up and soon, I just cannot fathom the people opposite of me. Sorry, I just realized I wrote a book here! Oh well, entertainment for those who like to read!

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