(Closed) Have you gained weight since moving in together or getting married?

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  • poll: Have you gained weight since getting married/moving in together?

    I've gained a couple pounds since we married/moved in together.

    I've gained 5-10 pounds since we married/moved in together.

    I've gained 10+ pounds since we married/moved in together.

    My weight hasn't changed since we married/moved in together.

    I've lost weight since we married/moved in together.

    We've been married/living together less than 1 year.

    We've been married/living together 1-5 years.

    We've been married/living together 5-10 years.

    We've been married/living together 10+ years.

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    • Wedding: May 2013

    a few sweet years ago i was a 00, which for my height and build, was ideal. im a size 5 now..gained 15 lbs, and am conatantly dieting. it doesnt help that dh literally force feeds me fattening crap. he is skinny and always has been. he will never “get” that i cant gorge nonstop on grease like he does.

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    • Wedding: September 2011

    I lost 15 pounds for our wedding in sept 2011, gained back 6 of those pounds on our honeymoon (i kid you not), and ended up right around 7-10 pounds heavier by about 2 months ago.  I’ve been working on losing a bit of that weight for my brother in law’s wedding next weekend, and am getting there! 🙂

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    Ugh. Whenever my Fiance and I have been together for long periods of time, I have always gained a few pounds and he has always lost a few pounds. I eat well and he eats horribly, so when we’re together we end up hitting some sort of balance that causes our weight change.

    Hopefully once we’re married I’ll get us into my habits and we’ll both be working out more. I DO NOT want to gain a thing once we’re together. I’ve worked hard to get to where I am and I want to keep going down at least another 10lbs.

    He loves to eat out though, and that really gets me. He also brings in snacks and things into the house – stuff I never ever buy so that I don’t even have the option to eat it. We’ll manage somehow, but it may be a bit bumpy!

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    • Wedding: July 2013

    After we moved in together, I gained a bit of weight. Maybe 5 pounds which shows a lot on me since I am only 5 feet tall. I have gained some weight since we got married, but that’s mostly because I’m pregnant 🙂

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    • Wedding: June 2011

    We’ve lived together for four years now, been married two. I got a place four months into our dating, and he just never went home, haha. I didn’t notice much change the first year, but when it came time to try on wedding dresses, then the wedding and getting pictures back, it was completely obvious from his senior prom the year prior to our wedding day. I went up two or three jeans sizes, easily 30 pounds (I had put on about 10 or 15 my freshman year of college), and he went up four pant sizes, if I remember.

    A major part of the problem was that we ate out a lot at that time, weren’t very active, and enjoyed a beer or three each night. Over the past year, however, I’ve been on a crusade to lose weight/get healthier, and some of it has rubbed off on my husband. I think last year at my physical I was at 210 or 215 (I’m 5′ 7”), and now I’m 175. I’d like to lose another 10 to 15 to be back to my high school weight, but I have no desire to be a size 2 or anything.

    I do think part of the weight gain came from not only being less active and eating crappy, but because we got comfortable with each other, and had no inward “need” to be attractive towards others. And we just got plain lazy!

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    @greenidlady:  I don’t really watch my weight, so I couldn’t answer. If I start to look too thin, I’ll watch my weight until it goes up again. That’s about it. I don’t care about weight.

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    It’s a struggle with DH, he loves junk food and even when he gets unhappy about his weight – he’s not noticeably fat but he wants to lose weight… but still wants his doritos and beer and sees that as a major pleasure in his life and is really loathe to give it up or even cut back. He is somewhat emotional about food and also buys treats for me all the time as a love-showing thing.

    I don’t mind too much what he does with himself as long as he doesn’t go off the deep end health wise, but it’s tempting for me too to have all this stuff in the house!

    My weight fluctuated within 5-7 pounds while we lived together, it was at its lowest this past spring/before the wedding, then during our wedding vacation I was back in the US for the first time and wanted to eat EVERYTHING I had missed! I gained about 6 pounds and am hoping to lose it again now… So stop bringing me cupcakes and ice cream, DH!!! >_< 

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    • Wedding: July 2013

    We moved into together in the fall of 2010. I weighed about 135lbs.

    By summer 2011, I had gotten up to 152lbs.

    Before the wedding, I got down to 129lbs, & now I am sitting at 133.

    My goal weight is 125lbs, so I’m working to get back to that place. I do NOT want to be large & make excuses for it by saying “I’m married!” I want to be hotter than ever!

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    I’ve gained over 15 lbs since we are married! We didn’t live together until we were married.  

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    @greenidlady:  I haven’t gained weight, I’ve actually lost (muscle) weight. But I’m currently in PT to get knee surgery and have had issues with it for a while from motocross injuries, so I suppose it’s warranted haha. 

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    • Wedding: December 2014

    I’ve gained 12-14 lbs since we moved in together..he’s gained 16ish lbs. We have lived together for a year and a couple of months. 

    I know why- we drink more (glass or wine or beer with dinner a few nights/week), and we’re cooking bigger portions of food- so we’re more inclined to pace each other/have leftovers to snack on instead of skipping breakfast. 

    It stinks 🙁 

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    • Wedding: August 2013

    YUP.  We’ve been married for 3 weeks, and I’ve literally gained 4 lbs.  I blame the five course meals on the honeymooon!

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    My weight has stayed pretty consistent throughout our entire relationship and even when my Fiance moved in after we got engaged.  I tend to lose weight when I’m stressed out/upset/anxious about something, so now that I’m living with my Fiance who loves to eat big meals (meat, butter, carbs, sweets, etc) it’s been helping in keeping my weight consistent during the times I lose weight from stress.  My Fiance has probably gained about 15-20 lbs since moving in with me, then lost about 7 lbs from eating healthy during the week from my cooking. I agree with the PPs who say their SOs want to lose weight but keep buying fatty unhealthy food — my Fiance hates being overweight yet buys all this junk/crappy food!  Overall, since living together I’ve learned to eat more meat and fattier meals while my Fiance has learned to eat more vegetarian and healthy.

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    The weight gain started before we moved in together, but since we met eight years ago I’ve gone from 150 at my lightest to 196 (!!) at my heaviest this past January.  It’s been slow going, but I’m down to 175 and I’m working really hard to lose even more and to keep the weight off.  We’ve been living together for four years.


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    @megz06:  This happened to me too! Those honeymoon cruises really get you! I need to drop those 10 pounds and get back to my wedding weight :p

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