Have you had an induction? What did it feel like?

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sugarcloud :  I would discuss it with your OB. It might be COMMON to be induced at 39 weeks with GD but that doesn’t make it necessary or an absolute must do. If your baby is measuring fine and your placenta looks good, you shouldn’t have to be induced if there isn’t a medical reason.

I was induced and it sucked. The contractions with Pitocin are a lot harder, more intense, and more painful than natural contractions. A lot of people have smooth and easy inductions, and it all worked out fine in the end for me- I had a healthy baby. But I wouldn’t volunteer for one for sure. 

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I was induced because my water broke and I wasn’t having contractions. Becuase I knew there was a very good chance I would be induced regardless due to GD I was prepared mentally for it.

I can’t compare it to a natural birth because I’ve only had one child, however I was told by my midwife that the contractions are significantly more painful. For me, it was quick. The oxytocin was increased every half hour until it was at the max amount. Within an hour of reaching the maximum I was ready to push. I know the nurse said that doesn’t happen for everyone though.

I felt it gave me less to worry about, because I knew when I’d be giving birth and also that she’d be out and safe.

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sugarcloud :  I consider myself an outlier because IRL no one else I know who’s been induced had a hard or bad experience. Contractions ARE more intense from the pitocin but A) epidurals, and B) that alone is no reason to expect L&D to go poorly.

That said, my induction — technically both because I tried twice — failed and I ended up with a c-section. Sharing only because there is a higher risk of c-section with induction (but I think that might be true with GD babies, too, due to size?) so you may need to mentally prep for that possibility. 

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i was induced at 36+5, baby came at 36+6.
I got an epidural and Pitocin that evening. Later I found out I could have declined the epidural but in retrospect after a night of not sleeping, I was able to get some sleep that night.
they checked in on me in the morning.
broke my water
waited until I got to 10cm. they told me roughly when I would start pushing.
they came in a 230pm, we did one practice push. I could feel my contractions, so I knew when to push. 90 minutes later, the baby popped out like toast.

overall it was a pretty good experience. I wanted to go natural, so I’m glad I could feel some of it.
I am due in December with #2 and hope to go natural.

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sugarcloud :  I was induced for my second pregnancy and it turned out perfectly fine.  My doctor told me that inductions with successive pregnancies with dilation already present in pregnancy it’s a lot easier on the body to give birth that way since you’re forcing the body to do something it’s not just ready for it.

I got cytotec to help induce labor (I came in at 2 cm dilated) and it moved me to 4cm, and I got the epidural then which pushed me to 9 so quickly!  Personally having both a natural and induction, it was nice to know when the baby was coming.  But I had really good births for both children so I can’t give you a good story because mine was so much different than others that I know.

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I was induced after my water had broken and contrations still weren’t consistent and I wasn’t progressing much. Honestly, as soon as they started pitocin I got an epidural. Being induced does tend to strengthen contractions and make them a bit more painful, and I was not interested in any of that. The epidural was my hero.

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My induction was slow as shit but went fine. I can’t compare contractions because I have only delivered once, but I felt mine all in my back and yeah, they were pretty bad. I got an epidural at 7 cm which was heaven and delivered her a few hours later with no issues.

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My first was induced and my second came on his own.  Other than the extra time in the hospital (we started with cervidil overnight so had to be in the hospital overnight = shitty sleep) the only big difference was that the pitocin made my contractions horrible from the beginning.  So I was crying at 2cm and got an epidural at 2cm.  They were monitoring them to make sure they weren’t too strong but they were still awful.  With my spontaneous labor I didn’t get my epidural until 6cm and at 3cm I wasn’t too uncomfortable yet.  Since you’ve already had previous births, being induced should theoretically be a bit easier than it would if you hadn’t had any.  After the epidurals they were both fairly easy!

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sugarcloud :  Wonderful. (Yes, I am serious). Yes, contractions were painful and I had to get an epidural. But my labor was very fast. It was nice going, not having to wonder when it would happen, not having to labor at night, having everything planned out, knowing exactly when baby would arrive, etc.

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I just had my GD baby on Monday! I was also insulin dependant just at night as well. 

I went for an NST on Monday and she had some decelerations which were concerning and it was decided it was best to begin the induction process ASAP. I was scheduled to be induced this Friday anyway. It started with a pitocin stress test where they gradually increase the pitocin to see how she tolerated the contractions. She passed relatively quickly. They checked my progress with the pitocin to see how it was working for me or if we should stop it and try Cervidil inxase my cervix was still high and hard. It had dilated me from a 1cm to 4cm in about an hour so they kept it on. They broke my water at 7:40pm and the contractions started to get intense from there. She was delivered at 11:32pm with only 4 pushes. I used nitrous oxide for pain as there wasn’t enough time for me to get an epidural since I reacted so quickly to the pitocin. I had some natural tearing and required a few stitches. I was 37+3 the day of delivery. My baby girl is completely healthy and perfect weighing 6lbs 2oz and 18 inches long. 

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I was also given pitocin after my water broke but there were no contractions. An hour later, contractions started. An hour later, they were so crazy painful that I puked while trying to have a “relaxing” bath (ha!). Got the epidural at 4cm and felt 100% totally pain free and it was heaven. Slept for five hours, woke up due to regular, painless contractions. Was 10cm. Pushed for 20 minutes, baby was born! I really had no issue with the whole affair.

For my second, things got started on their own, and I was already 5cm when I got to the hospital. Went natural except for a bit of fentanyl near the very end. 3 hours after arriving at the hospital, he was born. The contractions were NOTHING compared to the pitocin contractions. So get the epidural, mine was seriously the best thing in life.

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sugarcloud :  I was induced last November at 40w2d.  I was nervous because I had heard horror stories about the hellish contractions that pitocin gives you.  My experience was actually great, and that labor was *far* easier than the one I had with 1st Dear Daughter.  From starting the pitocin drip until delivery took between 11 and 12 hours.  The nurses came in hourly to ask about my contractions, and though I’d been having them all morning, I never felt a single one until after they broke my water several hours in.  The ones I could feel started like period cramps, and the ones I had when the epidural went in were getting fairly intense, but still not as bad as the ones I remembered from my other pregnancy.  Aside from and until the epidural, I had no pain meds.  I had heard that induced labors go faster, so I was a bit disappointed that this one took as long as my first.  Hope this helps to ease your mind!  

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I got the Pitocin for quite a few hours before getting the epidural. By the time the epidural was in place I was ready to push and about half an hour later DS was born. 

The contractions were awful. it’s not just that they’re more painful, it’s that there’s nO rest between them. So with a natural labor you’d feel a contraction for one minute and then you get a respite for 3-4 minutes. Intense pain, then relief. With Pitocin it’s just wave after wave after wave after wave of contractions.


After reading these stories I’m modifying any and all future birth plans to say if I’m ever induced again, I’m getting the epidural much earlier. 

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